…what is it about listening to weird music, eating the human equivalent of cat food (cold pizza) and editing photos of pretty things that makes me think I might be having a Superstars sale…?

Oh, that’s right – I’m having a Superstars sale. Tonight. Be there or be somewhere else. Whichever. You know me. I’m cool and flexible.

Here’s another peek at what’s coming up:

click me to get to the superstars page!

click me to get to the superstars page!

The Superstars schedule for this evening is:

7:30PM CENTRAL TIME: The new beads will appear on the Superstars page for the sale preview. Take this 30 minutes to read and decide what you want, and email me with any questions.

8PM CENTRAL TIME and beyond: Start sending in your requests via email.

Maybe I’ll see you there!

beading amok

I’ve been a bit quiet lately. Wisdom is knowing when to shut up and make some beads.


I finally brightened up my display case with 99 cent Christmas lights. It houses the majority of my glass-glass, glass cat and glass bird collection, protecting it from my live cat collection. My live cat collection is actually pretty good about not knocking things over, in fact, I’m more dangerous to my various collections than the cats have ever been. They don’t do dumb things like go on pissy house-cleaning binges and sweep the walls with a large heavy broom and knock pretty glass things to the floor. Nor do they play catch in the house with an old nerf football.

I completed a few bead orders, as well, and am still working on a couple. You’d be surprised at how often I hear “I don’t want to bother you with an order.” Folks, I love made to orders. I know most lampworkers don’t like to take them, but I welcome them excitedly. It gives me a chance to revisit color combinations and maybe do something better the second time around. Plus, why would anyone turn down paid work? I’ve rarely had a made to order go off kilter, and when it does, it isn’t like it’s the end of the world.

I also made these:

z-beads week of January 18th

z-beads week of January 18th

I’ve increased my efficiency in producing glitter bombs (above). The stuffing is the easiest part – it’s the making of the beads and having even ends, and then adding the tubing and end caps that is most time consuming and likely to go awry. There’s always a chance of breaking or chipping the bead, but I found that if the ends are good and the tubing doesn’t stick out too far (no more than 2mm) when I go to flare it and the tubing is soft enough, everything goes well. Fine silver is preferable for this particular application – sterling tube has odd sizing, whereas fine silver tubing is sized the same way our mandrels are: 1/8″, 5/32″, 3/8″, and so on. It’s nice and soft, too. Silver is down to such a reasonable price these days that fine silver isn’t such a splurge any more.


Mom and I went to a bead show. It wasn’t terribly exciting, except for that $600 strand of faceted aquamarine rondells I’ve been lusting after for years at Queenly Global Trading. I settled for some sterling clasps and two strands of “black” pearls. They were higher quality than the $3-$5 strands they were next to, and were marked $20, and were the only ones marked that high. I asked the guy if they were actually $20, and he said they were $5. So I went with it. It looks like I might be knotting some pearls, something I’ve never done before. I don’t need any luck – just wish me sanity. It’s gonna be a double strand.


ETA: It went so well that I knotted myself some white pearls, too. It only took me a few hours each. It was quite relaxing, actually. Next time I’ll do it right – with bead tips rather than knots around the rings. Very unprofessional of me, yes, but I had something in mind that didn’t turn out as great as I had anticipated.



However, my favorite “pearls” aren’t pearls at all, I don’t think – I believe they’re Lucite with a very high quality coating because they’re still in fabulous shape. I got them from my older sister in a pile of things she didn’t want anymore when I was about 9 or 10 years old. When I was older, I wore them with my biker jacket. It was never about the irony – it was about the iconoclastic style. I still wear them proudly with what-the-heck ever.


AND…! My grandest announcement of the day is that there will be SUPERSTARS THIS THURSDAY! Here’s a look at just a smidgen of what will be available:

look at us, and just in time for valen'times!

look at us, and just in time for valen’times!

In case you’re new, the Superstars sale happens on my website. Click HERE for more info, or go to http://www.z-beads.com and click on the Superstars link.

Thanks for checking in, more to come this Thursday.


Go HERE to see my shop, or click the thumbnails for each item.

Painted Desert:

Zig Zag Petals:

Claret-y Spaceships:

Rainbow Stuff:

I want cake for dinner and nobody can stop me.

Thanks for checking in!

I’ve been getting things done. I made beads and bracelets, worked on orders, I made hummus and pasta salad, ate a lot of sandwiches, I forgot to feed the cats a couple of times, I spilled buttons all over the floor and there’s this one other thing I did and I’ll tell you about it later. I promise. Right now I can tell you that it’s been annoying beyond my wildest of dreams.

These are the bracelets I made – the red/black/white and fancy shmancy sprees are for a family friend, and the Rainbow Flames chunky bracelet is for you, if you’ll have it (grab it here or wait for the Superstars sale later this month):

chunky bracelets January 2016

chunky bracelets January 2016

chunky bracelets January 2016

chunky bracelets January 2016

damn I'm pale. but look at the chunky bracelets!

damn I’m pale. but look at the chunky bracelets!


Anyhoo, I’ve got a little somethin-somethin for Etsy later this evening:

z-beads week of January 11 2016

z-beads week of January 11 2016

Looks as if though I’ve been in the mood to encase everything. After all these years, I think I’m finally getting better at it. I am reluctant to say “good” at it. I’ll post again when the listings are live.

image lifted from wikipedia.org

Salutations, various bead ninjas.

Okay, so I was in kind of a bad mood when I last posted. My holidays were awful, even though I made peanut butter fudge and it turned out perfect. Nearly everyone I know is having a really rough time. 2015 was just bizarre. I’ve been begging dog, Bob, Buddha and Elvis for an answer. I finally got it. I’ve known something would be revealed, and it was. It wasn’t so much an answer to a specific question… I simply felt a shift. A new clarity.

Now that that’s out of the way, I can get back to work. I’m planning a Superstars sale for some time this month. Meanwhile, I’m going to do something I’ve never done before, and will likely never do again – I’m knocking 40% off of all lampwork in my Etsy shop for the next 48 hours. And if you don’t want them I’m going to mail them to random people with funny names because I want them GONE. Go HERE for the beads!

I finished updating the 2015 Gallery and metal gallery on my website. Have a look! I really did think the 2015 gallery would be more sparse, but its almost twice as big as the 2014 gallery. If you want to place a made to order, gimme a jangle.

Thanks for checking in! I’ll keep you posted on the next Superstars sale.



Or Happy New Year. I’m not gonna say much more about that because I don’t have much to say about it. I don’t make new year’s resolutions because I won’t make commitments under pressure. I’ve already given up everything anyway, but methinks I might need to drink more alcohol. (just kidding.) Tradition is a nice concept and all, I think it truly works for some people, and I’m sure I’m the oddball here. I’m always the oddball.

ETA: OH NO! Did anyone notice the “phone number” under the plastic thing beneath the dialpad? I had forgotten all about that. My princess phone, and the return number, has been part of the scenery for too long… perhaps my punk-rock sense of humor has too… I hope nobody took that as a swipe. I love you guys!!

Anyway. I’ve been pretty busy. Check it:

z-beads silver, november 2015

z-beads silver, november 2015

More, from December:


z-beads silver, december 2015

I made the green scarab ring to order for a client:


I made the pink carnelian and red mirror for my hairstylist:

For my sister’s birthday, I made the cobalt blue ring (cobalt always looks ultraviolet purple to my camera, if only it was actually that intense!):

I made this spike, then turned it into a necklace. It’s available for purchase, $175 – hit me up if you’re interested and I can get more photos for you. Otherwise it will land on Etsy or at a Superstars sale very soon:

green spike necklace

green spike necklace – glass bullet made by moi, of course, bumpy vitrail cabochon, wire-wrapped with some sort of crackly mossy green faceted quartz – all metal is sterling silver

Better detail:


And can you believe it?! A Hana ring! This bead broke in half, I suspect, due to a foreign particle in the bead release. It caused a large bubble to form around the mandrel, which isn’t unusual, but breakage rarely happens. It was fortuitous, however – it broke right down the middle, and left intact the half where the best murrinis were. The other side of the bead isn’t nearly as exciting.

hana ring - hooray!

hana ring – hooray!

The Hana ring is available for purchase, as well – $140, size 8, sterling silver. Let me know if you’re interested, more photos available if needed. Otherwise, it will land on Etsy or the Superstars page as well.


And my very favorite – a ring with a game inside. You know those little party favor thingees made of plastic with divots in the bottom and balls that roll around inside and you’re supposed to get all the balls into the divots? It’s like that. The funny thing is, though, there are 4 balls and only 3 divots. Because that’s how life is. Get used to it or give the hell up.


life ring, z-beads, december 2015 (SOLD)

Another view, better look at the balls resting in their divots inside:

The facets on the vintage aqua cabochon are fabulous. The balls rolling around inside make a light, pleasant tinkling sound. I also have these cabs in amber, but I’ve made so much amber stuff already and wanted something new to show.

I hope to have a little something more for Etsy later on this week, we’ll see what happens. I’ll keep you updated here.


Other than that, I’ve been immersed in drudgery. For me, not for you – I’ve been working on the 2015 gallery on my website! Yes, I know I said I had fancy plans not to procrastinate on that, but I had much more exciting things to do all year. So I’m about a third of the way through, and I’ll let you know when it’s live. I also have a ton to add to the metal gallery. The 2015 gallery will seem a bit sparse, but that’s because I’ve worked on metals quite a bit this year.

Thanks for checking in, I gotta get back to staring at the computer screen with a bored look on my face… and soon you’ll have lots of pretty stuff to look at!

Becuz I ain’t got one.

I parked all this stuff on Etsy:

Twilight in the Suburbs:


Autumn Rain Hana:


Fancy Shmancy Sprees:


Mom’s Kitchen:


Leaf Turn 2015:


HOT Sprees:


Sundrop Ring – size 7.5:


They’ll be on Etsy for the foreseeable future… if you like any of them, you know what to do!


I’ve been busy with other silver projects. I made these for me, more treats for the lizard brain. The first one is a clear foiled glass cabochon (made by Moi, of course) set in sterling. The second one is tourmilated quartz in a rather large drop shape. It’s my new favorite… for now.


The drop shape is surprisingly easy to create a bezel for. The seam is at the top of the drop. If you have a fairly dramatic point on the drop, it’s probably your best option. I used fine silver for this bezel. I don’t usually use fine silver because it’s more expensive, but for a heavy bezel such as this, fine silver is preferable due to its softness. The only drawback is that it seems to scratch up more easily.




Obviously, this isn’t how I wear them. But I have a bear of a time taking photos with my left hand when the picture button is on the right side of the camera. Yes, dear readers, I still use an ACTUAL CAMERA for my photos. Can you imagine!? It blows my dinosaur mind that a phone can take better photos than my old digital Olympus. Perhaps I should rethink…

And looky what I got!


I’ve been curious about Sahara Noir since the moment I found out about it. The only place I could sample it was at Saks Fifth Avenue in Tulsa. I made a special trip to Utica Square last year to give it a try. I didn’t have room for it on my skin and only had it on paper. I went in this year for another whiff and found it had most likely been discontinued. I was able to eak out a teensy bit from the nearly empty tester and wear it home. It met with Mom’s approval on the long drive, she kept getting whiffs of it. It smelled like honey, incense, expensive perfume oils and oddly, wool. Most of all, it smelled just like incense Mom and Bruce used to burn in an adorable incense burner shaped like a little adobe house. The incense looked like tiny little particleboard bricks and smelled of burnt cedar and sandalwood and probably some other stuff I like but can’t readily identify.

As you can imagine, I’ve been stalking Fragrancenet for this for a long time, and didn’t see it there until late last month. It showed as sold out and I continued to stalk until they restocked a day or two later. At $89, this was a steal (1.7 oz retails for $150), and even though I wasn’t sure it was a good idea to spend that much on anything at all at the moment, I knew I’d regret it if I didn’t grab it while I could.

Now it’s time to stalk the mailbox. I knew delivery would be on Dec 2nd, and the postman came and went. Instead of my precious Sahara Noir, the postman leaves a package from Forever 21 for another address on my porch. Have you ever been to Forever 21? If not, you’re not missing a damned thing. JCPenney has more style and better quality… but I digress. I checked online, and the tracking info says the recipient, that’s me, REFUSED the package from Fragrancenet. Well, I know for a fact this didn’t happen.

I go to the post office first thing the next morning, and they can’t tell me anything until the postman gets there. They’re gonna call me. They don’t. I call them the next day and they find my package and tell me to come and get it if I want it today. They absolutely cannot figure out why it was marked as refused, but were not forthcoming with the real information when I asked what it looked like on their end. Whatever. As they’re searching in the back for it, I’m speaking to a clerk, and another clerk comes up and asks the one I was talking to a question. Then profusely apologizes for interrupting, although he didn’t. I noticed both clerks had their name tags turned towards themselves so they couldn’t be identified. As our conversation went along, I gathered that just about ALL people who visit the post office this time of year are in terrible moods and are likely to complain loudly about anyone or anything.

Why do people have to act like such jackals during the holidays? The holidays are supposed to be about kindness and giving and all that, but instead, the opposite seems to be the case. I try to stay home, mostly, and stock up on toilet paper and light bulbs mid-November.

Anyway, I’m still working on silver for a bit and then it’s back to beads at some point in the not-too-distant future. How’s that for planning ahead? I try…
Thanks for reading!



Lookit this mess. It only took me a few hours to make it.
Possibly interesting facts about what’s in this photo – click on it for a better view:
The bulb in that fluorescent lamp has been burning since the early 1990’s, maybe longer.
I was listening to Ohgr on the tablet
The tablet is resting against an anvil made from a railroad track… it sat rusting in my mom’s back yard until I noticed it and rescued it
Dad and I put this jeweler’s bench together
My grandpa built the table to the right of it
The WD-40 is for keeping my tools oiled and rust free
that’s a bottle full of metallic stars next to it
those are flintstones chewable vitamins behind that weird vise on the left side of the bench


The other bench – this functions as both the soldering area and lampworking area – you can see some of the glass that’s been put aside while I work with metal. It’s a tight space so I must move things around to make room for whatever project I’m working on. Stuff in this photo:
fine silver foil scrap in the jar next to the glass chunk jar (the vlasic pickle jar)
spinning soldering pan with pumice, and solderite/charcoal stacked on top
pyrex quench bowl
boric acid flux in the tiny jar with the black brush sticking out of it
syringe of easy paste solder (this stuff is a huge pain in the ass) – I only use easy paste solder for easy soldering of small bits like balls and stick-on thingees… I generally prefer sheet solder
the little rice bowls are for elevating weighted base tweezers to hold things in place while I solder on the blocks
the surface underneath is homosote, which is fire-proof board… it can flare up but the flame won’t spread

Yes indeedy, I’ve been going bananas at the various benches and burners this month. You should expect to see AT LEAST 12 selections on the Superstars page, but right now it looks like more. Beads (sets, focals and experimentals) and some silver stuff (charms, a spike and a most fabulous ring). This is what happens when I get to work. Here’s a little hint of what’s to come:

we're bon-bons! we'll be at the sale tomorrow! you can click us to get to the superstars page.

we’re bon-bons! we’ll be at the sale tomorrow! you can click us to get to the superstars page.

The past couple of weeks have been nearly fatally annoying, computer wise. My hard drive crashed and we had to reinstall everything. Not everything was back in working order until the 99th hour, including my email program and website software. For a minute there, I was afraid this big Superstars sale wasn’t going to happen and I was about to go to the grocery in the middle of the night and drown my frustration in some Betty Crocker brownies. I resisted, good for me and my girlish figure. AND we had a big fricken ice storm last weekend and we were without power for 12 hours, and my beauty operator cancelled my hair appointment, and we had to reschedule for Thursday, the day of the sale. I’ve lost some precious working hours but I think I can pull it off. I’ve done some of my best work under pressure. So a word of warning: if any last minute bugaboos happen, please don’t hold it against me! It’s just me here, and I’m working as hard as I can and probably with minimum sleep.


Meanwhile, I got reacquainted with the Lost Highway soundtrack. I bought it in 1998 and then got rid of it later, but I can’t remember why. It’s fabulously dark and haunting. I particularly enjoy Angelo Badalamenti’s contributions. I even like the two Marilyn Manson tracks, and I’ve always rolled my eyes at Marilyn Manson. Some movie soundtracks might feature selected songs by well known contributing artists, with instrumental “score” music sprinkled in that has lots of flash and bluster but no real substance. However, Lost Highway’s instrumental tracks have all that flash and bluster with an infusion of swanky blackness. The best way to hear the album in its entirety is to find it on google play or just buy the album.


Laura Dern’s famous cryface in Blue Velvet

When I was a kid, it seemed like my parents watched a lot of David Lynch movies. I think they were mom’s choice, she likes weird artsy films. I think I remember watching The Elephant Man with them. She wouldn’t let me watch Eraserhead, even though I thought the cover looked really interesting – probably a good parental decision on her part. And I’ll never forget walking into the room during the infamous Blue Velvet scene when Dennis Hopper yells “Don’t you (blanking) look at me!” I looked at mom, perplexed, and she promised to explain after the movie was over. She attempted, but couldn’t, it was like trying to explain a bicycle to a fish. I’ll be the first one to admit, I still don’t really “get” his film work – I feel exhausted every time I watch one of his movies. Mulholland Drive is a good example of this – not only was I exhausted, I felt off for days afterward. It’s as if too much brain power is required to keep up and understand, and I’m not sure he wants us to understand anyway. I’ve also noticed that Lynch’s female characters are often silly in a blank sort of way, with outbursts of exaggerated emotion. Maybe we actually do look like that, and Lynch is handing us the mirror.


Anyway, here’s what to expect tomorrow (Thursday) evening:

It’s all happening on the Superstars page of my website, http://www.z-beads.com:

7:30PM CT – 8PM CT: Sale preview. Take this time to read, look and decide, and ask questions if you have any before making any final decisions.

8PM CT: Start sending in your requests!

Thanks for reading, I hope to see you at the sale. It’s gonna be big and it is not one you should miss!

Happy Belated Birthday To Me

Yeah. Happy. That was nearly two weeks ago. But yes, somewhat happy – I avoided being sung at.

I get pensive around my birthday. Maybe a bit listless. It coincides with a pretty major shift in season. It is considerably cooler than it was just a couple of weeks before, leaves are swirling around and it’s about to get really cold and I’m about to be annoyed by pre-adolescent children scream-singing Christmas carols on my TV. I’ve come to prefer life with the TV set off. Unless my soaps or Superjail or Rick and Morty are on.

Birthday booty!


My very own copy of Animal Speak by Ted Andrews from Mom
A great little tin  (the reverse states “profanity makes talking fun”, a sequined coin purse and a starbucks gift card from my sister
A bottle of Opium (new version) from my husband


So, hmm, let’s go ahead and be pensive. After all these years on earth, what have I figured out? One major thing: you’re never too old to be embarrassed by your mother.

When I was growing up, Mom and Dad told me lots of stuff that turned out to be true, things I couldn’t fully appreciate until I was older. One thing I clearly remember is a plaque Mom had on her wall. I repeatedly asked her what it said and she would patiently read it out loud to me every time. It had a small metal dove attached to it, and it read: “If you love something, set it free. If it comes back to you, it’s yours. If it does not, it was never meant to be.” I also clearly remember Mom getting after me when I tried to pull the dove off of the plaque for some mysterious 4-year-old reason. Welp, the catholics couldn’t get the fear of god into me, but what was printed onto that plaque ended up being words I live by. Every time I punt Nelson out into the yard with fingers crossed that he’ll wander off real permanent-like, he’s on the back deck an hour or so later, meep-peeping his stripey self right back into my house… and my heart. Blah. (lol, just kidding, mostly, I haven’t done that in a long time.)

I also figured out that what makes people so different, yet so much the same, are the challenges, tragedies and joys life presents us with. We all have them. The way we react to them is how we differ. Even where the little things are concerned. My stripey boy cats lounging on the futon and watching Squidbillies could be an “aww, cute, shriek, applause, followed by nom-nom kisses on stripey foreheads” moment or a “get your hairy asses off of my precious furniture” moment. I’m sure you can guess how I handle that – nom-nom kisses abound at my house. If you have cats, nothing stays precious for any length of time longer than it takes for them to hark a hairball up onto it.


Riker: “Captain! There’s a gargantuan hairball in the freezer cartridge aboard the Flibbertigibbet spacecraft!” Picard: “Whaaa???” Data: “The Flibbertigibbets must have stealthily transported Spot with one of their thingamajigs. And I was not aware of it.”

There’s an episode of Star Trek Next Generation that sticks out in my mind: Captain Picard suffers an attack while out on a mission. His bionic heart stops and he dies. Q (don’t you love Q episodes!?) is in charge of the afterlife, much to Picard’s chagrin, and informs him that he had died minutes earlier. Q guides Picard through the cornerstone moments of his life, offering him opportunities to change how he handled those particular situations. Picard accepts; rather than taking the risks he took the first time around, he played it safe. Picard eventually finds himself in the present, but as a low-ranking underachiever. Picard determined that he didn’t want to die as this man he could have been, but as the man he truly was. Picard asks Q to reverse these changes and Q obliges. After his bionic heart is reactivated and he’s had some time to recover, Picard speaks with Riker and says:

“There are many parts of my youth that I’m not proud of… there were loose threads… untidy parts of me that I would like to remove. But when I pulled on one of those threads… it unraveled the tapestry of my life.

The right thing isn’t always the easiest or most obvious thing. The safe thing isn’t always the right thing, and the right thing for you may not be the right thing for someone else. Just be you. But know that just being you sometimes requires more gumption and strength than you could have ever imagined. (This is a conglomeration of past and recent quotes from my mother. Who, by the way, drives me kinda bonkers sometimes, but has given me some of the most valuable advice and friendship I have ever received. Plus, she’s hilarious. Her response to an archaically sexist comment made recently: “Which corner of your fifteenth century ass did you pull that one out of?”)


I’ve been making lots of beads and bon-bons in preparation for a Superstars sale at the very beginning of December – December 3rd, to be exact, if all goes well. The holidays throw a wrench into my sale schedule, but this will give me an extra week to hopefully make some extra special doodads. I’ll keep you posted. Here’s a teensy glimpse of what’s to come:


Pumpkin Freaking Spice. Yeah. We know you’re sick to death of it. And now we’re putting it in your BEADS.


By the way, there’s this great essay, Safety And The Lizard Brain by a guy named Al Turtle. This is a relatively short but insightful read – it’s humorously and conversationally written in a way that could assist almost anyone in getting in touch with their lizard brain. Anyway, one thing Al mentions is the fact that play is very important in keeping your lizard brain feeling happy and safe. Creative work that you don’t get paid for is considered play, so I decided to make a couple of necklaces for myself with this fabulous tourmilated quartz I’ve been collecting for the last couple of years:




The choker is made with tourmilated quartz, hill tribe silver and snowflake obsidian. The longer one is made from wire-wrapped antique lead crystal (I’m pretty sure it’s lead crystal because of its weight and sparkle) and some newer faceted quartz, plus more tourmilated quartz and one of my glitterbombs stuffed full of white seed beads and confetti style silver glitter. I’ve received many compliments on these, particularly the glitterbomb necklace – and I guess my lizard brain feels better for it. It’s buried so deep in my brain that I can’t be sure if it does or doesn’t. Perhaps I should make more, this time for profit. That would please my regular brain just fine.

Thanks for reading… smell you guys later. More updates to come.

Happy Halloween!



Not that I care. The ‘rents took me trick or treating a couple of times, but by the time I was old enough to pick out my own costume, I lost interest. I usually ended up staying home because it was cold and other kids would be out there. For dread! Plus, mom always had Halloween candy and I didn’t have to bother. It’s trying enough to master being myself without having to think about pretending to be someone else, even for a day. People have looked at me funny my entire life, so I suppose every day is like Halloween for me.



This one takes me back to my dental lab days. My boss had to go out of town for a week or two and brought in someone who could do his part of the work. This stand-in guy, let’s call him Slick, was from a lab in another city, and was good at what he did. My boss warned me before he left that Slick was a handful. And it turned out, he was also a dark irish scorpio. Uh-oh. He was 33, I was 20. When we were first introduced, he stood there grinning at me with a very mischievous look in his eye. He decided I was “cute as a bug’s ear”, and he wasn’t too bad, either. I suspected he was jazzed up on something illegal, but he still managed to exceed expectations, production wise. Finished those metals at the high speed lathe, built those porcelains, ran that micromotor while listening to Ministry and other industrial goodies on his headphones. I didn’t get as much done because I was going ga-ga over his CD collection and watching him bounce off the walls. My favorite pick in his collection was Ministry’s 12 Inch Singles 1981-1984. I remember him singing “bop-mm-bop-bop” along with Halloween while pulling my plaster molds out of the impressions at the sink.

This is how I remember it – I didn’t want to date Slick because I had already briefly dated a 33 year old (also on goofballs of some sort) and decided I was too young, and frankly too decent, to be dating 33 year old men on goofballs. But after days of half-heartedly fending off his advances, I finally agreed to lunch or something… and he stood me up. Later that evening I opened the front door to find a dozen fresh, beautiful roses in the middle of the porch. The reason he gave for his no-show was not entirely believable and though all was forgiven, I wouldn’t agree to reschedule… then he went back to wherever he came from and I never saw him again.

I love music. There’s a story for every album or song I’ve fallen in love with, and there are many. I’m always on the hunt for something new and interesting! Share your current favorites if you want.



precious smeagol, sphinx sweetheart of catster

To whom it may concern: I want a hairless cat, like, real bad. Not right now, I already have three cats, and when you have three cats, the only number of cats better than three cats is zero cats. Meanwhile, I just save photos of them on my computer. Sméagol has been on my hard drive for at least 10 years now. The fact that they got him to hold still long enough to get that outfit on him, let alone take his picture, is nothing short of miraculous. But. I’ve heard some pretty nasty rumors about sphinx cats – mainly that they’re greasy and allergic to other cats and have to wear sweaters all the time and you can’t let them hang out in front of the window or they’ll get sunburned. That sounds a lot like me, except for the greasy and allergic part. I love their gnarly little faces and their big glittery eyes! What say you, sphinx cat owners? Have the reports of their hothouse flower’ness been greatly exaggerated? Or should I just shave Nelson? I have some old Sunbeam clippers begging to be put to good use… maybe I’ll shave him anyway, that sounds like loads of fun.


Mom and I are going to a bead show today and we’ll be turning off the lights once the sun goes down, gladly eating our sandwiches or whatever in the dark so as not to have to deal with the small shrill people. Although around here, we’re much more likely to encounter some rabid guy begging for pocket change.

Have fun, don’t choke on your bit-o-honeys!



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