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Blazing Spice Spike Trio:


Lipstick Flames Spike Trio:

Okay, I guess I’ll go stare blankly into the fridge and hope that something resembling dinner will fly out and land on the stove.
See you again soon!

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… Here comes Nelson.


But I have a few advantages over Garfield – I have thumbs, a car, and a good rapport with the folks at the post office… and it can all happen while Mr Sarah (Jon) is distracted by something on PBS.

Last week, Nelson ran outside again and ran away when Mr. Sarah was taking his pepper plant out for the day. He could no longer resist the morning birds, the smells and the neighbor cats. So we said, fine, the little bugger can stay out there forever. Sure, he’ll be a walking scab within a week, what with all the other outdoor cats, opossums, raccoons and pit bulls on the loose. He quickly befriended the neighbor’s new orange kitten and together they chased anything that moved. That orange kitten was friendlier to me than Nelson was. So I didn’t feed him or call for him. A few hours later I did see him outside the kitchen window on the deck, so I went out there and he ran under the house. I went down the deck stairs and looked at him under there. He looked so pristine, fur glistening, eyes wide and ambery green, espresso stripes pouring down his neck and onto his butterscotch chest, wide, prominent nose attempting to sniff out my intent. This cat is so beautiful… and the most infuriating cat I’ve ever had in my life. What is the matter with this cat?

Meanwhile back in the house, Mo and Fred were in the beginning stages of renegotiating the hierarchy from two distant chairs in my office. 15 hours later Nelson meep-peeped outside the window. I immediately thought of him a week from that moment, patches of hair gone and one eye missing… so  I went outside with some treats and I grabbed him up as he slinked towards me. We quarantined him for a few hours, checked him for ticks and scabs and decided not to mail him international for a little while longer. He was extremely subdued and on his best behavior for 24 hours, but after that… well.

baby vermin, I mean, Nelson

It’s difficult for me not to take this personally. It’s not like we smack him around and starve him. In fact, we’re really nice to him, we love cats, for crying out loud. As well behaved as these animals are, I suppose it’s easy to forget they’re just animals after all. He is getting better about the food freakiness, and he has stopped hiding behind the bed when guests are over, and sometimes he even comes into the living room and looks at them. I’ve decided to disrespect his wishes about not being picked up. I’ve pestered him relentlessly, and he doesn’t get as mad as I think he ought to. His eyes get wide and glassy as he emits a pathetic “mmaacckk” as I hold him and make him look at me while I give him lots of kisses on his ears and forehead. Of course, once I finally put him down, he runs only a few feet away before he stops and licks himself disdainfully. So, he must not dislike us that much. Cats, I tell you.

from April Melody

In other news, remember around this time last year when I was whining about the large sized white faceted AB vintage czech beads I wasn’t able to buy from April Melody because I ran out of cash? She still had some this year! I wasn’t about to make the same mistake again – this time I went straight to her booth and shot my entire wad on her amazingly translucent, oddly colored goodness. I’d show you the rest of my booty, but I excitedly put everything away in its proper places within my tremendous hoard. As I was reviewing my tremendous hoard for the first time in months I got a little frustrated and overwhelmed by it. I have way too many beads, and maybe it would be a good idea if I put some time aside and made some jewelry with them. This winter, I’d like to see a blizzard – not just for a really hard freeze that will kill off a few fleas, but maybe it will allow me a day or two with a legitimate excuse not to work in the bead cave. People look at me funny if I don’t use my lampwork in every piece of jewelry I make, but sometimes I don’t feel the inclusion of my beads will necessarily make a great piece of jewelry any better.

Oh, and I have a couple of things for Etsy this evening. I had to have one last glitzy rainbowy hurrah before I switched to boro for a couple of weeks. Both of the upcoming Spike trios are breathtaking, if I do say so myself. I don’t ever get tired of making these, OR wearing them. I have my own trios in blue and red:

mine, all mine – the new Spikes are coming right up on Etsy

The blue ones are accompanied by a headlight charm made by Alicia Abla, and the red ones have befriended a Skully Charm made by Melissa Lee.

Spikes are coming up on etsy in about an hour or two…

Thanks for reading! Be right back.

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Sorry for the short notice. I’ve been too annoyed to keep everyone posted on the Etsy front. I intended to do this yesterday, but the photos didn’t turn out because, long story short, daylight savings happened. Why oh why can’t we just leave well enough alone? It’s a known fact that daylight savings (on the spring forward, particularly) gives people heart attacks and causes a myriad of other slightly less alarming health problems.

Onto the good stuff: click HERE to get to my shop, or the thumbnails below for each item.

Leafy Goofballs:


Mermaid Feathers:


Mellow Mango Mustard Spikes:


Bejeweled Butter:


Anyway. I think I should start the process of shopping for a new camera, this one is really old in camera years. (Note the term start the process, as shopping for anything that is supposed to last me at least 5 years totally stresses me out and takes me a long time because I’m afraid of making the wrong decision. ) This camera says 4.1 megapixel on it, it’s from ancient times when four megapixels was a really big deal and the extra .1 megapixel must have been a huge bonus.

I need a camera that says “hey girl, I know you worked really late and slept until 4PM. I know you’re not a loser. I understand your need to get your Etsy photos taken with late afternoon post daylight savings light and not have them turn out blurry. You string up those beauties and pose them up all pretty and I’ll do the rest with my awesome macro setting.”

Any suggestions?

I’d better get on with my day… gotta get ready to go to Tulsa tomorrow for the Bead Ren. No, I’m not selling my beads there, just going for the beads. I’m trying to be on bead hiatus, but Mom’s all “let’s go anyway”. It’s not all that different from dragging a recovering alcoholic into a bar and insisting they sit there with you while you throw back blue martinis and gin gimlets and midori sours. Yeah Mom. That’s really what it’s kind of like. But anything to get out of town for a while and eat at Tucci’s, right?

Hope you like the beads, thanks for reading!

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Some relief.

What with the election and New York and New Jersey practically washing away, I haven’t had much energy for chit-chat. But one disaster has been averted. I feel like I’ve been worrying about Mitt Romney for years. Fear and dread are tricky that way. I feel better than I did twelve hours ago, and that’s saying something.

I live in a red state, so I often feel as if my vote doesn’t matter. But I still go to the dinky little church with a gravel parking lot and smile as the old ladies behind the table look at me like I might steal their purses. I guess Republicans can sniff out a Democrat just as easily as we can smell them. It strikes me as odd that everyone I know personally voted for Obama, yet Romney won by a landslide in OK. Mr. Sarah and I were talking about this – what happened to those good old southerners with common sense, you know, the ones that would shoot you in the foot if they caught the slightest whiff of snake oil on you? I can’t figure out why anyone would actually want someone like Romney in the White House, but it occurs to me that it might be a purely emotional reaction to the past decade – they want something, anything to change, and to change who lives in the White House would accomplish the most noticeable result.

I’m an emotional creature myself, but to act purely on emotion is never wise. Then again, I think of how Romney makes me feel, and he scares the crap out of me. Conversely, I like Obama. I may not like everything he does as president, but as a man, I feel he has a kindness and sincerity about him that I haven’t seen in any president in my adult lifetime. I feel he wants to make a difference for the better and that he is trying his best to overcome the political obstacles he finds in front of him at every turn. America is a big steaming mess. We’ve been chewed up by greed, terror and disaster and we’re scared and angry. We desperately need some kindness to get us through these times. Our problems can’t be fixed overnight, and maybe not in four more years, but I think if we could try to be more kind to each other, the days ahead could be so much better.

I don’t know enough about politics and issues to say much more without making a fool of myself, so I’ll end it here.

I’ve been working on orders this past little bit, and I hope to have a thing or two to throw onto Etsy on Thursday, maybe Friday. I’ll see you then… thanks for reading!

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