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Superstars TONIGHT!

And here they are, bask in their glory:


we’re superstars! come see us tonight! click on us to get there.


Goodness gracious! I really have been busy.

I’m telling you, after the Superstars dust settles I must clean my house this weekend. Dust bunnies and packing peanut crumbs are littering the entire place. This is silly, but I usually only clean stuff when I’m perturbed about something. Sometimes it’s because I’m mad at myself for being such a slob; other times, it’s something totally unrelated. My husband gets a little worried when I start scrubbing things. I haven’t had much to be miffed off about lately, which is a good thing, but it also means my house is messier than it’s been in a while.

And these damn cats, if only I could get them to drag a broom across the floor and help out. But no, all they want to do is lay around and demand food. I have no leverage with them. I can’t withhold their food to get them to comply, they wouldn’t understand. And they’re not scared of me at all. I can put my arms straight into the air and run at them and babble like the boogeyman and they respond with a purr and a yawn. The reason I’ve chosen to commit myself to the servitude of these ungrateful, irresponsible beasts escapes me at the moment… oh, yes, right. It’s because they’re CUTE. And they supposedly lower my blood pressure. I’m not sure I buy that. Yelling at fuzzy varmints to get out of the kitchen sink every 30 minutes isn’t exactly conducive to rest and relaxation. But whatever. They’re CUTE.

Speaking of adorable varmints, check out our friends in Australia, they’re serving their little Australian possum friend a candle lit Valentine’s Day supper.


Isn’t that just precious!?  Can you believe the excellent table manners? I wish the American possums were that civilized. Hell, I wish American people were that civilized. The last time I saw a possum walking down the street I said hi to it and it turned around and gave me a dirty look. I felt lucky to be inside the safety of my car.

Anyway, the guy half of that possum feeding couple is also a talented musician. Check out his rendition of The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins. This is one of my favorite things in the whole world. The hip geeks among us will surely appreciate this one. (You might give it the adult once-over before sharing it with the little ones, though.)


Anyway, back to the sale – here’s what’s happening tonight on the Superstars page on my website:

7:30PM CENTRAL TIME: The new beads will appear on this page for the sale preview. Take this 30 minutes to read and decide what you want, and email me with any questions. You should see TWELVE selections at 7:30PM.

8PM CENTRAL TIME and beyond: Start sending in your requests via email.

If you’re unsure of where your time zone falls in this scenario, google it!

See you at the sale!


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Sprinkles are for winners.

I’ve been very busy! I spent all day last Tuesday thinking it was Wednesday, and all day last Thursday thinking it was Wednesday. Yet I have no recollection of what I did on Wednesday. This is one of the (many) hazards of self-employment.
I did manage to get a couple of rings made (for my stylist):


And I’ve made many beads in preparation for the upcoming Superstars sale, this Thurday, February 19th. However, I have not yet completed my 2014 website gallery or created any Facebook pages like I said I would. I was supposed to be thinking about this stuff and then doing it before the beginning of the year. I’ve been making a lot of beads, though, so I’m not in as much trouble as I could be right now. Right?

I was at Walmart the other night (yes, I know) and they had peanut butter and jelly Poptarts. My face lit up like a Molotov cocktail when I spotted them. I have been hoping they would bring back my beloved PB&J Poptarts for years. Every time we walk by the Poptart section I lament the passing of my precious PB&J Poptarts. Recently, I began seeing peanut butter poptarts, then peanut butter and chocolate poptarts, so I knew it was only a matter of time.

The original PB&J Poptarts were peanut butter and grape jelly, and the filling, along the length of the pastry, alternated grape and a somewhat dry but very natural tasting peanut butter. The pastries I found the other night were peanut butter and strawberry jelly. I couldn’t imagine how this could go wrong, even if the jelly was strawberry rather than grape.

The first thing I did when I got home was put one of the pastries in the toaster. I was so freaking excited. My years of wishing and hoping were answered with a chemical tasting mess – the peanut butter barely passed for peanut butter (but was rather creamy compared to the old version), and the strawberry filling was sub-par compared to their usual strawberry filling.  To add further insult, the sprinkles melted and ran down the pastry while in the toaster. This is what I get for having expectations, folks.

So here’s a look at just a smidgen of what will be available at the Superstars sale:




I’m going to attempt to sell you this ring one more time, but if that doesn’t happen, I’ll finally be convinced that I should keep it. Sometimes I’m afraid I’m making rings in the wrong sizes for most folks. Truth be told, to sell a ring before it’s finished is almost a guarantee that I’ll FUBAR it. Tera B emailed me to marvel at the fact that I can wear a size 6 ring on my middle finger. You should keep in mind that I’m a grump and my middle finger gets a pretty good workout. Har.

Anyway, I just thought I’d remind you how boring I am. I’ll have another update for you later this week. Meanwhile, if you’re on the Superstars mailing list, you’ll be getting a notification today and another one on Thursday.

Back to work with me, thanks for reading!

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