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Here they are, as promised, in all their glittery glassy glory, smack dab in the middle of the night.

Click HERE to visit my shop, or the thumbnails below for each item.

Fuschiaberry Glitterbomb:



Amber Glitterbomb:



The Edge of Spring (borosilicate):



Crocus Glitterbomb:



Maple Glitterbomb:


So, that’s that. I hope you like them. I’m gonna go wash my hair and possibly get some beads ready for the mail! Thanks for checking in.

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Yes, under the right circumstances. But, if I had to choose only one word it would be Speechless.

One time, my dearest friend Tammy and I were sitting in my bedroom at Mom’s house with a few friends. In the midst of a sudden flurry of activity, she looked right at me and said “Everyone’s at the end of the tail end of their ends.” That pretty much summed it up. And I think it still does.

Life has its ways of proving you wrong and right, making no sense and perfect sense, all in about a fraction of a second. And I’m willing to accept that what I just said may only make sense to me.

kind of like this

kind of like this

But I put my talking fingers on for a bit, just long enough to write (what feels like) hollow descriptions for hollow beads stuffed full of magic and love. I’m working on the tail ends of the ends of the descriptions and I’ll be listing them on etsy for the next little bit. Perhaps a few of my fellow night crawlers will get lucky at this late/early  hour.

Be right back… meanwhile, here’s a peek at some of the delightfully tedious busywork I’ve been occupying myself with over the last couple of weeks, so’s not to freeze my feets off in the bead cave:

bebeadeds and glitterbombs

bebeadeds and glitterbombs



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