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Many, many apologies for being a total booger. I’ve told you guys before that I fell out of my mom butt first and two weeks late, and it pretty much set the tone for all that came after. I dilly-dallied too long and had cat conundrums and now I’m finally ready. So.

Click HERE for my etsy shop, or the thumbnails below for each item.


Star Signs Necklace:


Fresh Linens Chunky Bracelet:


Mod Dot Ring:


Fresh Cut:


You are correct, the boro beads you might have noticed in the photo in my previous post are conspicuously absent. A kind soul saved me the trouble (and Etsy fees) and claimed them. Thank you!

Okay, now I’ve been at this way too long, as usual… at this very late hour I still have things to do. Thanks SO much for your patience and patronage!


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Way back in the way-back…

I worked at a dental lab. On my first day of work the German delivery lady took one look at me and inquired “Are you one of those?” I simply responded by asking “One of those whats?” After it was obvious to everyone that I was not offended, they all died laughing, but Helga and I were both a little confused by everyone else’s reaction. I assumed since English was not her first language, and smiling and pretending wasn’t mine, we chocked it up to an exchange of curiosities that were left hanging because neither of us had a definitive answer.  We got along famously from then on.

Why am I telling you this? I don’t know. And I still don’t know what I am. I just remembered it the other night and had a nostalgic giggle. Not so much when I tried on Dior’s Poison at the mall last weekend. I couldn’t remember why I got rid of my bottle so many years ago, but it all came back to me after it sat in the crook of my elbow for a few minutes. That wasn’t funny at all.

Anyway, tonight, I’m one of “those” who works on a Friday night. I’m getting Etsy listings together right now. Here’s a peek at what’s to come in a few hours:

week of may 12 - 16

week of may 12 – 16


And this will be it for Etsy for a while. It was my first time at Half Price Books a couple of weekends ago and I got a relatively tall stack of inky papery inspiration. There’s nothing like a new book full of glossy colorful photos, and every time I look I see something different. You know why I like books, REAL books? One fluff of the blanket isn’t a $300 accident waiting to happen and your paperback isn’t going to run out of battery when you have three more hours ahead of you in the waiting room. I think e-books and devices are overrated. But so am I.


Point is, just as I absorbed some new ideas for designs and colorways I received a tremendous order that I’ll be working on for the remainder of this month. Next month may consist of a boro binge and some metal if I can fit it in.

I’ll be right back, thanks for looking.

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Here they are!
Go HERE if you want to visit my shop, or click the thumbnails below for each item.

Birthday Cake:


Red Leaves:


Electric Watermelon:


Pastel Hana:


Okay! I’ve been messing with the computer for two days straight. I’m ready to retire to the bead cave and pack up some beads. Thanks for checking in, I hope you enjoy the beads!

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Coming right up…

Well, my right up is generally a few to several hours from whenever I say so.

Here’s your sneak peek to help you decide if they’re worth hanging around for:

week of april 28th

week of april 28th

I’ll say these are experimental. It looks like I had a short attention span this week, what with three sets of 5.
Be right back…


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