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Here they are!

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Hana Seascape Necklace:

The Original BubbleComb Village:

Lucifer’s Prius: (I do hope you guys are in a somewhat joking mood today)

Bon Vivant:

Opal Wildflower Glimmering Hana:

YAY! Not sure what I’m doing tonight. I think I actually feel like making beads. Whatever I do, I’ll be wearing cowboy boots.


I was recently boo-hooing about not having any time to play with my seed beads. WAAH! You know what you gotta do when you don’t have time for something you really want to do? Quit yer melodrama and make the time.

Do you guys have any idea how small size 15/0 seed beads are? Specks, people. The Czechs made some even smaller than that way back in the wayback – I have some that are size 18/0-ish, but I can’t find a needle that will fit through them. I have to use a size 13 beading needle on the size 13/0 Czech charlottes. Size 13 needles are about as small as they come and they don’t last very long. That’s the nice thing about Japanese seed beads. Bigger holes, better colors and somewhat more uniformity. Yep, the calculator is a necessity for this activity. Because I can’t do math in my head, it permanently resides in the beading needle+thread box.

a coin for najia…
yes, these things are deliciously tedious

In fact, I’m pretty sure I’m math phobic. I’ve probably told you a dozen times I barely got out of 10th grade because of geometry, and pretty much gave up on ever going to college because I knew there was no way I’d be able to pass 11th and 12th grade math. Even with a team of tutors, magic carpets and fluffy little bunny rabbits, I’d still be sitting in math class to this day. I still dream about being sent back for math and not being able to handle it. So I happily cut my losses and most days I don’t regret it. Dad and I were talking about that several years ago. He was the same way. He said “I can do math as long as I don’t know I’m doing it.” This was coming from the guy who calculated and painted complicated, flawlessly expanding tessellations with oils on canvas with allegedly zero math skills.

a snippet of dad’s tessellation behind the owls

After putting the beaded beads down for several years, I was rather surprised at how quickly I got the hang of them again. It was just like getting up and walking over to the fridge, yawning and scratching myself. And I think I’m even better at it than I was before. I do remember why I found them so frustrating, but I figured out that the more flip my attitude is towards them, the better they behave. Isn’t that always the way with… ahem… beads.

beaded beads circa 2010

I hope you enjoy your easter. I was going to make some easter egg beads but I forgot. I was probably too busy eating easter candy and getting all fogged up on sugar. I’ll make some next year. Or maybe I’ll make some in October because that’s how I roll.

beaded beads circa 2009

See you guys again real soon!

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