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Fire Opal Glimmer Strips (Mini):

Colorblast Mille Mini-Danglers (try to say that five times real fast):

Stars & Stripes Ball Buttons/Pendants/Beads:

Acid Grass Ball Buttons/Pendants/Beads:

Sunset Zing Glimmer Strips (Mini):



Boy, that was a lot of work. Everything feels like a lot of work these days.

My sweetie brought in some paperwhites he picked.  It was half romantic gesture and half not wanting to just chop them to bits with the lawn mower. He sneaked out and did it before I realized it, AND he put them in a vase. How nice. They reek of potential honey. Sorry, bees. I’m sure there’s plenty more elsewhere.

Thanks for looking, I hope the day’s delay was worth it!


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By out, I mean out of the house and into another building, preferably. I don’t enjoy the outdoors at all. We did some home improvement stuff last weekend, and going outside during the day was… oogy. Let me tell you what sunny daytime is like for me. The happy little sunbeams get all over me and dance and sing and eat lollipops on my eyeballs. The bugs divebomb me because my pale skin is a light source even brighter than the sun. Then the wasps must smell me, because they eventually show up, too. Anything that flies slowly by is going to make me back up and shriek a little until I can figure out what it is, and anyone and anything in my path of escape will get bumped into or stepped on. Luckily, my hunny thinks that’s funny instead of incredibly annoying. Hey, I have managed to live 34 years and not get stung by anything. Well, except that one time… Nobody could figure out what happened, at first. I was standing in the middle of the living room at my grandparents’ house, and suddenly I screamed and started crying. (I was 8 years old, this didn’t happen last week.) There was instantly a terrible, large white bump on my cheek. And an adorable fat, fuzzy green caterpillar on my shoulder. It might as well have had big shiny eyelashy doe eyes and a halo over its head and said “who, moi?”

We’ve had a cranefly population EXPLOSION here.  Some regions get a literal flurry of mayflies… I’m talking about turning the windshield wipers on to see where they’re driving. I can’t say it’s that bad here, but you can’t open the door to the outside without at least two getting inside each time. During the day, they are in the yard, and at night, they’re on the porch. In line with popular belief, cats do have discriminating tastes. Mine won’t eat crickets, waterbugs or spiders… but junebugs, moths, grasshoppers (the bigger the better), and now craneflies, are a delicacy worth chasing down and knocking a few lamps over for. By the by, I happened upon this Etsy listing for a butterfly captured inside of a lightbulb, which is neat, but the description is worth reading. I always wondered why bugs flew in circles under the porch light, and now I know!

Nelson! What a big, wet nose you have! (the better to sniff your doritos with.)

Thanks to all of this rain and warm weather, the birds out in the yard are the fattest I’ve ever seen them. Some bluejays and wrens were outside my bathroom window the other morning, gathering twigs for their nests. I couldn’t believe how plump they all were. Sigh. Perhaps that’s why Nelson ran off this morning and hasn’t returned. As of right now, he’s been gone four hours and I can’t find him, anywhere. My husband was taking his pepper plant outside and Nelson ran out the back door and then paused. He bent over to pick Nelson up, and then he really made a run for it, through a small opening in the fence. Maybe he had enough of Mo stalking him, or enough of Fred hissing at him when he was “only playing”, or enough of us yelling at him to GET DOWN off the kitchen counter.  Some people don’t mind their cats prancing around on the food preparation surfaces, but we just can’t get happy about that.

Nelson! What big, green eyes you have! (the better to see the birds with.)

If he doesn’t come home, I’ll sure miss him, but if he’d rather be a scroungy old (neutered) squirrel dragging ragamuffin, fine. He won’t come when I shake his food container. That’s never been a problem before. It’s as if he’s vanished into another dimension. I thought I’d at least spot him across the street or something, rubbing his face on a cement edge or sniffing at a limb, pretending not to notice me. Or maybe out in the yard, lost and scared, or sneaking up to an unsuspecting bird. No such luck.

Miss Mo

When she was just shy of two years old, Mo ran away for two weeks. She didn’t go far, she mostly hung out in the garage behind our house at the time. We couldn’t get to her because the main doors were locked, and there was an attached shed-like thing with a hole in the wall just big enough for her to fit through into the main garage chamber. We’d see her, chase her into the shed thing, and into the hole she’d go. She looked maniacal, like a wild animal. I don’t know what came over her, it was like it wasn’t even Mo. We’d hear her screaming outside in the thunderstorms, not enough sense about her to come in out of the rain. At one point I was actually able to get her and bring her back inside, but she immediately jumped six feet high and out of a small broken window pane the moment I closed the door.  She was gone for about another week and a half after that, and how she came back was sort of silly. We accidentally left the back door open, but with the screenless security gate closed and locked, when we went out to dinner. When we returned, we heard a hoarse little quack and found her in the kitchen, very skinny, but still very much alive. We never put food out for her (we were pretty mad at her), so who knows what she ate. She must have had water, or she would have been dead by then. We don’t know if Fred went outside and talked her into coming home, or if she just decided she’d had enough of that kind of fun. She was SO happy to see us, purring and quacking and carrying on, back to her normal self. She hasn’t run off once since then, although she sometimes darts out the front door and into the flower bed in search of greens to chew on. We go to grab her and she’s purring like a motorboat. Cats.

Anyway, the home improvement bent last weekend inspired me to finally paint the pegboard over my bench. I almost went with a deep, claret red, but it would have been too dark and tomato-ey because we didn’t feel like putting primer on. But I’m happy with this light blue – not too blue, and more pleasant than the dull brown for seeing my tools. I think I’ll appreciate it all the more when I get to work on my metals again. Hopefully that’s not too far off.

So, about Etsy… there are a few finishing touches I need to put on this week’s selections, so tomorrow it is. I’m going to have to forget about Nelson long enough to get some work done. Wish me luck, and thanks for reading!

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Etsy – ahead of schedule, even!

Look at me, getting stuff done!
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Purple Flames Glitter Vessels (new and experimental):

Lime & Coral Super Stripey Triple Toggles:


Sunset Smooches:

I hope you guys like the new stuff. I’m going to try to get some more stuff done… talkatcha later!




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There’s nothing like two straight days of nearly constant sleep to put me in a better mood. Let me tell you what sucks about having a circadian rhythm sleep disorder: it’s extremely difficult, if not impossible, to overcome. I’ve always struggled with this, more in recent years, and odd sleep patterns run in my family; I didn’t stand a chance. My sister often tells a story about returning home at 2am to find me, her 6 year old sister, wide awake in a sea of toys with all the lights on… and probably already dressed for school the next day, as Mom knew what she was dealing with by that time.

When I talk about this problem of mine, people love to suggest sleeping pills. Sleeping pills are out of the question, since just one of the numerous possible side-effects is death of one lovely sort or another, or dependence. A friend’s husband died in a car crash caused by sleep-driving. I’ve taken PM drugs once or twice, and I ended up sleeping longer than I normally would have. I suppose that’s because the first several hours is chemically induced, and the remainder is natural. My issue isn’t quantity or quality of sleep, it’s when I go to sleep, and it’s usually an hour or two later each day. Sure, I can go get in the bed 2 hours earlier than I did the night before, but it will accomplish nothing if I’m not sleepy. I am considering melatonin supplements because this is getting really old and I feel like I should do something, and I’m more comfortable with the idea of a natural supplement rather than a prescription drug.  I’m 90% convinced that I should try it, but I’d like to ask if anyone reading has tried this with any success? Or did it make other aspects of your life even worse? I’d take your input more seriously than some random website touting the success stories of melatonin supplements.


The first thing I thought about when I woke up was Best Donuts. Those gals know how to do it right. They’re perfectly glazed and iced, and the boston creams aren’t filled with the delightful vanilla goo until you order them. The apple fritters are so good they’re gone long before noon… but today, I stuck with doughnuts. I can’t stand to eat just doughnuts for breakfast, so they’ll have to keep until later.

So, this sleep business sort of threw a wrench into Etsy Thursday Plan A… but I will carry on with Plan B: sans one set, plus a lovely set of boro beads. How’s that for putting my big girl face on? Expect to see some new stuff later today.

Oh, and I got my 2012 gallery started this morning. have a look. I really like the font I picked – somewhat unusual, but very readable. Readability, as I learned in Electronic Publishing at vo-tech, is of utmost importance.

Thanks for reading, see you again later today!

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At long last… I didn’t phone in the descriptions tonight, so it took me a little while.

Click HERE to visit my shop, and the thumbnails below for each item.

Scandanavian Nightmare Super Stripey Triple Toggles:

!BLING! River:

Purple Blush Dangle Bobs:

Electric Fried Peas:

I’m quite happy with all of these! Too bad I’m out of tanked oxygen, because I’d love to get in the bead cave and melt some stuff. It’s probably better this way, I just noticed some email I need to respond to and I could probably stand to mop the kitchen floor. I hope you like everything, thanks for taking a look!

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where are you? I need you desperately!

Er, um, I mean, Easter. It’s always been about the candy for me, and Easter is prime candy hunting season. So, sometime last week I went on the hunt for what else – Cadbury’s Creme Eggs. The orange ones, in particular. I could find none. I went to Walmart because it was 1am and I needed trash bags and a light bulb. All I could find were the mini regular Creme Eggs and only chocolate and caramel 4 packs in the regular sized Creme Eggs. I almost went for the caramel ones, but thought I should research whether they were the typical Creme Egg (fondant) texture, or actual caramel, before I committed to 4 of them. To me, the appeal of the Creme Egg is the fondant. I love the stiff-yet-runny sugary texture. But seriously, why should I doubt them either way? It’s not just Cadbury, but Cadbury’s caramel. I distinctly remember eating entire bags full of individually wrapped Caramellos all by my lonesome when I was in junior high. I mean, not in one day, but they probably should have lasted longer than they did. (Okay. I’ve officially convinced myself that it’s time to try the Caramel Creme Eggs. They’re fondant, by the way. I can’t possibly go wrong with that, no matter how many of them I buy.)

image lifted from wikipedia.org

I was in such a state about not finding my orange Creme Eggs at Walmart that I went ahead and tried Walgreens during that same trip out of the house. (Give me a break, people, it’s 1AM on a week night. Where else will I go?) At least they had individually wrapped Creme Eggs, but no, no orange ones. And for the convenience of being allowed inside this druggist at such a late hour, I paid $7 for a large bag of Cadbury’s Mini Eggs – in case you didn’t know,  those are Cadbury’s milk chocolate covered in a soft pastel colored matte candy shell and in the shape of an egg. Dear me. I remember the first time I ever saw these, I think I was about 8 years old. Dad got me a small bag of them, and not one Easter since has gone by without Mini Eggs in my face. And $7 is a relatively small price to pay for a fragrant bag of Mini Eggs at 2am, with enough to share with the other two chocolate fiends at my house.

A day or two later I tried Target, where I got my orange Creme Eggs the years prior. BUT THERE WERE STILL NO ORANGE CREME EGGS TO BE FOUND. I want every Creme Egg flavor ever produced to be in my presence this very minute, and the fact that they are NOT is an abomination of such magnificent proportion that I absolutely cannot comprehend it. I’ve never been as tempted to write a poison pen to a cheerful confectioner as I am right now. And I found nothing about ANY Creme Eggs on Cadbury’s site. I find this to be utterly bizarre. Oh well. It’s easy to take for granted the extreme care and detail that’s involved in producing candy, and I’m attempting to appreciate that. It’s an art, after all. My customers suffer the same frustrations with the availability of my retired beads, and I don’t think I’ve gotten one nasty letter about that, specifically.

Anyway, there’s a point to all of this… perhaps two. One, and most importantly, if you see the ORANGE Creme Eggs anywhere, drop me a line and tell me where. (No worries, I’m not going to ask you to mail me chocolate on these unseasonably warm spring days. That is, unless it becomes clear that I’m going to die of an Orange Creme Egg Deficiency. At that juncture, I do hope you’ll lend a hand.) Point two, in my search for the latest news on orange Creme Eggs, I found a wonderful candy blog.

visit cybele may's candy blog at http://www.candyblog.net

Visit Cybele May’s Candy Blog at www.candyblog.net

Ms. May has informed and discriminating tastes in candy from here to far, and the words “sustainable” and “fair trade” come up in her reviews. I guess you can’t even have a piece of chocolate without some sort of issue rearing its ugly mug, and politics put a damper on the fun more efficiently than anything else I can think of. That’s certainly not meant as a jab at her… I guess part of me would rather stay uninformed about the dark and lurky dimensions of my simple pleasures. How American of me. But I’m glad someone is paying attention. I’ve said it before, if you’re going to boycott for disagreeable behaviors, you’ll soon find yourself naked, starving and homeless. Me? I’m not willing to trade my pants, or even one morsel of Caramel Apple Candy Corn for the qualification to stand behind my shaky convictions. Or for any reason, really. Hand me the bag.

I could spend days on the Candyblog site, literally. I enjoyed this positive review of Japanese Kit Kats, and this negative review of P-NOT Butter Sixlets just as much. I love her rating system and the ability to sort out the inedible from the superb and everything in between. While I’m not able to identify the essence of each ingredient I put in my mouth, I’m almost as picky as Ms. May. Mr. Sarah got some candied ginger to go with his 65% cacao dark chocolate/crystallized ginger bar. We already knew dark chocolate isn’t my thing, so this cacao percentage fiddle-diddle is way over my head. But I had to try the ginger on its own, and it tasted like a chemical solution I might use to strip a toxic mess off of the bathroom floor. He pointed out that I don’t like cilantro either – as if that was a crime – and that to me, everything tastes like feet, ass, vomit, or floor cleaner. Much like my intellect, my palate is not sophisticated enough to pick up on the finer points. (He didn’t say that – I did, and jokingly. My caretaker will be flossing the sauerkraut out of my teeth on my death bed, and I’d be forever grateful if someone tossed a bottle of apple cider vinegar into my pine box with me.)

Thanks for reading my thoughts on the Creme Egg Situation. OH! And one more thing… new ETSY listings are coming up later this evening. Good stuff, too! See you then.

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Ten days…

my state of being at the moment

Ten days! since my last post. And I’d better hurry before midnight hits and it turns into 11 days. Ope, didn’t make it. But – but – I’ve been swimming in beads nonstop and helping a long-time friend, amidst constant mundane distractions. My browser has a weird bug that causes my computer to freeze up, so I’ve been ignoring the hell out of it. Mr. Sarah thinks there might be some funky script out there on the internets. Email has been fine, but my spam filter has been a diva lately, eating up important mail left and right, and an attempt to bring the correct mail to the correct place could very well cause my computer to freeze up once again. It will have to wait until all my work is saved. It’s always something with these things.

Quality time with my husband is harder to find with a teenager in the house – and that doesn’t even mean what you probably think it means. Sitting quietly together, just the two of us, is like buried treasure right now, and something we’ve taken for granted in the past. Some of the time I might normally spend working or blogging is spent on stealing quiet moments. Priorities. I’m happy to say that in many ways, this has made us love each other more and work better together… although I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to run away from home at least three times a day just so I can get some work done. Whoever said that parenting is the most rewarding job you can take on must have been off in la-la-land on some groovy pills.

bling pillows - z-beads, march 2012

Another nice thing is that I’m liking my beads these days. I spent three days at the lapidary machine last week. I absentmindedly took an order for 9 bling pillows – I must have been feeling particularly confident. I don’t normally take orders for this type of bead, but I couldn’t take it back.  I had to stand behind my commitment with pruny hands covered in salmon colored grit for much longer than I cared to. I seriously doubt I’ll be doing that again, though. I think the reason I agreed to it is because it’s a fairly simple design and didn’t require the same sort of steady focus as most of my coldworked beads do. But I got those done, plus a few other good things that you will see on Etsy this week.

nelson, september 2011

I just realized I haven’t given you guys a Nelson update lately. I don’t have any new photos of him, he’s quite wily these days. His coloring has lightened up quite a bit, and his eyes have turned more green, but are remarkably amber from some angles. He’s still a lovely latte color, and the insides of his front legs are the color of butterscotch pudding. His nose is wide and fleshy colored, and I suspect he has some orange tabby in his immediate lineage. We call him Nuisance more often than we call him Nelson. Another popular one is “Overfed and Underfoot”. He’s getting bigger, but honestly, I thought he’d be bigger by now. He still has several more months until he’ll be considered fully grown.

Cats generally choose one person they want to bond with, and Mr. Sarah is Nelson’s favorite. He used to run from him when we first got him, and it would really hurt his feelings. Now, he perches up on the back of his chair and snuggles and purrs and falls over in ecstasy, and it’s MY feelings that are hurt now. Whatever, I have two other cats who think I’m allright. I’m pretty sure Mo has told Nelson that I am her property, and that he is not to show affection or endear himself to me. You might think this sounds crazy, but Mo IS crazy and crafty and most definitely alpha cat. She’s wonderful to us, but horrible to the other cats. Nothing they’ve had to be hospitalized over, but sheesh. If this is what being a crabby old cat is like, I’d hate to see her live any longer than 16 years, because we know she’ll only get more crabby.

Fred has recently decided that every time I get ready to work, that he must be sure to catch me before I get all involved. He taps me on the arm and chirps and indicates that I need to follow him by walking towards the door and pausing to look back at me. So I follow, and he wants me to either watch him caterpillar around on the living room rug, or look out the window or front door with him. Once we’ve gotten that out of the way, he leaves me alone to get my beads done. That is, until he decides he needs to eat, and that’s a different process altogether. Cats. They like quality time, too.

We’ll definitely chat again later this week. I’m going to make some more beads for Etsy… unless something enormously distracting comes along, Thursday looks good for new Etsy listings. Thanks so much for checking in!

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Etsy, at long last.

I hope it’s all been worth the wait.

Click HERE to visit my shop, or the thumbnails below for each item.

Retro Merlot Optical Ellipses:

Twinkle Bell:

Blazing Spice Spike Trio (and a charm):

 Leafy Bullet:

 And two sets that didn’t sell at the Superstars sale last month – Meddling Matriarch:

Hound Dog Detective:

I have some big projects ahead of me this weekend… I’d better get started. Thanks so much for checking in and having a look! I hope you like everything.

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Sorry. It’s bad enough that I can’t seem to find my own ass these days, and then my computer monitor had to die on Wednesday night when I was planning to list some stuff on Etsy yesterday. Hooray. The thing only lived three years, and we should have known that the universe was trying to tell us something when we set out to buy it that fateful day in 2009 and had such horrible luck getting our hands on it. It was $50 less than all the others, what a smash deal, right? Yeah. This was just over three years ago, by the way. Isn’t three years the most common life span of the warranty they try to sell you at the checkout line at Best Buy? Planned Obsolescence, people. It’s a reality, so don’t fall for the warranty gimmick. Your money would be better spent on something else, like saving up for the new one. Especially if it has anything to do with a computer, or has a computer in it. And what doesn’t these days?

Anyway, Etsy later today, for sure. I’m shooting for late afternoon/early evening. See you then!

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