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My lack of prattling on…

… (on the internet, anyway) does not necessarily indicate inactivity. Have a look at what I’ve been doing.

I made these for a friend to give as gifts to the bridal party:


I didn’t intend to make such a rainbow, I only wanted to get a balanced sampling of color. I guess I can’t help dropping rainbows wherever I go. (What a joke.)

I made these custom bracelets for a special someone who has been jonesing for chunky bracelets made from my boro beads:


I made this necklace for a client who normally buys beads and has them made into necklaces by her local jeweler, but I offered to do it for her this time:


Then, I got out the metal and made this to order in a custom size/cabochon in my Cake design:


And then I made these:



left to right – for me, for you, for you, for you, for my stylist. Rings will be available at the Superstars sale, coming up soon.

Oh, and I found these fabulous spoon rings (sterling plated steel) at my favorite antique store:


And then I got the glass back out and made a set of Teensy Tinsy Mod Dots to order:


So, now that I’ve gotten all that business (and some pleasure) behind me, the glass torch is my oyster. I guess we’ll see what happens!

Thanks for checking in… don’t forget, a rollicking good Superstars sale is around the bend! I’ll keep you posted.


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