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Painted Desert:

Zig Zag Petals:

Claret-y Spaceships:

Rainbow Stuff:

I want cake for dinner and nobody can stop me.

Thanks for checking in!

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I’ve been getting things done. I made beads and bracelets, worked on orders, I made hummus and pasta salad, ate a lot of sandwiches, I forgot to feed the cats a couple of times, I spilled buttons all over the floor and there’s this one other thing I did and I’ll tell you about it later. I promise. Right now I can tell you that it’s been annoying beyond my wildest of dreams.

These are the bracelets I made – the red/black/white and fancy shmancy sprees are for a family friend, and the Rainbow Flames chunky bracelet is for you, if you’ll have it (grab it here or wait for the Superstars sale later this month):

chunky bracelets January 2016

chunky bracelets January 2016

chunky bracelets January 2016

chunky bracelets January 2016

damn I'm pale. but look at the chunky bracelets!

damn I’m pale. but look at the chunky bracelets!


Anyhoo, I’ve got a little somethin-somethin for Etsy later this evening:

z-beads week of January 11 2016

z-beads week of January 11 2016

Looks as if though I’ve been in the mood to encase everything. After all these years, I think I’m finally getting better at it. I am reluctant to say “good” at it. I’ll post again when the listings are live.

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image lifted from wikipedia.org

Salutations, various bead ninjas.

Okay, so I was in kind of a bad mood when I last posted. My holidays were awful, even though I made peanut butter fudge and it turned out perfect. Nearly everyone I know is having a really rough time. 2015 was just bizarre. I’ve been begging dog, Bob, Buddha and Elvis for an answer. I finally got it. I’ve known something would be revealed, and it was. It wasn’t so much an answer to a specific question… I simply felt a shift. A new clarity.

Now that that’s out of the way, I can get back to work. I’m planning a Superstars sale for some time this month. Meanwhile, I’m going to do something I’ve never done before, and will likely never do again – I’m knocking 40% off of all lampwork in my Etsy shop for the next 48 hours. And if you don’t want them I’m going to mail them to random people with funny names because I want them GONE. Go HERE for the beads!

I finished updating the 2015 Gallery and metal gallery on my website. Have a look! I really did think the 2015 gallery would be more sparse, but its almost twice as big as the 2014 gallery. If you want to place a made to order, gimme a jangle.

Thanks for checking in! I’ll keep you posted on the next Superstars sale.

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Or Happy New Year. I’m not gonna say much more about that because I don’t have much to say about it. I don’t make new year’s resolutions because I won’t make commitments under pressure. I’ve already given up everything anyway, but methinks I might need to drink more alcohol. (just kidding.) Tradition is a nice concept and all, I think it truly works for some people, and I’m sure I’m the oddball here. I’m always the oddball.

ETA: OH NO! Did anyone notice the “phone number” under the plastic thing beneath the dialpad? I had forgotten all about that. My princess phone, and the return number, has been part of the scenery for too long… perhaps my punk-rock sense of humor has too… I hope nobody took that as a swipe. I love you guys!!

Anyway. I’ve been pretty busy. Check it:

z-beads silver, november 2015

z-beads silver, november 2015

More, from December:


z-beads silver, december 2015

I made the green scarab ring to order for a client:


I made the pink carnelian and red mirror for my hairstylist:

For my sister’s birthday, I made the cobalt blue ring (cobalt always looks ultraviolet purple to my camera, if only it was actually that intense!):

I made this spike, then turned it into a necklace. It’s available for purchase, $175 – hit me up if you’re interested and I can get more photos for you. Otherwise it will land on Etsy or at a Superstars sale very soon:

green spike necklace

green spike necklace – glass bullet made by moi, of course, bumpy vitrail cabochon, wire-wrapped with some sort of crackly mossy green faceted quartz – all metal is sterling silver

Better detail:


And can you believe it?! A Hana ring! This bead broke in half, I suspect, due to a foreign particle in the bead release. It caused a large bubble to form around the mandrel, which isn’t unusual, but breakage rarely happens. It was fortuitous, however – it broke right down the middle, and left intact the half where the best murrinis were. The other side of the bead isn’t nearly as exciting.

hana ring - hooray!

hana ring – hooray!

The Hana ring is available for purchase, as well – $140, size 8, sterling silver. Let me know if you’re interested, more photos available if needed. Otherwise, it will land on Etsy or the Superstars page as well.


And my very favorite – a ring with a game inside. You know those little party favor thingees made of plastic with divots in the bottom and balls that roll around inside and you’re supposed to get all the balls into the divots? It’s like that. The funny thing is, though, there are 4 balls and only 3 divots. Because that’s how life is. Get used to it or give the hell up.


life ring, z-beads, december 2015 (SOLD)

Another view, better look at the balls resting in their divots inside:

The facets on the vintage aqua cabochon are fabulous. The balls rolling around inside make a light, pleasant tinkling sound. I also have these cabs in amber, but I’ve made so much amber stuff already and wanted something new to show.

I hope to have a little something more for Etsy later on this week, we’ll see what happens. I’ll keep you updated here.


Other than that, I’ve been immersed in drudgery. For me, not for you – I’ve been working on the 2015 gallery on my website! Yes, I know I said I had fancy plans not to procrastinate on that, but I had much more exciting things to do all year. So I’m about a third of the way through, and I’ll let you know when it’s live. I also have a ton to add to the metal gallery. The 2015 gallery will seem a bit sparse, but that’s because I’ve worked on metals quite a bit this year.

Thanks for checking in, I gotta get back to staring at the computer screen with a bored look on my face… and soon you’ll have lots of pretty stuff to look at!

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