As I stood washing dishes at the crack of dawn (after having been up all night, of course), nature’s sweet perfume of honeysuckle wafted in through the open window as if on a breeze made of winged flutes and glitter. I almost smiled. Almost. Before I could, I realized what was happening.


“Blah!” I said aloud. It’s here: the season of constant sweating, bathing, washing my hair, hairballs (cats’, not mine, ok, some of them mine), lawn mowers and chainsaws whirring when SOME grumpy cats are trying to SLEEP because they’ve been WORKING all night. And, of course, ants. And sun. Lest we forget that dastardly thing, it comes back. Every day, without fail. Why can’t it go live behind a dark cloud forever, and only keep us semi-warm? I don’t have time for this kind of aggravation. Sweaters and boots, por favor, I implore? NOPE. Just pit stains for you and yours. BLAH! I say once more.

I’ve been working on stuff! Here, a special order beaded bead bracelet. I’ve been working on this for years. I’m not exaggerating.

Can I complain just a little bit? Not that I haven’t been constantly, already. But this hunching over a 1000+ degree flame in the midst of these sultry southern summers has grown tiresome. Loathsome. A few months back I mentioned not working with silver for a while, and perhaps July/August might be a good time to (tentatively) plan for it. There’s no kiln baking or a torch running nonstop for silversmithing activities, which helps keep the room temperature down. I need to buy a bit of silver before I can proceed, and I probably would have by now if it weren’t for the deals, Deals, DEALS on perfume on eBay. Egads. The stash is getting stupid out of control, and I’m loving every second of it. Dr. Phil was chastising some spoiled princess on his show last week for having – gasp – THIRTEEN bottles of perfume! I just laughed. Amateurs. So cute. But I must get my priorities straight… after I get my grubby mitts on that blue/black/silver can of Rive Gauche I’ve been eyeballing. Yes, people who know what Rive Gauche even is. It’s in a CAN now. And I gotsta have it.

recent ebay scores: Kobako, Givenchy Vetiver and vintage Mitsouko EDT

So, if you need some glass beads, gimme a jangle for an order in June. Don’t be shy, now. June isn’t so bad heat-wise. Usually. I was wearing a sweater yesterday morning, so who knows how it will all go. You have a few more days to peruse my Etsy sold listings for ideas, and I really will get my website updated. Another thing I can do while sweating my guts out these next couple of months.

special order knotted leather necklaces – want something like this? you know what to do.

Meanwhile, I’m getting ready for My Last Etsy Sale. I plan to spend today/tomorrow getting everything ready, and to list it all for sale on Saturday or Sunday. Yeah, I know, it’s Memorial Day weekend, probably the worst time for a sale because everyone is outside in the sun catching their deaths. But hey, maybe some of y’all hate the sun as much as I do and you’ll be inside in the air-conditioning, possibly saying goodbye to some of your other favorite sellers who are also abandoning their Etsy shops for more reasonable digs. What a shame. I assume my shop will go defunct on June 1st at 12AM, when ye olde tyrannical neckbeards will descend from high (of the doobage variety, presumably) and make it so. I’ll take a short while to mourn the Great Massacre of Derp and get my Big Cartel shop put together, but you will surely hear about it here once I’ve shed my darkened veil of moustaches and popsicle sticks.

Waah. I’m really gonna miss hurling insults at Etsy from behind the safety of my computer screen.

Here’s a glimmer of what’s coming up – sorry, some of it’s still in the kiln so I don’t have a photo of everything yet:

(experimental) yippee-yi-yay petite hollows! come see us and our friends on Etsy this weekend!

Smell you later!


Goodbye, Cruel Etsy

go here for source of fanged sock monkey

Etsy shows no sign of backing down on the Etsy Payments takeover. Or, as I fondly refer to anything Etsy is involved in, The Feast of Unfathomable F*ckery. They’ve so generously granted us another two weeks of grace, I’m guessing to either figure out that the “other guys” suck way worse, or, knowing us crafters, extra time to find our social security cards and photo ID’s and birth certificates under our piles of sewing accoutrement and moustaches. And plenty of time to find the perfect palm frond to fan them with whilst we serve them some fava beans and a nice chianti. But I’m standing firm – I’m not signing on for that. The extra time is appreciated, but it doesn’t change the fact that this is a total greedy deebag move, Etsy. I am not a compliant little robot, but I AM a reasonable and thoughtful person. I think about stuff and act deliberately, and I’m not the type to get all lathered up and knee-jerk react. Since I’ve ultimately decided to adopt a wait and see attitude about this, I’m not going to say I’ll never sell on Etsy again. I’ll keep a psychic claw in the undercurrents, an eye on the Etsy forums, and see what sort of issues arise. If it feels okay I’ll go for it. But it doesn’t feel okay right now.

my latest email from etsy – click on this for a full gander at the tomfoolery

I must comment on this quote from the above email:
“According to a 2016 Etsy analysis, in countries where Etsy Payments (formerly know as Direct Checkout) was available, active sellers using Etsy Payments saw more than twice the revenue (on average) of active sellers not using Etsy Payments.”

I cry horsefeathers. If eBay can auto-sort listings in any category based on certain seller criteria (eBay calls it Best Match), Etsy can just as easily make sellers who signed up for DC/EP more findable than those who didn’t. Duh.

And just so you know… you can pay anyone who has a Paypal account with a credit card WITHOUT maintaining your own paypal account. Isn’t that convenient? Probably not for Etsy’s superfluous payment processing system. But whatever.

Anyway, I’m really sorry about this. If you feel like this is going to make it more difficult to buy from me in the future, I totally understand. I would hate being asked to tromp-a-lomp all over heck and half of creation to buy someone’s art. I’m sure that if you had to drive 30 miles out of your way to buy toilet paper, you would. But luxury items such as the ones I produce? Probably not.

But please bear with me and give this a chance. When the time comes, I’m going to try Big Cartel, which is simply a shopping cart service, just as Etsy is (whether anyone wants to admit it or not)… and it’s cheap. Etsy wants 40 of my dollars this month, even with a relatively low number of sales. Big Cartel wants a flat fee – one that is significantly less than that for an entire month of service, no matter how much I sell. I’ll need to ask them a few specific questions before I choose the plan that will work best for me. By the looks of things, it works just like Etsy does, but without a feedback system and nifty networking features. I think.

But again, it works the same way Etsy does, meaning, I’ll have to do all my own marketing. If the item shows available, it is, just like Etsy. You add it to your cart, you choose your payment method, you pay me and I mail it to you. Same. I’ll be allowed the same number of photos, I can accept Paypal and whatever other methods of payment I choose. I can even customize my shop. Big Cartel doesn’t appear to want to force a payment system with unclear terms of service into my life, where, at the very least, my yearly accounting is further complicated. (We’re artists, for cripes sake. We’re already really bad at this sort of thing.) I’ll announce new items here, just as I always have, and you’ll be linked to my Big Cartel shop instead of Etsy. I’ll also keep a permanent link to my Big Cartel shop handy here on my blog so that you can visit it any time. I think it’s worth a try, considering my alternative. It all seems pretty easy in theory, but I do realize it may take me and you both a little while to adjust to these changes. I hope we can, together. Kumbaya and all that rot.

Let’s discuss the lack of a feedback system… in case that’s a concern for you, I guess it’s on me to inspire your confidence. There is one thing I can promise: I take quick shipping and careful packaging very seriously and I always have, no matter where I sell my work. This is my livelihood. My reputation – whether it’s what you read online or hear through word of mouth – is all I have, and I strive to maintain high standards in that regard. Yeah, I know I can be a little odd sometimes, but business is business, and if I don’t do things above board I don’t eat. Not too many things in life are simple, but this one thing seems to be the simplest of all.

So. Until my Etsy selling privileges are yanked on May 31st for non-compliance in their evil plot to commandeer every bank account in the crafter circuit, let’s enjoy my time on Etsy while it lasts. I plan to add some new things early-mid next week. And Superstars (on my website) will continue to happen whenever I have the energy. And if you’ve been using my sold Etsy listings as a catalogue for made-to-orders, worry not – I WILL get everything from 2016 to now added to my website gallery, hopefully within the next month or two.

And now, my incessant complaining about Etsy concludes. I’ll see you back here next week with my usual grand announcements of new things for sale. Thanks for checking in!

Here they are!

Click HERE to visit my shop, or on the thumbnails below for each item.

Hana Seascape Necklace:

The Original BubbleComb Village:

Lucifer’s Prius: (I do hope you guys are in a somewhat joking mood today)

Bon Vivant:

Opal Wildflower Glimmering Hana:

YAY! Not sure what I’m doing tonight. I think I actually feel like making beads. Whatever I do, I’ll be wearing cowboy boots.


I was recently boo-hooing about not having any time to play with my seed beads. WAAH! You know what you gotta do when you don’t have time for something you really want to do? Quit yer melodrama and make the time.

Do you guys have any idea how small size 15/0 seed beads are? Specks, people. The Czechs made some even smaller than that way back in the wayback – I have some that are size 18/0-ish, but I can’t find a needle that will fit through them. I have to use a size 13 beading needle on the size 13/0 Czech charlottes. Size 13 needles are about as small as they come and they don’t last very long. That’s the nice thing about Japanese seed beads. Bigger holes, better colors and somewhat more uniformity. Yep, the calculator is a necessity for this activity. Because I can’t do math in my head, it permanently resides in the beading needle+thread box.

a coin for najia…
yes, these things are deliciously tedious

In fact, I’m pretty sure I’m math phobic. I’ve probably told you a dozen times I barely got out of 10th grade because of geometry, and pretty much gave up on ever going to college because I knew there was no way I’d be able to pass 11th and 12th grade math. Even with a team of tutors, magic carpets and fluffy little bunny rabbits, I’d still be sitting in math class to this day. I still dream about being sent back for math and not being able to handle it. So I happily cut my losses and most days I don’t regret it. Dad and I were talking about that several years ago. He was the same way. He said “I can do math as long as I don’t know I’m doing it.” This was coming from the guy who calculated and painted complicated, flawlessly expanding tessellations with oils on canvas with allegedly zero math skills.

a snippet of dad’s tessellation behind the owls

After putting the beaded beads down for several years, I was rather surprised at how quickly I got the hang of them again. It was just like getting up and walking over to the fridge, yawning and scratching myself. And I think I’m even better at it than I was before. I do remember why I found them so frustrating, but I figured out that the more flip my attitude is towards them, the better they behave. Isn’t that always the way with… ahem… beads.

beaded beads circa 2010

I hope you enjoy your easter. I was going to make some easter egg beads but I forgot. I was probably too busy eating easter candy and getting all fogged up on sugar. I’ll make some next year. Or maybe I’ll make some in October because that’s how I roll.

beaded beads circa 2009

See you guys again real soon!

Dig my Etsy action!

Let’s get right to it. Click HERE to get to my shop, or on the thumnails for each item.

Summer Blue Mini Spikes:

Stars & Stripes Ball Buttons:

Lavender Fields Lava Lite Trios & Pals:

Off Kilter Cubes (NEW!):

Royal Mint Sampler:

Neon Harvest Floopy Flower Bracelet (or necklace):

So that’s that. I hope you like! These are my favorites this week:


I’m gonna get dressed and go hang with the BFF this evening. She has new perfumes I’m excited to sample. Thanks for checking in!


IT’S CANDY SEASON! I mean, it’s almost Easter. This is what I’m lovin’ this year:

BUT. They still haven’t brought back the orange crème eggs and for that they should be flogged. FLOGGED!

Dad brought me an easter basket every year, and it was always full of plastic grass, fillable plastic eggs, jelly beans, a chocolate bunny, a metric ass-ton of Peeps and a little stuffed animal. Like, until just a few years ago, when I was probably waaay too old for an easter basket. I could never figure out why he put SO MANY PEEPS in there. But I never said anything because he put the baskets together himself. That was really sweet of him. I think I miss him most this time of year. Candy was sort of our thing. Funny thing, candy hurt his teeth, but when he got falsies we went ape from there.

I’ve been eyeballin’ my seed beads again. You may or may not know seed beads were my first bead-love. Yep… eyeballin’ those seed beads, trying to figure out how in the world I’m gonna fit seed beads into my schedule. Between gawking at cowboy boots on ebay (new obsession, but likely to be short-lived), making jewelry, melting beads, jazzercising/walking off my mini eggs and trying to find something interesting to eat for dinner every day… Hmm. Can I give up sleep or my frequent hot baths in exchange for calculating the circumference of wooden beads while taking into account how many size 15 miyukis (vs matsunos or tohos) or size 11 Czech seed beads will wrap around said circumference? And then going ahead and stitching these beads, who are the size of little specks, one at a time until I start to see double, while Bates Motel and Grace & Frankie drone on in the background…? Meanwhile, I think I forgot how to peyote stitch anyway. Whatever. I think what I really need is a vacation from my brain.

bebeadeds of yesteryear

I could barely believe it, someone wanted to buy the garnet/raspberry quartz necklace I showed you last week. So I sold it. But then I was suddenly missing a garnet/pink themed thing. What’s a girl to do? Make another one, of course… but since that cleaned me out of garnet rondells and raspberry quartz, I had to get creative.

I made this one with Czech glass rondells in garnet (a truer red than the slightly more wine hued garnets), amethysts in three different shapes/cuts, garnets in two different shapes/cuts, and of course, little foiled lampwork rondells in fuschia pink. Sorry guys, I’m keeping this one. For now.

But the best thing is the beads this week! Working puts me in a very good mood… (and also, there’s a bottle of Yves Saint Laurent’s Kouros waiting for me – it’s allegedly one of the stinkiest man perfumes in history, and if in fact that’s the case, it’s sure to lift my mood even higher.) I’ve been preparing a good many new experiments and old favorites for your bead-related hankerings… So here’s what I’m gonna do: I’ll put my listings together this evening, have everything ready to list so that when I finally drag myself out of bed, which is likely to be early-mid Friday afternoon, all I’ll need to do is click on a few things and there they’ll be. I’ll post here again when everything is good to go. Here’s a look at what’s coming up:

z-beads week of march 27th – that’s a bracelet (or necklace) up top, which will be finished before tomorrow, barring any unforeseen sparkly distractions

Thanks for checking in, guys… I’ll see you again tomorrow!


And here they are!

Click HERE to get to my shop, or on the thumbnails below to get right to each item.

ColorBlast BubbleComb Village:

Joyous Hearts:

Beauty Chunky Bracelet:

Merlot Boro Necklace:

Wild English Garden Colorblock Bracelet (or necklace):

Wild English Garden Umbrella Rondells:

I hope you like! Now it’s time for Jazzercise, food and more jewelry and glass. Someone posted a different Jazzercise routine on youtube at some point and about 12 minutes of it caused me to sweat profusely and rendered me immobile for the next couple of days. You know what they say, that means it’s working. I should probably do it again. But I dunno… I think I’ll stick with my Tight n Toned 1986 until I recover.

Thanks so much for checking in!

I know you guys enjoy a quick peek at what’s to come, and I completely spaced it in my last post. So here you go! In about an hour or two, this is what will be in my shop:

z-beads etsy, week of march 20th

I’ll post here again with the links as soon as they’re live!

Meanwhile, I made this over the weekend, a slight nod at “fine” strung jewelry – a verrry long rhodolite (?) garnet, raspberry quartz, my favorite little garnet Japanese seed beads and thai silver necklace:

I suppose I could six it up and wear it as a bracelet:

But I’ve been wearing it long and tied in a knot:

It was strung on softflex and the clasp secured with crimps in 4 different spots. I’ve come to distrust silk cord for anything but pearls…

Anyway, I’ll be back in a jiff with the etsy stuff.

I’m a bit behind… I’ve been trying to make one more set, one more bead, one more whatever, for the amount of effort required for listing things on etsy. Which probably isn’t much for a responsible person. But me, I’m not so good at doing un-fun stuff. Like opening mail. I’m terrible about opening mail when I get it. If it doesn’t look like a bill I just set it down somewhere. When/if I finally clean, I gather up all the offending mail from its various spots and put it on my desk and I still don’t open it. So today, before I could even get to my keyboard, I had to eliminate an enormous pile of papers that turned out to be 95% pointless and a gratuitous waste of trees. The other 5% were bills. Before anyone suggests that I switch to paperless billing, I should mention that I need paper bills because I’ll forget to pay them otherwise. Typical me. “Gimme only the paper that I want and none of the paper I don’t want.”


I’ve had many distractions these days, some chosen, some not. I used to be so good at making beads all the time! I was better at staying ahead of things. Now… sometimes I miss the silence, the days and days without leaving the house or speaking to anyone on the phone… but mostly I don’t. Lately, I’ve been pretty good, though – about both trying new things and about writing my bead/jewelry ideas down as they come to me. (I actually made a cheese spread. 5 years ago I would have made a gaggy face at the mere suggestion of it.) But finding the thrill in turning the kiln on to warm up some nights is overcome by my appetite for other things – mainly jewelry making. Which may not be a bad thing, but to me, it feels more like rebellion than anything else. I feel like I’m shirking my duties as head glass melter around here, and the cats aren’t gonna fill in for me. My previously reliable muse is leading me somewhere else. Astray? Or exactly where I need to go?

Should you follow your muse into the dark and creepy woods if that is where Muse is obviously headed? What if Muse ducks into a truck stop restroom? Or buys a one-way to Denver? Muse isn’t putting its hand on a spinning saw blade or jumping in front of a bus. These are simply unknown destinations; the unknown isn’t as fraught with danger or as blindingly, boringly mountainous as long as I don’t overthink and make assumptions of danger and boredom. Maybe Muse should be followed faithfully wherever it goes, even if only out of curiosity, with the fact in mind that I can turn around and go home whenever I want. You’ll see a few of the results of my curiosity on Etsy later today. Fingers crossed I don’t end up in Denver.

See you guys later today!

Business as usual.

MAN STUFF I wear proudly: Aramis JHL, Guerlain Heritage, Opium for Men, L’instant de Guerlain Extreme EDP

And some leather.

leather studded bracelets

I haven’t worked with leather in many years. I dated a guy who worked at Tandy in the late 90’s, so I caught a little swag in the form of odd scraps and beads and other leather goodies purchased with the help of his employee discount. I recently found a humongous bag full of leather studs and those funky concho thingees at a thrift store for something ridiculous like $6, so I dug the leather out from the back of my closet and got busy for an evening. The studs alone are worth hundreds of dollars – those things were not cheap 20 years ago, I can’t imagine how pricey they are now.

ugh. I have so many of these now.

If memory serves, the concho things were popular with the line dancing/pseudo rancher crowd in the latter part of the 20th century, along with lace-up cowboy boots adorned with fringe and, of course, Glamour Shots. Just think, if we could convince those hipsters with skinny jeans and gawdawful neckbeards to lace their floopy scarves into these concho things, we could bring back Ranch Fabulous in an amazing way. And I could make a mint selling them on etsy – seriously, look at what the hipsters did to bacon prices. It couldn’t be that difficult, most of them already think the unkempt truck-driver look is the tippity-top of fashion. I’ll be glad when that fad has passed and clean shaven men (or at least manicured beards) are back in favor.


And some Moonlighting. Ever watch this series? It was on in the late 1980’s and it starred Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd. My step-dad Bruce absolutely could not miss Moonlighting, and I hated it. As a 7 or 8 year old, I found Bruce Willis to be old with a receding hairline, Cybill Shepherd to be old and matronly and Allyce Beasley to be adorably charming. I didn’t get any of the quirk or hilarity, and even the vaudevillian perp chases were lost on me. As an adult, I love this show. I find Bruce Willis as David Addison to be absolutely hunkerriffic, Cybill Shepherd as Maddie Hayes to be astoundingly gorgeous (her clothes, though – not exactly) and Agnes Dipesto’s character to be quite annoying. Funny how things change as you get older. TV totally blows chunks now. Change isn’t always so good.

mmm, that five o’clock shadow makes me weak in the knees… neckbeard hipsters should try this look instead.

In other news, I pay way too much for crappy cable. I’m sure everybody does, but that isn’t my point. In this crappy cable package I get channels 1-24, almost all of which suck, plus some other random stuff somewhere between channels 25-2000. On the latter end of the dial are several music channels. No music videos, mind you, but songs are played while photos of the band members and trivia and occasional ads flash across the screen. Even MTV doesn’t show music videos anymore, just rehashes of whatever new absurdity popped up on YouTube that day. (There you have it: the cheapening of everything in one prime example.) You can have your pick from R&B, reggae, oldies, “alternative” and loads of other genres. Today’s alternative is not the same as it was 20 years ago; for that type of “alternative” you have to tune in to the “indie” channel. I don’t like most of what’s on there either, but every once in a while they play something good.


Kim Gordon’s “Murdered Out” from 2016
As a long-time Sonic Youth listener, I’m thrilled. I can’t wait to hear more from Kim Gordon solo. I never quite knew what to think of Kim Gordon when I was younger, in the pre-internet era. I tried to imagine her face while smoking cigarettes in dim light with my friends as “Kool Thing” droned out of my old boom box. In the few photos I saw of her she seemed older than most of the people making that kind of music at that time, and I wondered what her story was. Now that I have internet, I can finally know. Turns out she’s just a dedicated artist and musician and is my mother’s age. However old you are, you’re never too old to noisily rock out.


Iggy Pop: Post Pop Depression (2016)
So, it’s 2016. What’s an elderly punk star to do? Release an album, duh, and prance around shirtless with the energy of a 30 year old on the stage of Austin City Limits. My first awareness of Iggy Pop was the song “Candy” featuring Kate Pierson (from the B-52’s) in the early 1990’s. Later on that decade, it was “Lust For Life” featured in the movie Trainspotting. In other words, I’ve never been a die-hard Iggy Pop fan, but always had respect. I was surprised and pleased to hear something a bit different from Iggy Pop late one evening when I tuned into the indie channel. Something titled “Sunday”: something a bit Saturday night fever kinda funky that ended with a fancy orchestral ensemble. I had to hear more, so off to Google Play Music I went. Why was I not surprised to find Josh Homme’s name in the credits? Josh Homme is my favorite rock star, probably because he isn’t just a rock star surrounded by parties and babes. He’s a serious musician who turns every project he touches into solid gold rock. Post Pop Depression is no exception, even considering Pop’s signature (in my opinion, a bit awkward) lyrical style. I need to check out the other guys who contributed to this album.


Yoko Ono/Plastic Ono Band: Take Me To The Land Of Hell (2013)

If you know anything about Yoko Ono at all, you know she’s pretty weird. Considering the misogynistic and racist BS she endured as John Lennon’s wife, it’s understandable… but really, though, I think she was already weird. And that’s okay! Some folks might not be aware that Double Fantasy was not the extent of her musical career. Yoko is still getting down like a kicked chihuahua with her son Sean and just about any other established musician who feels like throwing their hat in. My favorite one from this album is Cheshire Cat Cry, as it has a distinctly post-punk feel to it. By the way, I didn’t hear this one on the indie channel – I heard it on my favorite local radio station, 91.7 The Spy.

And then there was a song by Ty Segall, and I heard only enough of it to be curious so I googled him and found a mention of him making a video about something called “emotional mugging”. Instead of going straight to that video, I just googled emotional mugging and stumbled onto the website of one Martha Beck. The first few sentences of Beck’s Emotional Mugging article showed in the google search results, and the cynic in me thought “here we go… I know I’ll feel like posting something like “is this a joke?” in the comments section, but won’t, since I’m not that much of a cynical jerk. Or an emotional mugger, as it were.”

Martha Beck

But in keeping with my vow to give everything (and everyone) a chance to prove itself worthy of serious consideration, I clicked on the link and read it. Then I read several of her other articles. I have to say, for a self-help type of person, Martha Beck is somewhat atypical. Her message is very easy to grasp, probably because her writing style is conversational and humorous. She’s quite likeable, you probably won’t feel like she’s telling you what to do. I haven’t noticed her using words like “narcissist” or “sociopath”, which, in my humbly unprofessional opinion, are inappropriately bandied about too frequently these days. The more of Martha Beck I read, the more I like her. I feel like she’s giving practical advice, ways to deal with people as they are, rather than diagnosing anyone or encouraging people to drag their loved ones to therapy. And hey, it turns out my vague, esoteric blog posts about my emotions and lot in life are actually a healthy way of dealing. Yes, it’s probably a bit unconventional, but I know for sure it’s preferable to attacking or blaming or grabbing a captive ear and yammering endlessly. And the beauty is, I’m not making anyone read anything. There’s that back button at the top of the browser and everyone can feel free to use it at any time. And don’t feel badly about it, please. Live and let live.

Oh, and beads:

bracelets for a friend


I made the blue leather and color block bracelet for my stylist… they even kind of match her tattoos.

I’ve been busy with that sort of thing, and I’m working on some stuff for Etsy. Hopefully I’ll have everything together and ready to go by the weekend. I’ll check back in soon and give you an update. If you like anything posted above, give me a holler and we’ll see what we can do.
Thanks for reading!