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Bonny Cogs (experimental):

Whimsicle Slices:

Murphy’s of Boston:

Berry Boozecake Goofballs:

Glitter Nougats:

Okay, friends. I got it all done, at long last.

It got really cold and it’s made me a bit lethargic. As if 51 degrees is really all that cold… but it is compared to the 88 degrees day before yesterday. I feel like curling up in the bed for a little bit with some cabochons and a notebook. Have a great evening, and thanks for checking in!

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Etsy coming right up…

I figured out that I ought to say something… I’ve been a bit quiet. No time for flapping my trap when there are beads to make! And make beads I did!

Here’s a quick peek, and it won’t be long at all before they’re on Etsy with some other spectacular tagalongs:

just try to resist eating us…

Back in a jiff!

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Wanda Freeze:


Iced Iris:


Lazy Mint Spacehawk !BLING!:


Dotty Isles: Sherbet

Sorry it took me a bit, I was having trouble with these photos. I wanted them on the left, just as you see here, so I told WordPress I wanted them on the left. Somehow, WP took that to mean “big jumbled mess willy nilly in the middle of the page” so I tried “none” rather than “left” and looky there. None means left, I guess.

I’d like to lodge a complaint with the World Wide Web Consortium. Or would it be a complaint against the W3C? The internet is so annoying sometimes.

I’m gonna go have a beer. I hope you guys like the beads!

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In just a bit…

… I’ll be adding some exciting beads to my Etsy shop. Here’s a peek:

z-beads October 18, 2012 – we’ll be on Etsy this evening!

I got all distracted by my yarn stash some time last week. Whichever day it was that I decided to excavate it from my closet, I was feeling like “f**k glass. I’d rather DIE than look at it”. Eling from Traveling Rhinos gifted me a skein of that weird Nepal recycled silk several years ago, and it looked like I’d started knitting a scarf from it. I’m not sure why, because I’m terrible at knitting. Crochet is more my speed, and I’m not that great at crochet, either. Be that as it may, I unraveled the few knit stitches and crocheted myself a scarf from the entire tangled wad within several hours. The best thing about that recycled silk is that I needn’t pay mind to the tension, which is always what hangs me up and gets the yarn pushed back to the back of the closet. I’ve almost given my yarn away several times, but I’ve always changed my mind, in hopes that maybe some day I can figure out why I suck so bad at crochet and finally do something about it.

finally, a finished crochet project

And look at me, an entire week and nary a whine! I’ve felt better this last week or so than I have in quite a bit. I think it’s all the water I’ve been drinking. And I actually finished a crochet project, and I’m quite proud of myself for doing that. It must have been just the refreshment I needed, because by the time I was done with that scarf, I was singing a different tune about glass, with new bead ideas bubbling over.

Enough blah-blah, I’d better get on those listings. I’ll be right back!

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Yes, I know it’s late. Well after midnight, and Friday morning, to be exact. Dinner went late, photos had to be edited, yada yada. But here come the beads!

Click HERE to see my Etsy shop, or the thumbnails below for each item.

Eisblau !BLING! Barrel:

Rock Candy Cesspool !BLING!:

Campy Relish Goofballs:

Those are the beads, and I’m gonna go clean up the bead cave, I guess. I have a tendency to pit out and clutter up any space I spend a lot of time in, and I could stand to vacuum up the woozballs the cats left in there. The last time I had three cats I said NEVER AGAIN, but here I am with three cats. All of tonight’s bead photos are covered with lint thanks to those little buggers. (actually, I don’t know if they’re really at fault for that, but it’s easy enough to blame them, considering how much time they spend laying around on top of the dryer and on piles of dirty clothes.)

Thanks for looking!

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Whiny Wednesday 10/10/12

Ha. And it’s Thursday.

Could this become a habit? Would it be so bad? Maybe if I reserved a day for whining here, you know, somehow worked it into my schedule on Wednesdays there won’t be any whining for an entire week.

As if.


Today’s whiny business: Fall fashion 2012. I’d like to know who is responsible for resurrecting that gawdawful dayglo/neon crap that had already died a slow death in the late 1980’s. (Nevermind, knowing might land me in a heap of trouble.) I had only caught a glimpse of it online so far, which kept my horror and disbelief at bay… until now. Seeing a picture of something so dastardly is one thing, but standing just inches away from such an abomination is another thing entirely. Why they couldn’t have allowed it to rest peacefully is one of today’s great mysteries.

I don’t like the mall. It makes me sweat and break out in a rash, and then my hair gets all fuzzy and weird and the pretty perfect people look at me like I just emerged  from the creek out back and randomly wandered into Macy’s. All I wanted was a purple crewneck t-shirt that was neither too dark nor too light, preferably heathered…  and instead of a purple t-shirt, I got an eyeful of neon orange and a rancid electric yellow very similar in color to a weird slime mold I found on my husband’s bathroom floor when we first started dating. They might call it “tangerine” or “dill flower” to pretty it up. They could have fooled us better by painting  a dog turd orange, spraying it with some of Lady GaGa’s new fragrance and sticking a tiara on it.

it was something like this, but much worse. image from http://www.gap.com

The juiciest tidbit was a shapeless, blousy blob of a v-neck top in a nondescript grey color, and the sleeves (if you could really call them sleeves) were trimmed with that slimy fluorescent yellow. My jaw could have hit the floor. It was as if neon yellow had been unceremoniously exhumed after being in the ground for over 20 years, its pathetic mummified carcass slap-dashedly spray painted with neon yellow Krylon to obscure the decades of putrification, and then hurriedly presented for sale in a mid-priced retail setting.

Does this analogy offend you? I’ll bet you’re not half as offended as I am, as someone who doesn’t appreciate that frumpy clothes made from unattractive fabrics in unflattering colors are being offered to women as “fashion” right now. Most people I know couldn’t afford Bergdorf Goodman, and if I didn’t care at all about quality, I’d shop at Walmart. Walmart has been selling the aforementioned unflattering cheap crap since its dawn… and then I walk into The Gap and the entire ladies half of the store was full of it at three times the price. Likely better made, but still. Does it matter? Who is going to be wearing this codswallop after this trend is dead again? I’d venture a guess that the fashion victims are counting down the hours until the winter 2012/2013 color report. These so-called designers have taken far too many liberties with “bright chartreuse” and “tangerine tango”.


I feel more insulted every time I go shopping for clothes, like I’m being jammed into a mold. I have to force myself to go at this point, and it’s so awful that I can barely wait to get out of there. I can’t even find decent essentials any more, and if I do find something I like, it’s too small or too big because everyone else who wears  my size (and I’m guessing that’s most of America) got there before I did. Or maybe they purposefully have a limited supply of regular women’s sizes, in an attempt to slowly drive us all mad.

I don’t know what’s going on. I do know that I will not wear kelly green and neon orange striped sweaters, nor will I be caught dead in neon pink jeggings. Heavens to Murgatroid. JEGGINGS. The availability of these items isn’t what bothers me – some people can and do pull these things off – but I’m not one of them and I know I’m not the only one and I feel every woman deserves to have access to wearable colors. (Did I not satisfactorily prepare you for some serious whining?) Sometimes I think I should have been born a man, but I’m far too heterosexual and averse to crawling around under the house to undergo that operation. I’ll just settle for shopping in the men’s section. However, I draw the line at wearing men’s underwear.

But I do have a sewing machine now…

Neon Freaks, z-beads, June 2006

Then I realized something. I shouldn’t be complaining about this at all because I make beads in colors quite similar to the ones that are puking me out. But glass is different. Right? It’s glossy, layery, it’s just different than fabric in the same colors. The same colors in glass have more character and movement, and are on a much smaller scale. Would you really want to wrap yourself in colors found in some of my beads when just a hint of these colors would be much more preferable?

End Whine. Thanks. Feel free to add yours there in the comments section.


SO, hey. I’ve got some stuff on the burners for Etsy tonight. I’m going to mom’s for dinner, but I’ll get on the descriptions and stuff when I return. I wanted to have something besides blue and green, but I ran out of canned air before I could finish the other colors I was working on.

Talk to you later tonight… thanks for reading!

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Superstars sneak peek…

Hey people! I actually have almost two hours to relax before my sale! I’ve forgotten what that’s like, to relax.

look for us and the rest of our rowdy friends at the sale tonight. click me to get straight to the superstars page…

I’m going to catch up with some blogs… see you guys at 7:30PM CT for the preview!

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A word of advice

Nelco 999F (AKA White 999)

In one of my various replies in the comments section, I alluded to the fact that my step-mom gave me her old Nelco sewing machine. I’d rather be playing with it right now, but I need to prepare for my Superstars sale this Thursday. Woe is me.

I had been keeping an eye on Craigslist and thought I had an older Singer nailed down, but after two failed attempts at contacting the lady who listed it, I gave up. I called my step-mom and asked what brand her machine was – I knew it was a good one, because like Mom, she wouldn’t buy anything but a high quality machine  – and she offered it to me! She said she hasn’t used this one in years, her Singer relic does just fine for most of her projects, and it’s set into a table. The Nelco was just taking up space, so…

After a crash course in threading, settings and basic sewing, I brought it home and tried to find a manual for it online. I searched for a Nelco 999F and unearthed at least two websites selling manuals for various older machines at $10 – $20, but no luck finding anything about a Nelco 999F, anywhere. Not even on the site with manuals for sale. After about 30 minutes of rewording and dead ends, I found this blog – a lady had the same experience I did when trying to locate a manual – and after reading the comments and seeing references to a WHITE brand 999, I just searched for sewing machine 999 and arrived at the Singer website, just as she had. I was like, great, another dead end, but just in case I went ahead and downloaded the manual (free of charge). Lo and behold, there was a silhouette of my machine on the first page of the manual. The model number printed on the manual is 1010, but there’s no question that this manual is for my machine. The moral of this story is, if you find an older machine without a manual, search the internet for the model number only and you’ll likely have better luck than you would if you use the name brand. If you dig deep, you might be able to find one for free.

I love old sewing machines. They don’t have computers in them, they’re made of metal and they have an oily metallic odor. I grew up with that smell and the sound of a sewing machine buzzing and ticking and whirring, and now, just having this machine here I have a sense of comfort I haven’t had since I moved out of Mom’s house. Silly. Mom made her own clothes for a long time, and made dresses and shorts for me when I was younger. I’ve used mom’s a few times so I have a vague idea about what I’m doing, but my machine does more fancy stuff. I’m going to keep it simple for now.

I made this jewelry roll thingee when I still lived at home (although, I’m sure I had some help from mom):

jewelry roll – closed

jewelry roll open


Today, though, my giant mill file is begging for a protective cover! And later, maybe a messenger bag or two… we’ll see about that, though.

Okay, okay. I must put the finishing touches on the Superstar beads…

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