Happy Belated Birthday To Me

Yeah. Happy. That was nearly two weeks ago. But yes, somewhat happy – I avoided being sung at.

I get pensive around my birthday. Maybe a bit listless. It coincides with a pretty major shift in season. It is considerably cooler than it was just a couple of weeks before, leaves are swirling around and it’s about to get really cold and I’m about to be annoyed by pre-adolescent children scream-singing Christmas carols on my TV. I’ve come to prefer life with the TV set off. Unless my soaps or Superjail or Rick and Morty are on.

Birthday booty!


My very own copy of Animal Speak by Ted Andrews from Mom
A great little tin  (the reverse states “profanity makes talking fun”, a sequined coin purse and a starbucks gift card from my sister
A bottle of Opium (new version) from my husband


So, hmm, let’s go ahead and be pensive. After all these years on earth, what have I figured out? One major thing: you’re never too old to be embarrassed by your mother.

When I was growing up, Mom and Dad told me lots of stuff that turned out to be true, things I couldn’t fully appreciate until I was older. One thing I clearly remember is a plaque Mom had on her wall. I repeatedly asked her what it said and she would patiently read it out loud to me every time. It had a small metal dove attached to it, and it read: “If you love something, set it free. If it comes back to you, it’s yours. If it does not, it was never meant to be.” I also clearly remember Mom getting after me when I tried to pull the dove off of the plaque for some mysterious 4-year-old reason. Welp, the catholics couldn’t get the fear of god into me, but what was printed onto that plaque ended up being words I live by. Every time I punt Nelson out into the yard with fingers crossed that he’ll wander off real permanent-like, he’s on the back deck an hour or so later, meep-peeping is stripey self right back into my house… and my heart. Blah. (lol, just kidding, mostly, I haven’t done that in a long time.)

I also figured out that what makes people so different, yet so much the same, are the challenges, tragedies and joys life presents us with. We all have them. The way we react to them is how we differ. Even where the little things are concerned. My stripey boy cats lounging on the futon and watching Squidbillies could be an “aww, cute, shriek, applause, followed by nom-nom kisses on stripey foreheads” moment or a “get your hairy asses off of my precious furniture” moment. I’m sure you can guess how I handle that – nom-nom kisses abound at my house. If you have cats, nothing stays precious for any length of time longer than it takes for them to hark a hairball up onto it.


Riker: “Captain! There’s a gargantuan hairball in the freezer cartridge aboard the Flibbertigibbet spacecraft!” Picard: “Whaaa???” Data: “The Flibbertigibbets must have stealthily transported Spot with one of their thingamajigs. And I was not aware of it.”

There’s an episode of Star Trek Next Generation that sticks out in my mind: Captain Picard suffers an attack while out on a mission. His bionic heart stops and he dies. Q (don’t you love Q episodes!?) is in charge of the afterlife, much to Picard’s chagrin, and informs him that he had died minutes earlier. Q guides Picard through the cornerstone moments of his life, offering him opportunities to change how he handled those particular situations. Picard accepts; rather than taking the risks he took the first time around, he played it safe. Picard eventually finds himself in the present, but as a low-ranking underachiever. Picard determined that he didn’t want to die as this man he could have been, but as the man he truly was. Picard asks Q to reverse these changes and Q obliges. After his bionic heart is reactivated and he’s had some time to recover, Picard speaks with Riker and says:

“There are many parts of my youth that I’m not proud of… there were loose threads… untidy parts of me that I would like to remove. But when I pulled on one of those threads… it unraveled the tapestry of my life.

The right thing isn’t always the easiest or most obvious thing. The safe thing isn’t always the right thing, and the right thing for you may not be the right thing for someone else. Just be you. But know that just being you sometimes requires more gumption and strength than you could have ever imagined. (This is a conglomeration of past and recent quotes from my mother. Who, by the way, drives me kinda bonkers sometimes, but has given me some of the most valuable advice and friendship I have ever received. Plus, she’s hilarious. Her response to an archaically sexist comment made recently: “Which corner of your fifteenth century ass did you pull that one out of?”)


I’ve been making lots of beads and bon-bons in preparation for a Superstars sale at the very beginning of December – December 3rd, to be exact, if all goes well. The holidays throw a wrench into my sale schedule, but this will give me an extra week to hopefully make some extra special doodads. I’ll keep you posted. Here’s a teensy glimpse of what’s to come:


Pumpkin Freaking Spice. Yeah. We know you’re sick to death of it. And now we’re putting it in your BEADS.


By the way, there’s this great essay, Safety And The Lizard Brain by a guy named Al Turtle. This is a relatively short but insightful read – it’s humorously and conversationally written in a way that could assist almost anyone in getting in touch with their lizard brain. Anyway, one thing Al mentions is the fact that play is very important in keeping your lizard brain feeling happy and safe. Creative work that you don’t get paid for is considered play, so I decided to make a couple of necklaces for myself with this fabulous tourmilated quartz I’ve been collecting for the last couple of years:




The choker is made with tourmilated quartz, hill tribe silver and snowflake obsidian. The longer one is made from wire-wrapped antique lead crystal (I’m pretty sure it’s lead crystal because of its weight and sparkle) and some newer faceted quartz, plus more tourmilated quartz and one of my glitterbombs stuffed full of white seed beads and confetti style silver glitter. I’ve received many compliments on these, particularly the glitterbomb necklace – and I guess my lizard brain feels better for it. It’s buried so deep in my brain that I can’t be sure if it does or doesn’t. Perhaps I should make more, this time for profit. That would please my regular brain just fine.

Thanks for reading… smell you guys later. More updates to come.

Happy Halloween!



Not that I care. The ‘rents took me trick or treating a couple of times, but by the time I was old enough to pick out my own costume, I lost interest. I usually ended up staying home because it was cold and other kids would be out there. For dread! Plus, mom always had Halloween candy and I didn’t have to bother. It’s trying enough to master being myself without having to think about pretending to be someone else, even for a day. People have looked at me funny my entire life, so I suppose every day is like Halloween for me.



This one takes me back to my dental lab days. My boss had to go out of town for a week or two and brought in someone who could do his part of the work. This stand-in guy, let’s call him Slick, was from a lab in another city, and was good at what he did. My boss warned me before he left that Slick was a handful. And it turned out, he was also a dark irish scorpio. Uh-oh. He was 33, I was 20. When we were first introduced, he stood there grinning at me with a very mischievous look in his eye. He decided I was “cute as a bug’s ear”, and he wasn’t too bad, either. I suspected he was jazzed up on something illegal, but he still managed to exceed expectations, production wise. Finished those metals at the high speed lathe, built those porcelains, ran that micromotor while listening to Ministry and other industrial goodies on his headphones. I didn’t get as much done because I was going ga-ga over his CD collection and watching him bounce off the walls. My favorite pick in his collection was Ministry’s 12 Inch Singles 1981-1984. I remember him singing “bop-mm-bop-bop” along with Halloween while pulling my plaster molds out of the impressions at the sink.

This is how I remember it – I didn’t want to date Slick because I had already briefly dated a 33 year old (also on goofballs of some sort) and decided I was too young, and frankly too decent, to be dating 33 year old men on goofballs. But after days of half-heartedly fending off his advances, I finally agreed to lunch or something… and he stood me up. Later that evening I opened the front door to find a dozen fresh, beautiful roses in the middle of the porch. The reason he gave for his no-show was not entirely believable and though all was forgiven, I wouldn’t agree to reschedule… then he went back to wherever he came from and I never saw him again.

I love music. There’s a story for every album or song I’ve fallen in love with, and there are many. I’m always on the hunt for something new and interesting! Share your current favorites if you want.



precious smeagol, sphinx sweetheart of catster

To whom it may concern: I want a hairless cat, like, real bad. Not right now, I already have three cats, and when you have three cats, the only number of cats better than three cats is zero cats. Meanwhile, I just save photos of them on my computer. Sméagol has been on my hard drive for at least 10 years now. The fact that they got him to hold still long enough to get that outfit on him, let alone take his picture, is nothing short of miraculous. But. I’ve heard some pretty nasty rumors about sphinx cats – mainly that they’re greasy and allergic to other cats and have to wear sweaters all the time and you can’t let them hang out in front of the window or they’ll get sunburned. That sounds a lot like me, except for the greasy and allergic part. I love their gnarly little faces and their big glittery eyes! What say you, sphinx cat owners? Have the reports of their hothouse flower’ness been greatly exaggerated? Or should I just shave Nelson? I have some old Sunbeam clippers begging to be put to good use… maybe I’ll shave him anyway, that sounds like loads of fun.


Mom and I are going to a bead show today and we’ll be turning off the lights once the sun goes down, gladly eating our sandwiches or whatever in the dark so as not to have to deal with the small shrill people. Although around here, we’re much more likely to encounter some rabid guy begging for pocket change.

Have fun, don’t choke on your bit-o-honeys!


Yes, Superstars. Tomorrow.


Firstly, I’ll apologize for the lack of usual fanfare that generally comes before a Superstars sale. I’ve grown disillusioned with sitting for long stretches of time, and it has hindered my well-timed updates and notices. Once upon a time, sitting in front of the computer for hours was no problem for me whatsoever. Neither was eating ridiculously large portions followed by 5 cupcakes. Luckily, I’m fairly tall and I carried the excess well enough, but when I began to get winded when washing my hair, I decided I’d had too many cupcakes. My hair is a monstrosity of thick, convoluted curls I’ve only exposed a precious few (unfortunate) people to. If you’ve seen it, you understand what a chore it surely must be – but it’s still not something that should leave me breathless.

Next, I’ll say that I’m not terribly pleased with the beads I’ve prepared for the sale. This is pretty standard for me, actually. I don’t share that opinion often because I’ve been told again and again that it’s poor form to say such things about my own work. It’s important for people to understand that an artist’s work is never finished. We may part with the finished product, sometimes reluctantly, but we keep making more because a concept can always be improved upon in one way or another: better execution here, better color there, better texture in that one area. The one who ends up with it doesn’t know this unless you tell them, and even then, it doesn’t matter unless it’s defective in some way, and even in that case it may not matter at all. They want it because they like it, it says something to their soul, it matches their favorite shirt… whatever. They can’t see what you’ve envisioned, they can only see the end result and that’s what their opinion should be based upon. So, no defects at the Superstars sale. Just experiments and maybe some colors that I haven’t worked with much so far.

Here’s a look at something you can expect to see tomorrow night:

see us and our friends at the sale! click us to get there.

see us and our friends at the sale! click us to get there.

Here’s what’s gonna be shaking:

Be at www.z-beads.com this Thursday, October 29th
Click on the SUPERSTARS link at the lower left side of the front page (or click on the photo above)
7:30PM – 8PM Central Time: 30 minute sale preview. Take this time to look at the photos, read the descriptions and decide what you want.
8PM Central Time and beyond – send in those requests!

I hope to see you at the sale!

You know what?



Frylock from Aqua Teen Hunger Force

Frylock is dead sexy. I’m not joking.

Also, I’m this close ->(_) to deleting this friggin blog thing. I have plenty of good reasons. Some of which I’ll spare you.

When I was creating this account, I swore to myself I wouldn’t use it as a platform for being preachy or denigrating, and that I’d stay away from current events, politics or religion. I’ve mostly been able to stick to that. Sometimes it’s uncomfortable for me to share what little I do share because I’m very private. Sharing anything at all is a potential crack in my armor. A time or two, I’ve used this thing to air my dirty laundry, jab at coattail riders and rude people, and get downright pissy about being gypped a third of an inch in my newest box of frozen taquitos. I couldn’t help myself, I guess. You’ve read along as I’ve talked myself into and then instantly out of deleting this friggin blog thing probably half a dozen times. I’m human… and I want every inch of taquito I am due.

I’m afraid I come off as a pompous twit, going on and on about my feelings and opinions as if they matter. But hey, they might matter to someone. Someone may be feeling alone or like an idiot, and something I say might make them feel less alone or less like an idiot. I know I need to feel like less of an idiot, like, all the time. If you think Frylock is hot too, now you feel less alone. I’m here to help, guys.

Personality sells art. That’s why art openings exist – potential buyers have the chance to meet the artist, and many potential buyers feel it’s necessary to know a little bit about who they’re buying a piece of. If that person is an arrogant, pretentious glad-hander whose extent of artistic talent is getting away with calling themselves an artist, a patron can end up saving themselves a whole lotta money.

So. I’ll keep pompously pounding away at the keyboard with a slightly pained look on my face, either sparing your bank accounts with my endless windbagging or emptying your wallets with my eccentric charm. I won’t erase how I feel or what I said. It’s hard to be alive… it’s easy enough to share the misery but I’d much rather share the joy. Frylock. Mmmm…


I have 8 days to make plenty of beads for yet another tentatively planned Superstars sale at the end of the month. Hopefully things won’t go way off into lala-land like they did last month. Maybe you won’t be too busy making your cat’s frog prince Halloween costume to pop in and have a look… we’re looking at Thursday October 29th. I’ll keep you posted here and through my mailing list.

Check these out – what’s inside the dragon eggs?




They’ll be at the sale!


Howabout something creepy from Siouxsie & The Banshees?

My dad kindly bought me the Peepshow album on cassette when I was 10 or 11 years old. Dad wrinkled up his face and exclaimed “What is THIS?!” He’s an old jazz purist, I didn’t take it personally. I nearly wore it out, then my high school sweetheart finished the job when the cassette player in his car ate it. (Actually, sweetheart isn’t quite the right word, but we’ll save that dish for the 12th of never).

Thanks for reading, see you again soon!


At long last…

Click HERE to get to my shop or on the thumbnails below for each item.

Teensy Tinsy Fly-Eye Tabs:


Purple Flames Part 2:


Blue Veins:


Golden Brocade:


Lapis Met Lavender Shimmer Spikes:



MMkay, off to bed. I’m a day person right now. How terrifying. I might go running and screaming away from myself. But hooray, I’ll be wearing a sweater while doing that, so things could be worse. I hope you like the beads, thanks for looking!


While you wait…

My current favorite lip color:


I love me some B. Kliban:


Hmm, what’s in here?


Let’s see…


It’s my button collection, of course. What else would be in a little cardboard box shaped like a scary movie coffin?

I’m sure you want to know what I’m listening to these days… Surely!

Ohgr: Welt

Ohgr: Welt (2001)

Let me paint you a picture: Demonic neon robots waltzing about. Not bad, and right up my alley. I gave it my first listening at 6am with the windows open while forging bails for my sterling spikes. I’m sure the neighbors loooove me. Anyway, Nivek Ogre was a founding member of Skinny Puppy. Upon closer inspection, I see that Ogre’s style was what I found most appealing about Skinny Puppy in its earlier years, whereas today, SP barely passes for mild house electronica. Just my opinion, and worth what you paid for it. There’s a delicate balance to strike when producing this sort of music: achieving syrupy darkness without taking oneself too seriously. Apparently that’s easier said than done, but Ogre seems to have it down.


Here’s one of my favorite Pixies songs:

One last, but somewhat important thing – I’ve decided that I love Nelson. “How could you not!?” you might be wondering. “Just look at that face!” Yeah. You try living with Nelson. Hellson, rather. He responds to both. I’ve always liked Nelson, but I think he puzzled me more than anything else. It helps that he’s stopped eating the inedible and leaving poopies in impossible places. One thing I cannot abide is stray poopie. When you live with animals… well, you live with animals. This is one of my favorite pictures of Nelson from when he was still a kitten. He is the snuggliest little snuggle-bug, but the snuggles must be on HIS terms. He’s so friggin’ cute. Look at the little fuzz tips on the tips of his ears.

♫ Oh fuzzy Nelson, I love you... I pretend like I don't but I really really do ♪

♫ Ooohhh little Nelson, I love you… I pretend like I don’t but I really really do ♪


OH! I can’t forget why I have you here in the first place – here’s what’s coming up on Etsy later this evening:


I’ll post again when the listings are live!

Drowning in my own depths

Have you ever said “the world’s gone MAD!” like it applies to everyone but you? And then you’re suddenly shocked awake by the realization that you’ve gone mad right along with it? What does one do with this? I sure wish I knew. So many little earthquakes lately, in the earth and in my life… it makes me wonder when the big one’s coming, Elizabeth. I have all these words, yet I find myself once again in that place of speechlessness, where everything makes sense and no sense at all… knowing that there is some difference between what I’m seeing and what is actually in front of my eyes, but not knowing which to believe. Poor me. Poor you. I’ve been told that I’m complicated. I try not to inflict it on everyone, I really do. I keep my replies short and I try to get right to the point. I limit my exchange of eye contact in an attempt to keep them out of my tangle of intricate nonsense. The curious may trudge on in for a quick look around, but only the kind, real and fearless will stay.

Sooo… how about a little weekend crafting to take the edge off?


Mom says all artists are a little bit crazy. I’m already off kilter enough to obsess over these tiny little beads and strands of glass and mess with flammable gases. But I’m about to go Liza Lou (below, everything is life size and covered with beads) on a space heater or an old telephone. On the flip, however, to question my own sanity is a pretty good indication that I am most likely still sane. This gives me hope. And my vintage blue princess telephone will remain unmolested.

Or how about cutting loose? I know! I’ll gather up 10 of my friends and move a Miata into a different driveway! Drain my spouse’s bank account and spend it all on candy and records! I’ll have a beer for crying out loud! My best friend, who takes bible study to entirely new heights, starts talking astrology and cursing in arabic after a couple of glasses of wine. So, yeah, I’ll cut loose. I’ve changed my mind about trying to correct my potty mouth, I’ll keep my precious f-bombs. Some doctors say it’s good for the heart. That, and I’m going to start wearing my underwear on the outside of my clothes. That should fix everything.


Hmm, what else… Spiders these days! Someone wise once told me that allowing spiders to live with me in the house will come back and bite me on the ass. Literally. And they were correct. It wasn’t bad, but still. I caught a giant one in the living room and as I was putting it outside, an even bigger one walked right in through the front door. I hear the abundance of spiders means an early fall but fall is here and I still have sweat pouring down my back, even at night. When’s it gonna end? I’ve gotten more flying molten glass burns on my arms and chest this summer than any other I can think of. I know I shouldn’t wear low cut stuff at the burner, but wow, it gets so hot in there.

big order

big order

I’ve been working on orders (like the one above) and I made a memory wire bracelet out of some Atomic Booger Mini Smooches for a family friend (below). This is a big hairy deal because memory wire makes me want to smoke crack. That doesn’t mean to never ask me to make something out of memory wire. I’ll do it. For love and cash, and only for both at the same time. Unless you’re Mom, and you feed me something I like followed with pie, and the bracelet’s already made and I’m only needed to bend the ends and add some wire-wrapped danglies.



Queens Of The Stone Age have been keeping me warm these days, and after I burned myself out I found this goodie on youtube:

Flavor Parts 1 and 2 are from the Experimental Remixes album by Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, featuring Beck and Mike D from the Beastie Boys. The second half is my favorite. Did anyone catch the parody of the Aerosmith/RUN-DMC video for Walk This Way from the 1980’s? And then they put Flavor Flav’s face on the moon at the very end! Hell to the yes!

So I had to hunt down this old gem:

It’s been ages since I’ve seen this. I love how Steven Tyler does a spin with his scarf adorned microphone stand before he smashes the wall with the base. If you’re gonna destroy something, do it with style, is what I always say. (Actually, I’ve never said that.) I prefer the RUN-DMC version to the old Aerosmith one. Whenever I hear the Aerosmith version, it never sounds quite right to me. Probably because I’m from the MTV generation, and my first exposure to Walk This Way was this video.

I’ll be listing some new stuff on Etsy this Thursday. I had planned on a big Superstars sale instead, but life is strange and it isn’t going to happen that way. Meanwhile, here’s a look at one of the upcoming selections:

blue veins

blue veins

We’ll chat again on Thursday… thanks for checking in.

Feats of Strength (and ETSY).

I decided I liked Queens of the Stone Age’s  “…Like Clockwork” album several weeks back. It took a few listens for me to get it. The music is emotional, exceptional, for sure, but I wasn’t paying much attention to the words. Just about every track on that album is eerily valid for me at the moment, and I didn’t know to what extent until the other day when I hunted down the lyrics. You can listen to this masterpiece in its entirety on YouTube, above.



A few weeks ago my best friend gave me this strange little pamphlet that was published by Safety Clothing & Equipment in 1966. It features her jidi (grandfather) Jimmy, James Sophiea. He suggests breathing exercises, self defense procedures, mind over matter. Jimmy could tear the Detroit metropolitan phone book in half from the spine. Imagine! Mind over matter…


To find beauty and not be terrified of loving it too much, to find strength in our vulnerabilities, are equally lofty goals for us mere mortals, apparently. Yet, I will aim that high, crackle across the sky – I am determined. I’m also gonna work on my potty mouth.

Oh, let’s not forget the reason I’m here – I just put a few things in my Etsy shop. Sorry for the lack of usual pre-listing warning, I am in kind of a pinch time-wise. Click HERE to get to my shop, or on the thumbnails below for each item.

Double Happiness Glimmer Strips:


Sundrop Spike Pendant:


Neon Chrysocolla Spike Pendant:


I’ll be working on an order for the next week or so, and then I hope to accumulate enough me-time beads for a nice Superstars sale at the end of the month. I’ll keep you posted, thanks for reading!

Lizard Brain Surprise Party!

Or is it the Kansas Oceanside Rabbit Ceremony? Or maybe it’s the National Potholders’ Datsun Funeral. My guess is, by the looks on your faces, you haven’t been on the edges of your flowered’y settees, waiting anxiously for my next tidbit of poignant absurdity. Pardon me. I can tell you one thing for sure…


Have truer words ever been uttered by some random sarcastic slouch and then printed onto a button and sold at the head shop for a hugely inflated price? Probably. But this is pretty right on. It was photographed on the envelope containing my most recent electric bill, so, yeah. Right on.

So it’s been about a month since you last heard from me. Many things can happen in a month. Or in an hour. You can be dazzled to the point of boiling over one minute, and then the next you plummet back down to earth and business as usual. Thank goodness for these piddly baubles. People who know me personally usually comment on what a level-headed, honest, happy, kind person I am. That pedestal is a precarious perch, but the glass helps keep me there, or at least allows me to give the appearance of being there. The joyful colors and shapes and stripes and dots are sometimes the only smile I have. I need to make these beads as much as you like to look at them. That’s what art is, and it’s what true artists do – even the teensiest beauty negates the big awful that might be swirling around. I really do wish I could just give them all away. On behalf of myself and all artists, thanks so much for your support.


blazing spice pendant, made to order

Anyway, I’m just dandy, thanks, and I’ve been working on metals for the last, oh, I dunno, four weeks? However long it’s been, it’s taken much longer than anticipated and I got a bit behind. I spent two days looking for some butterscotch colored shell ball buttons I needed for an order and I never found them and it’s bugging me now. Luckily I had the perfect substitute, which minimized the bug just a tad. Even with the hang-ups I’ve enjoyed my respite from the glass, but at the same time I’m looking forward to getting my Bethlehem back out from under the pile of whatever is under the main bead table. Here’s what else I’ve been making:

spike pendants, made to order (with some color suggestion and creative liberties)

spike pendants, made to order (with some color suggestion and creative liberties)

same spikes, different angle

same spikes, different angle

I made these rings, too – the green one for mom, the blue one for my BFF and the orange one for my hairstylist.


venetian obsession rings, august 2015

venetian obsession rings, august 2015

venetian obsession rings, august 2015

I made these spikes for YOU. If you’re at all interested in purchasing any of them before I list them on Etsy (later this week), you know how to get a hold of me:

z-beads bejeweled spikes august 2015

z-beads bejeweled spikes august 2015

l-r: sundrop, flower shop, chrysocolla peridot

l-r: sundrop ($150), flower shop ($150 – SOLD), chrysocolla peridot ($135)

another view

another view


We found a gecko in the kitchen a few weeks ago, right next to the cats’ food bowls. It didn’t even try to sell us car/boat/motorcycle insurance! I had to go into the other room to shriek with delight so that I wouldn’t frighten the poor thing. It was only two inches long, including the tail. We put it in a jar and then I put it under a pyrex custard cup to be photographed and then I let it outside when Nelson finally caught wind of it.




So that’s about a fraction of what’s been going on around here. I’ll be putting the metal stuff away tonight, which entails cleaning files, oiling my tools and putting the silver back where I found it. Boooriiing. That will take longer than I think, I’m sure. But to make it go a little faster, I’m going to locate Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s newest album and whichever Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti album has that song about birds that Jon Mooneyham played on his Everything All At Once Forever radio show earlier this evening. I would totally date Jon Mooneyham’s record collection if it asked me out, and I’d give it up on the first night to the post-punk* rarities section. If you’re in OKC, The Spy FM is on 91.7 from 7PM to 5AM – great music, no commercials.

*Post-punk? Here you go.

Thanks for reading!

Superstars TONIGHT!

I’ll dispense with the woo-woo hoo-haw for a while… time for some beads!
Here’s a look at what’s coming up tonight:


click on us to get to the superstars page!

click on us to get to the superstars page!

Be at www.z-beads.com this Thursday, July 30th
Click on the SUPERSTARS link at the lower left side of the front page (or click on the photo above)
7:30PM – 8PM Central Time: 30 minute sale preview. Take this time to look at the photos, read the descriptions and decide what you want.
8PM Central Time and beyond – send in those requests!

THERE WILL BE 11 selections this evening (all of the above plus a ring and a necklace).

I hope to see you there!


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