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Heya! Here comes the beads!

Click HERE to visit my Etsy shop, or the thumbnails below for each item.

Teensy Tinsy Mod Dots:



Green Ranchero:



Teensy Starstruck Squares:



And my favorite set this week –
Vanilla Tea Hana:



Thanks for checking in on Christmas Eve! I know the timing probably isn’t the best, but I’ve never been known for my good timing anyway. If I don’t talk to you again for a bit, enjoy your holidays and I hope it’s all jingly and ringly and not too jangly.

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Such buggery!

Who has time for a weekend covered in about an inch of ice, a broken hot water tank (and after procrastinating my bath for at least two days prior)!? Add to that a layer of significantly compromised water pressure after the new tank was installed, and then constant distraction of phone calls and holiday preparation. By some miracle we still have power and only spotty dips in internet speed and phone service. Oh, and the inches of snow they were predicting missed us entirely.

I think I’ve mentioned my longing for that remote log cabin before. The only thing holding me back is the likelihood of the closest Taco Bueno being far too far away. The ONLY thing.

On a positive note, I did manage to make beads on the sixty five degree days before the ice storm. The day before the severe cold returned, it managed to reach 68 degrees, my perfect temperature, accompanied by heavily filtered sunlight. It could have been early spring for all we knew. So there’s gonna be some beads on Etsy later today. That could be earlier in the day, or later in the day. But today, for sure. Here’s a peek at what’s coming up:

z-beads, week of 12/23/13 - look for us later on etsy!

z-beads, week of 12/23/13 – look for us later on etsy!


See you guys later today!

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At long last… sorry I took so long. The cold weather makes me sluggish.

Click HERE to visit my shop, or the thumbnails below for each item.

Grrly BIG Mod Dots:



Turquoise & Purple Wunnerfuls:



Colorblast Sampler:



Vintage Obsession: Three Mirror Nougats:




You guys, I’m itching to make beads! It’s been 8 degrees more times than I care to count over the last several days, and opening a window and getting to work would let all the precious heat out. Even the cats are snuggling up to the wall heater, and they’re covered with fuzz, those lucky devils. Today was the first day the 4 inches of snow even thought about melting, so maybe tomorrow will be a good beadmaking day.

Oh, and in the midst of it all, we had a 4.5 earthquake on Saturday. Those are always such a surprise since the weatherman can’t predict them. But lately, it does seem that this time of year is when they like to visit us. I figured the pecan tree out back finally fell over. It’s been nutting like mad this fall, and we’ve saved some serious coin by not having to buy pecans at the store. Mr. Sarah makes these incredible cookies, and the last two batches have been made with hershey’s butterscotch chips and pecans from the back yard. Other Dad (Bruce) ate nine of them in one day because he couldn’t stop eating them, they were so good.

Anyway, enough blah-blah for now. I need to get some sleep, and hopefully I haven’t annoyed you with my late-ness. I hope you like the beads, thanks for checking in!

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bedtime snack at 9am...

I asked Mr. Sarah the other morning if the combination of Cheetos and Mad Dog was a bad idea for a before bed snack. My justification was that there wasn’t much of either; the Mad Dog (yes, winos, I am aware that, technically, this isn’t Mad Dog) would calm my hormonal nerves a bit and the Cheetos would take the edge off the before bed hungries. That, and both needed to be consumed before they went stale.
Mr. Sarah just shook his head and laughed for a good long while. That was my answer. I received a similar response later when I asked if they made over-alls that opened in the rear so that one wouldn’t have to entirely disrobe just to take a leak.
For anyone who may be curious, I opted for Cheetos and applesauce instead, and the Mad Dog still sits in the fridge. See, this bottle will make exactly two Blackberry Booze Cakes, with just a smidgen left over for such an occasion. Although these occasions present themselves often, I generally pass on booze before bed out of fear of becoming dependent on it for sleep. Sugar and caffeine both have me firmly in their clutches, and I’d rather not add another vice to my shopping list.


Let me catch you up:

I completed a sizeable bead order, managed to avoid eating any turkey on Thanksgiving and spent a bit of time sorting and re-sorting through my bead stash. I found an old bead set in the very special tackle box where the very special beads live, but I can’t recall why I kept this particular strand. I do know they’re several years old. (they’re the bottom strand in the photo below. and look how much larger my beads are now than they were many years ago!)  I’m sure I’ll remember later why I kept them and regret putting them up for sale, but probably not. I never regret sharing my beads with you. In the midst of this rather sizeable order, I found some time to make a set or two for Etsy, which you’ll see later today. Here’s what’s coming up:

see us on etsy later!

see us on etsy later!

Thanks for visiting after a long spell… see you later on with the Etsy stuff!

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