At long last!

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Sizzling Shisha Squares:


High Violet Shimmer Spikes:

Coral Cocktail Lite:

Colorblast Pastel:

Peach Flames Shimmer Spikes:


So, that’s that, I’m glad to have it done, I’m gonna go eat a sandwich and make some beads. And it’s kind of looking like we might be helping my step-dad find his precious calico. Thanks for having a look, I hope you like the beads!


Floods and tornadoes and ants be damned. They can’t ruin my fun.


But see that thing Roosevelt is glaring at? It made my life sort of hellish for several days. I was putting my make-up on at Mr. Sarah’s old wooden desk Saturday before last. I laid one of my eye shadow brushes down to pick up something else and swept the outside of my thumb against a pucker in the veneer. That little bugger went between the nail and the skin, and there was no way to extract it without performing surgery. My thumb swelled up and turned really red and other gross things and I couldn’t turn a key in a lock or button my jeans without fairly serious pain. I took so much aspirin and ibuprofen (which by most standards wasn’t much at all) I got tinnitus in my left ear and for days, every sound I heard was immediately followed by a melodic beep. I was sure that horrible thing would be in there forever, but after a week and two days of band-aids and peroxide and baking soda and Epsom salts and constantly cursing at it, it finally took its leave. I think I might have a somewhat high threshold for pain – I’ve often wondered if migraines are just headaches for people who can’t handle pain. You know, until I got a piddly little splinter.

Yes, we’ve had lots of rain. Lots and lots. Something like 8 inches in three days, but I think it’s been more than that for the month of May. They’re all acting like this is something that hasn’t happened before, but I semi-clearly remember in June of 2010, we got something like 10 inches in 5 hours… or maybe it was 5 inches in 10 hours… either scenario wouldn’t have been ideal. My husband nearly floated away in our Honda Civic on his way to work, and had the good sense to turn around and come home. At the time, one meteorologist said that was a record and it was something that only happened every 500 years. Mmkay. These weather men are doing well to predict 12 hours in advance, let alone 500 years. We had a hurricane looking thing in August of 2008, and a tornado that spun the wrong direction and made national news, so I don’t see much point in getting all Brainy Smurf about how and when weird stuff is supposed to happen. But hey, during the coverage on one of those recent floody/tornado’y evenings, the head meteorologist at our local ABC station predicted: “It’s gonna do something funky.” He has a degree in weather, folks. And something funky it did.

The good news is, I’ve managed to work on orders in between the excessive weather and other annoyances, but not too much on any new stuff. I have a sizeable order to complete before the end of the month, and if all goes well it won’t take me that long and I may have time for another go at Etsy before June, when I tentatively plan on working with silver for a couple of weeks.  I have some new ideas brewing and maybe they’ll go exactly as planned.

Yet, those plans I had for mucking about with Etsy listings yesterday – they didn’t. I was lazy yesterday, and today I’ll pay. This is what will happen some time today or this evening:


click on us to get to the etsy shop! we’ll be there later on.

I’ll be back later today!



I got this in the mail the other day from the National Association of Professional Women. It reads:

“It is my pleasure to inform you that [blah, blah, blah] You were considered for this honor because of your outstanding leadership, commitment within your profession and employment at Bleah.”

They say there is no cost or obligation to be included, but I’ve been on this planet long enough to know that nothing is free. Evidently they don’t screen their potential members, or they’d know that I don’t spell it Bleah, I spell it Blah. And they’d also find that Blah only employs roly polies. With a little digging, they would also discover that I wouldn’t join any club that would have me as a member. So how did they get this information? I showed it to my husband and he started laughing hysterically, so of course I asked him if this was his work. He swears it wasn’t him. He spells it AND pronounces it Bleah, and this whole thing reeks of him. He’s the type to fill in any dubious “required” fields with tidbits such as “bleah”. He’s known as Kilgore Trout at Radio Shack, so…


Lately I’ve been wearing:

Versace Crystal Noir - photo courtesy of fragrantica.com

Versace Crystal Noir – photo courtesy of fragrantica.com


Gres Cabaret - photo courtesy of fragrantica,com

Gres Cabaret – photo courtesy of fragrantica,com


Jovan Intense Oud - photo courtesy of fragrantica.com

Jovan Intense Oud – photo courtesy of fragrantica.com


Jovan Secret Amber - photo courtesty of fragrantica.com

Jovan Secret Amber – photo courtesty of fragrantica.com


Click on the photos if you care to learn more about these fragrances at Fragrantica.com.

Versace Crystal Noir – It’s a flowery soapy, deep incensy sandalwood. On me. In my opinion, it’s the best sandalwood heavy composition amongst the current department store fare. Allegedly it’s heavy on the coconut, and while I don’t usually care for coconut scented anything, this manages to work for me. Probably because I can’t smell the coconut.

Gres Cabaret – Gres’ Cabochard and Cabotine were not only frightening on my skin, they were inescapable. One thing Gres gets right every time is making a fragrance that lasts all day whether you want it to or not. I had to give Cabaret a chance. The bottle was too nifty and the most prominent notes listed were rose, patchouli and incense. I love all of those things, so I found a mini for sampling. I wasn’t sure about it at first, it seemed rather uninteresting the first time I tried it on, it came across as a soapy rose and not much more. It reminded me of what Liz Claiborne smelled like on my Aunt Charlotte in the 1990’s. But for some reason I was compelled to try it again. And again. The last time I added a tiny dab of patchouli oil and I was hooked. A large bottle can be had for less than $30.

Jovan’s Secret Amber and Intense Oud – If I’m not mistaken, these are two of Jovan’s attempts at Eastern meets Western style perfumery. Bond No. 9 and Montale have been doing this for quite some time, but the price tags might send you into shock. As for the Jovans, less than $10 (for each 3oz bottle) bought some rather upscale smelling colognes. I thought I’d prefer the Intense Oud, but I think I might like the Secret Amber best. To my amateur nose, they both resemble the Bond No. 9 oud fragrances I’ve tested. So if this is what oud consistently smells like in alcohol based fragrances, it’s far and away from what I’ve known as “oud” for the last 20 years since I’ve only worn it as an oil. That said, I do like this alcoholic oud, and both of these Jovans are a good, cheap introduction for oud noobs. There are drawbacks, however – if you’re not a fan of the Jovan Musk, it might be wise to avoid these because they definitely show that Jovan musk undercarriage within a couple of hours. And the lasting power of the stuff I like about these fragrances is not that great, but that musk does not let up.




Nelson doesn’t bat an eye at the bright flashes of lightning or the window rattling rumbles during a rowdy thunderstorm. Dogs? No problem for Nelson. That cute little party favor up there in that photo? RUN FOR THE HILLS!!! I kid you not. And it doesn’t even make noise! We’re planning a trip to the party store to stock up. We don’t torture Nelson with the party favor, we use it to keep him off of us while we’re trying to eat. We really have tried to teach him some manners, but if there are French fries, Nelson’s tiny morsel of propriety is nowhere to be found. Nelson runs back and forth, goes in circles, gets on our shoulders and has attempted to knock the French fries right out of our hands. If he’s good, though, he is rewarded with a tiny bite. Fred likes French fries too, but he waits patiently and politely. In fact, Mo and Fred are both very good while we eat, while Nelson is off-the-charts annoying. But he sure is a snuggly little bug in the winter time! And he likes beads.



In other news, I FINALLY added the 2014 Gallery to my website. Have a look!  One small curiosity about that gallery… it seems like the colors and designs grew more vivid as the year progressed.  The 2015 gallery is up next (obviously) and I have fancy plans to not procrastinate on it.

SUPERSTARS TONIGHT! That’s right! Here’s what’s happening:

7:30PM CENTRAL TIME: The new beads will appear on the Superstars page for the sale preview. Take this 30 minutes to read and decide what you want, and email me with any questions.

8PM CENTRAL TIME and beyond: Start sending in your requests via email.

Please visit the Superstars page on http://www.z-beads.com.

Here’s a sample of what’s coming up:

come see us and our friends at the sale tonight. click me to get there!

come see us and our friends at the sale tonight. click on us to get there!

See you guys later!




Apologies for my lateness. Lest you forget, I shall remind you that I have ADD – Artsy Dingbat Disorder. I’m also a girl, and all girls have the dilly-dally gene. So I didn’t stand a chance this evening. Sorry again.

Click HERE for my etsy shop, or the thumbnails below for each item.

(THE VERY LAST) Hana in Pink:


Evergreen Palace:

Shisha Squares in Cool Pastel:

Evergreen Palace Glimmer Strips:


So, that’s that, I hope you’ll find they were worth the wait. Thanks again for your patience. Even though it’s well after midnight, I might be taking a walk anyway. I’m still trying to shed the 5lbs those Krispy Kreme doughnuts added to my life nearly a week ago. They were totally worth it, and don’t let any skinny wench tell you any different!


OH I almost forgot! You have maybe a day or so to grab Chernobyl Topaz (click on the pic above) before the listing ends and I hand them over to Mom. Now, don’t let that deter you, Mom is the ultimate pragmatist – if it comes down to a choice between me making a sale and her adding more beads to the collection, Mom is all for the sale.

Thanks for looking!

Etsy tonight!

Here’s what’s shaking:

See us on Etsy tonight!

See us on Etsy tonight!


Nice beads, as you can see. A new design and some old neglected ones, plus more Hana in Pink. This is the LAST SET of Hana in Pink, folks. I might be permanently sick to death of Hana in Pink, I’ve made more pink beads in the last couple of months than I’ve made in my entire bead making career.

Hmm. Career. If you can call it that. It wasn’t one of those “Mom, Dad, I want to be a physicist” or a “Mee-Maw, I want to save the whales” kind of thing. Or even a “Sharon, I want to supply gigantic plastic tubes to the greater southwestern region of the United States” sort of moment. It was more like Mom telling me about a book called Making Glass Beads. Then I started making the beads and people wanted to buy them. It was more like that. So I hesitate to call this a career… it’s what I do for a living and it pays the bills. If something better and more exciting came along I’d probably be on it like fuzz on mice. I suspect that whatever that might be, it would have by now if it were going to. So here I twirl and melt, melt and twirl, while watching soap operas and Dateline in the middle of the night. Can’t complain.

I’ll be back later with the new beads on Etsy!

Etsy now!

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Cool & Sunny Glimmer Strips:

Redbuds 2015 Shimmer Spikes:

Junque du Jour in Harvest:

Egg Hunt & Friends:

Vintage Obsession – Glitzy Tubes:

Sky Blue Shisha Sprees:

Tangerine Living Dangerously:


Here’s a photo of my redbud this year:


This was taken a week ago and it’s already leafed out. I wish they stayed pink/red/purple/whatever the entire season. I will say that during a very warm late fall, it might bud out just a smidge… But I do have a rainbow of crepe myrtles to look forward to if we have a rainy summer.

Thanks for looking, it’s time for a walk or doughnuts. Probably doughnuts.


Etsy tonight.

Yep. As long as I can keep myself convinced that Etsy is just a convenience store priced shopping cart type-deal for when I can’t stand the thought of sitting in front of the computer for hours and hours, instead of just hours… well, you’ll still be able to buy my beads there.

If I can stay focused and hurry it up, I can get these things listed before midnight. What’s to come:


Hmm. Lots of blue and yellow. Not sure what that’s about. I’m sure the next batch will be another interesting variety altogether.

See you in a bit!

Time’s been a bit crunchy today, so it’s nearly a miracle that I found time for my pre-sale post. But I got it all conquered up, so here are the Superstars!

Superstars March 2015 - click us to get to the Superstars page!

Superstars March 2015 – click us to get to the Superstars page!

In other news, a biiiig hailstorm got us yesterday. There were little pea-sized ones and giant golf-ball sized ones, brought to us by 80mph winds. Yessirree, it went smackety-smack all upside my house for a good 20 minutes while the tornado sirens sounded throughout. And yes, there were also tornadoes in the usual places. Spring has sprung, nothing new here. I suspect that Oklahoma City’s current high rating of Top Places To Live is going to slide down the chart rather quickly as springtime progresses into summer and our famous late afternoon massacres stomp all over us as they’re wont to do. Our property values are low for a reason, people, and I assure you it has nothing to do with Toby Keith. Traffic has already gotten bad enough these last couple of years since they started screwing with the traffic signals. Stay in Connecticut and California if you know what’s good for you. If I weren’t so committed and didn’t have so much family here, I’d probably get the hell out, myself.

Anyway! Great Superstars on tap in about an hour from now… here’s what’ll happen:

7:30PM Central Time – 8PM Central Time: Sale preview. Take this time to look, read, decide. Feel free to ask questions.

8PM Central Time – start sending in your requests!

See you there!


….and in case you were wondering what “Veni, vidi, meatball” means, it means I found the Mad Libs my dad and I did when I was young. I had a good nostalgic giggle at Dad’s answer to my request for an Italian word.

Etsy. Again.

In keeping with their famously cutesy ideals, the geniuses at Etsy have apparently put a precocious kindergartener in charge of revamping the category structure. Now, I find no category at all for glass of any sort, including blown glass, fused glass or lampwork. (Seriously, how dumb is this? No category available for glass pipes now that doobage is in the works to be federally decriminalized? Another tick in the Derp column for Etsy.) And this is the only significant goof-up that I noticed with a cursory glance. My particular items (lampwork glass beads) have been moved to the Craft Supplies & Tools> Jewelry & Beading > Beads >  category. And this would make sense, but there is no further subcategory for lampwork, or even glass beads, or gemstone beads or pearls or plastics. Instead, there are now about a zillion subcategories for every *shape* of bead imaginable… of all things, potato beads have their very own category. Potato beads? What the hell is a potato bead? You’d think that with the gobs and gobs of money they seem to be making, Etsy could hire a competent professional when they get these fantastic new remodeling ideas. But that would make entirely too much sense, wouldn’t it? Looks like I might have to get way more serious about using better tags so that people might actually be able to find my beads on the off chance they come from the Etsy home page.

"if they seem off, you can edit them." Oh, etsy, so magnanimous of you.

“if they seem off, you can edit them.” Oh, etsy, ever so gracious.

Yes, I know. I’ve pissed and moaned about Etsy numerous times and you’re probably sick to death of hearing about it. It isn’t that I like to complain, but I am an idealist, after all. Etsy makes drastic, nonsensical changes, and with such regularity, that I can’t simply let it pass on by without saying anything. I went to Etsy from eBay in 2009 in the vain hope that I could be a part of something slightly less corporate than what eBay had become. Most of my peers and buyers (existing and potential) had jumped eBay’s ship for Etsy’s calmer waters. I’ll admit, there’s nothing like the thrill of watching your eBay auction get bid up sky high. By the same token, I understood that, from the buyer’s perspective, duking it out on eBay for a set of glass beads had grown tiresome by then. I guess I never bonded with Etsy the way I did with eBay. eBay appealed to my punk-rock sensibilities – eBay has that down in the dirt, anything goes, “we’re not your friends”, grungy flea-market thing going for it. Etsy is just too wide-eyed and plinky-plunky, and too clean and polished to be believable. My grandpa always said, never trust a man whose shoes are too shiny…

The truth at the core of this is that it’s really up to the artisan, the maker of the items they list for sale on Etsy, to promote and advertise their shops. Etsy is just a glorified shopping cart with the added benefits of faulty logic and whimsicle f*ckery. As long as I can see Etsy for what it truly is, I won’t get too lathered up about it.

All that said, if you still prefer the Etsy experience when buying from me, you haven’t a thing to worry about. I will continue to use Etsy for specials/quick sales when I don’t feel like messing with a big Superstars sale, and I’ll continue to announce it here since that seems to work quite well. But since I’m getting more Superstars mailing list sign-ups lately, this tells me that I ought to focus more on that for a while…

SO! I’m having a Superstars sale next week! Mark your calendars for next Thursday, March 26th. If you’re on the mailing list, you’ll be hearing all about it next week.

While you wait, here’s a really cute video titled “Dogs Annoying Cats with Friendship.”

Superstars TONIGHT!

And here they are, bask in their glory:


we’re superstars! come see us tonight! click on us to get there.


Goodness gracious! I really have been busy.

I’m telling you, after the Superstars dust settles I must clean my house this weekend. Dust bunnies and packing peanut crumbs are littering the entire place. This is silly, but I usually only clean stuff when I’m perturbed about something. Sometimes it’s because I’m mad at myself for being such a slob; other times, it’s something totally unrelated. My husband gets a little worried when I start scrubbing things. I haven’t had much to be miffed off about lately, which is a good thing, but it also means my house is messier than it’s been in a while.

And these damn cats, if only I could get them to drag a broom across the floor and help out. But no, all they want to do is lay around and demand food. I have no leverage with them. I can’t withhold their food to get them to comply, they wouldn’t understand. And they’re not scared of me at all. I can put my arms straight into the air and run at them and babble like the boogeyman and they respond with a purr and a yawn. The reason I’ve chosen to commit myself to the servitude of these ungrateful, irresponsible beasts escapes me at the moment… oh, yes, right. It’s because they’re CUTE. And they supposedly lower my blood pressure. I’m not sure I buy that. Yelling at fuzzy varmints to get out of the kitchen sink every 30 minutes isn’t exactly conducive to rest and relaxation. But whatever. They’re CUTE.

Speaking of adorable varmints, check out our friends in Australia, they’re serving their little Australian possum friend a candle lit Valentine’s Day supper.


Isn’t that just precious!?  Can you believe the excellent table manners? I wish the American possums were that civilized. Hell, I wish American people were that civilized. The last time I saw a possum walking down the street I said hi to it and it turned around and gave me a dirty look. I felt lucky to be inside the safety of my car.

Anyway, the guy half of that possum feeding couple is also a talented musician. Check out his rendition of The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins. This is one of my favorite things in the whole world. The hip geeks among us will surely appreciate this one. (You might give it the adult once-over before sharing it with the little ones, though.)


Anyway, back to the sale – here’s what’s happening tonight on the Superstars page on my website:

7:30PM CENTRAL TIME: The new beads will appear on this page for the sale preview. Take this 30 minutes to read and decide what you want, and email me with any questions. You should see TWELVE selections at 7:30PM.

8PM CENTRAL TIME and beyond: Start sending in your requests via email.

If you’re unsure of where your time zone falls in this scenario, google it!

See you at the sale!


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