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Yes, finally, at 5AM, I’m getting my Etsy listings online. This is how it goes sometimes.

Click HERE to get to my shop, or the thumbnails below for each item.

Tiny Bubbles:


Campy Relish Hana:

Tunisian Violet Lava Lite Trios & Tabs:

Rhodochrosite Glimmer Strips:


So, as soon as the rain left, summer didn’t waste any time. I was supposed to start working on metals about two weeks ago, but I decided I needed to make some glass stuff for my metals first, and then I realized I needed to make some beads so I’d have some hope of having a little cash while I worked on the metal stuff. At some point during all of that, it got kind of hot and humid and then I got all hot and humid and when I get that way it takes me a while to get stuff done in between the whining about how hot it is. I hate summer. I shall list for you only 10 of the reasons I hate summer:

1. The sun.
2. Everything. Even my irrational dislike of John Corbett becomes more acute.
3. The air conditioner.
4. The sound the air conditioner makes.
5. The electric bill.
6. The sun.
7. The lawnmower draggers ding-donging my doorbell the minute the clover patch grows a centimeter taller than the rest of the lawn.
8. The ghetto birds.
9. The ice cream truck.
10. Everything on TV is a rerun or a singing contest. I guess they think we’re all outside in the sun catching our death and we won’t care what’s on TV when we’re being hauled off to the hospital for heat exhaustion.

I want to be comfortable all the time. Somewhere between 40 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit would be most conducive to my physical comfort and emotional well being. I guess I’ll have to cave and write a letter to my congressman. Meanwhile, I’ll get used to the summer and when fall finally gets here I’ll be shivering in my bed under the covers the first day the high temp doesn’t go above 70 degrees.

Thanks for looking at the new beads… next, I’ll be blinging a bit and working on metals! Hooray, I’m looking forward to something a bit different for a little while. Any special requests? Feel free to ask!

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“Hi, do you have a cat…

…named Felix The Conqueror? Yeah? Well, we found him mewing desperately by the side of the street.”

My hunny and I were taking a walk after midnight the other night. We heard a “meow?” off in the shadows and saw a pair of glowing eyes. We said “hi? and a little black cat came running towards us. He was obviously friendly – rare for a cat – and let us pet him. We always stop to say hello to a friendly cat. We resumed our walk, and surprisingly he came along and was telling us all kinds of interesting things. He continued to follow us and chat us up for the entire block, and that’s when we decided to have a look at his collar. It said “Felix The Conqueror” on one side and had an address/phone number/smiley face on the other. The address was from sort of far away, and we figured if our cat was missing, we wouldn’t mind a call after midnight.

Mr. Sarah picked Felix up and carried him for about a block because he seemed a bit tired and was panting. When we got to a good resting spot he called the number on his tag. I could tell the guy on the other end of the phone didn’t mind being called, but I couldn’t tell much else. Mr. Sarah said he sounded relieved; Felix had been gone for 4 days. The guy said he was at a restaurant nearby and would be by soon. Felix waited patiently with us. When he got there, Felix began to squirm with excitement. He told us he had started looking at the animal shelter for poor Felix earlier that day. He had just moved to the area, and perhaps Felix just got lost. He’s very friendly and probably followed someone interesting into our neighborhood. We were so pleased that Felix had a tag and that we could help him get home. People, if your cats are allowed to roam, please be sure they have identification!


The rain and ants have subsided and I’ve been able to get some work done. I’ll be listing some things on Etsy later, it may be well after midnight before they’re live. Here’s a look at what’s coming up:

Look for another update later tonight!

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