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New beads on Etsy!

If you hate Mondays as much as I hate Sundays, here’s some Monday bead cheer. These are wonderful sets, if the cook do say so herself (and hopefully without sounding completely full of herself.) And I can, because I can honestly say that the glass made me do it.

Click HERE for a link to my Etsy shop, or click on the thumbnails below for each item.

Seascape Shimmer:


Cherry Cordial Glimmer Strips:


Pale Emerald Starbomb:


Now that that’s done, we’re gonna go make a home-made chicken-pock pie. (yuck, right? That’s what I called it when I was little.)

Thanks for looking! And if I don’t see you again for a little while, Happy Hellidaze!

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dear crabbypants,

After reading that Grand Realization blog post, Mom reminded me about the poster she gave me when I was about 6 or 7. It read something like “smile and the world smiles with you”… or maybe it was something more fancy, like “life is a mirror”. It was undoubtedly a commentary on my unchecked grumpiness and an encouragement to improve upon it. But the amusing parallelism between this poster and recent happenstance is that it was a picture of a cat. There was definitely a joke in there somewhere about how a cat’s behavior is a direct REFLECTION (haha) on its OWNER (double zing). Now that I have the brain cells and life experience to make that joke, that’s what I’m doing. Take that, Mom/Owner.


And cats. I adore them. Why do I like cats? I don’t know, because lately, all mine are – as Mr. Sarah put it – vomit machines with hooks all over. Calico Mo was in one of her moods and she grabbed ahold of his forearm with one of her claws and pulled his skin about an inch away from where it normally rested. We both cringed and laughed hysterically. For Mo, it was just another day at the office. Such lovely creatures.

In other news, two straight weeks of grey skies, drizzle and nightly fog has me happier than a cat in a tree. Which, on a happiness scale of 1-10, is probably near a 6. That’s about as happy as I get. It isn’t safe to get too happy, you know. Something’s bound to come along and kill your happy, sending you into a much deeper despair than if you hadn’t been quite so happy to begin with. This is how I maintain emotional balance. I should write a book titled “How To Lead A Joyful Life… by staying less than thrilled about everything all the time.” It could be a self-improvement bestseller among the sun-starved 35-60 year old demographic in the Pacific Northwest. My grumpy face would find a happy forever home right there on the dust jacket. Publishers: don’t call me, I’ll call you. The sun came out today and it’s pissing me off.

Point being, I make pretty good beads when I’m happy, and I only have two strands for you today. But what lovely strands they are! (There’s also a Starbomb that was a result of a miscommunication for a made to order.) I bought two new books of silver foil, on sale at that, so I can now make Glimmer Strips Galore, entirely guilt free. The truth is, silver foil lasts a surprisingly long time, even for me, and I use silver in just about every bead I make. Happiness is to never run out of silver foil.

So here’s what’s coming up – I’ll post again when they’re fresh on Etsy.


z-beads, week of dec 22nd 2014


I’ll be right back!

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Click HERE to visit my shop, or the thumbnails below for each item.

Charm School:


Chernobyl Topaz:


Experimental Spheres:


High Violets:


Rainbow Flames Smooches:



Okay! That was a lot of work. Lets’s hope you guys like the beads! Meanwhile, I’m gonna go eat something and think about future beads. Thanks for looking!

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New beads!

Hey bead ninjas! I’m preparing to throw some new stuff into my Etsy shop. It’ll be several hours, I’m just now getting things ready. Here’s what’s coming up:

z-beads, week of december 15th

z-beads, week of december 15th

See you guys in just a bit…

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