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YAY! I got it done before midnight. My time. Maybe not yours. I tried.

Click HERE to get to my shop and see everything, or click on the thumbnails below for each item.

Boro Buttons:


Neon Sunset Bubble Disks:

Polaroid Cupcake:

Polka-Dotted Hearts:


I suppose I’d better get down to the xmas business… this consists of washing my hair in hopes of being presentable at the upcoming celebrations, and also making some peanut butter fudge, also a function of being presentable at the upcoming celebrations. People don’t like it when you go to parties and eat their food and bring nothing. My Christmas wish this year is that everyone will be allergic to peanuts and I will get to bring all my peanut butter fudge back home with me.

I hope you like the beads! If I don’t see you before then, Merry Merry and Happy New Year! Thanks so much for checking in.

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However and whatever you celebrate, I hope you’re enjoying it.

this week's foof muses

this week’s foof muses – Insolence, Alien, Alien Essence Absolue and Alien Eau Extraordinaire

I had an odd memory the other day. It must be the new leg exercises squeezing out long-buried grey-matter with the shrinkage of surprisingly few fat cells. Anyhoo. The memory was from when I was about 5 or 6. On Christmas Eve, my maternal grandmother told me that Santa’s elves were currently making my toys and Santa was going to bring them after I fell asleep that night. I remember thinking to myself “Crap, I don’t want toys that elves made – I want the exact toys I saw at the store.” Being raised by artists and craftspeople, I knew, even at such young age, there was a distinct difference between home-made and store-bought. I also worried that if the elves had to make them, the toys wouldn’t be ready when it was time for Santa to leave. Another result of being raised by artists and craftspeople, who tend to have a rather odd sense of time and urgency when it comes to pretty much everything… But I kind of felt that if Grandma herself trusted these elves to make the toys I asked for, I probably shouldn’t complain because Grandma knew what was up. She took me to K-Mart and always had Jello and let me blow bubbles in the house. And I’m happy to report that everything turned out all right.

this week's Etsy stuff

this week’s Etsy stuff

Well, this here elf has made some home-made stuff that, if we’re being perfectly honest, is far better than some of the beads you’ll see at the store. I know it’s like 3 days before Christmas and you’re probably ready to tear your hair out. If the tales of woe in the parking lots and shopping malls are enough to make you want to stay home and nail the windows shut, perhaps you’ll see fit to do a little online shopping while you’re in.

I’ll be getting these listings ready over the next several hours, and I’ll check back in when everything is good to go. See you real soon!

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Here they are, folks! Click HERE to get to my shop to see everything all at once, or click on the thumbnails below for each item.

Turning Leaf Sampler:

Rich Hippie:

Pink Flames Shimmer Spikes:

MISC No. 16:


Allrighty, then… I won’t be keeping you any longer. If someone gets to the beads before you do, I’m down for a made to order. Hope you guys enjoy your weekend, I know I will.
Thanks for looking!

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…you just gotta say WHATEVER. Come what may. And just make some beads, or some pies, or some sandwiches, even when all seems to be lost. And be open, even when you have doubts…

Like this.

the NEW azuree

the NEW azuree

On multiple occasions, I have expressed my disdain for fragrance companies who disrespect the original formulas of historically significant fragrances. I mean, if anyone likes them, and they’ve been produced for years and years, they’re significant, right? They tweak the vanilla, they delete the moss and aldehydes, seemingly to satisfy those who likely couldn’t be satisfied anyway. They water it down and jack up the prices. Dior does it. Chanel does it. And I had mistakenly come to believe that they ALL did this. Estee Lauder, it turns out, has treated most of their old formulas with respect, save for the rare misstep, which they usually promptly correct after being roundly trounced by their loyal customers (eg Estee, circa 2008 – 2010… may they eventually come to their senses regarding Cinnabar). I was afraid Azuree was doomed to suffer endlessly, considering what it smelled like when I tested a new bottle in 2014, and also considering what ignorant accountants have perpetrated on Aramis and Cabochard.

So I decided last week to find Azuree in its new bottle to find out for sure. I’m so, so glad I gave it a chance. It’s strong, long lasting, and the evolution is adventurous… leather, spice, marijuana, bread, incense, ashtray… artful. Just like the old Azuree, and better than what it was a few years prior. Better yet, oakmoss is on the list of ingredients. I could barely believe what I was smelling. I went back the next day and bought a bottle of it, and informed the sales associate that Azuree is too good to be hidden behind the counter as if they’re ashamed of it. I suspect the biggest difference in old vs new is simply age, and perhaps the new will age just as gracefully. So, the moral of this story is, if I have piqued your interest in Azuree with my incessant yammering about it, you can be assured that you needn’t scour ebay for the oldest and priciest; eek, the prices of vintage Azuree these days. At this moment, a 1.7oz  bottle (whose shape and design is rather lacking in character, in my opinion) shown above, can be had just about anywhere there’s an Estee Lauder counter, and for the astonishingly low price of $52. And it will go far… I wasn’t kidding about its strength. I can still smell the shirt I wore with it across the room, and that was from well over 24 hours ago. Two sprays, people. Hell to the Yes.

Why yes, I AM listing some beads on Etsy this evening! Here’s what’s around the bend:

z-beads, week of 12/12/16

z-beads, week of 12/12/16

Looks like I’ve been making hearts these days. I got an order for them, and since they’re not my forte, I felt the need to practice a bit. I will be focusing a bit more on Etsy through the end of the year, so keep your eyes peeled.

I’ll be working on these listings for the next few hours… I know it’s a bit late in some spots, but I got a late start today, and it was grey and cold and I didn’t have the best lighting conditions for photos… but I muddled through.

I’ll be back in a bit! Thanks for reading.


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