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Superstars Tonight!

I know it’s Halloween. It’s also Thursday and I’m a creature of routine…

Here’s another peek at what’s coming up – looks like I’ve been in the mood for red these past couple of weeks.

Velveteen Rose Triple Toggles - see us tonight at the sale! Click me to get right on over there.

Velveteen Rose Triple Toggles – see us tonight at the sale! Click us to get right on over there.

So, what’s the schedule?

WHEN? Tonight!

7:30PM CENTRAL TIME: The new beads will appear on the Superstars page for the sale preview. Take this 30 minutes to read and decide what you want, and email me with any burning questions. You should see NINE selections on the Superstars page.

8PM CENTRAL TIME: Start sending in your requests via email.



See you there!


I’ve also been working on foil cabochons… together they made this concoction of glitz that I couldn’t resist showing you. They won’t be at the sale, sorry – I like to have them on hand for metalsmithing emergencies. Surely you’ve had one of those – you got your metalsmithing stuff all set up just to solder a couple of jumprings and to make it worthy of the hassle you have to make a ring and a pendant with something glowy and sparkly. No? really? It’s just me then. I’m used to that.

hot buttons - foil cabochons

hot buttons – foil cabochons

Thanks for looking in.


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My apologies if you’re here to read me groan about how black-eyed peas are now being called field peas or (GASP) Purple Hull Peas (and you probably don’t want to hear my sarcasm coated opinion about THAT little morsel of screwball anyway.)

Since you’re already here, have a look at something I’ve been pining for:

1973 Ford Ranchero - click here for the ebay auction and pine along with me

1973 Ford Ranchero – click here for the ebay auction and pine along with me

I know, I’ll probably pine alone. But I have a special place in my little black heart for the 1973’ish Ford Ranchero. My grandpa had a similar one for years. The engine had a funny whispery whine and the interior smelled of combusted fuel and sunburnt vinyl. And of course, cigarette smoke. Mmm. And this one in the ebay auction… wow. That olive green paint job and forest green interior!? I don’t even care that it’s an automatic transmission, that’s how much I love it. If ever I can afford such a luxury, the right Ranchero will be waiting for me, I’m sure of it. One with a special Ranchero camper shell so I can drive my stacks of beads and cheesecake fixin’s and thrift store Pyrex scores home in the rain. Something to look forward to, to strive for.

The beads and happy things are making me happy these days. Hopefully you’ll be happy right along with me. I’ve missed the beads terribly over the last several months. But I’m starting to put together that it’s been a couple of years that I’ve been in this strange fog, lacking luster or excitement over new ideas and the desire to give new ones much thought. I’ve been thinking I’ve been burnt out. I know I’ve had too many worries and interruptions and most of them have been pretty damn pointless. Except for spending time with Dad as he was passing. And having found this odd combination of relief and a gaping hole in Dad’s absence, I instinctively got back to work because I know that’s precisely what he would want me to do. He’d want me to be happy. And it feels better than it has in a very long time.

So rather than neglecting the workbenches as I’ve been doing for so long, I’ve neglected the internet – my blog, your blog, email, etsy. But must still keep you informed of my beady comings and goings, so I’ll take this opportunity to tell you:

SUPERSTARS THIS THURSDAY! Here’s a quick peek at one of the several selections I’ll be offering:

red hat, industrial strength - look for us and our friends on the Superstars page this Thursday! Click me!

red hat, industrial strength – look for us and our friends on the Superstars page this Thursday! Click me!

Thanks so much for checking in… I have salad stuff to buy, burritos to eat and beads to bling (if they turn out you’ll see those on Thursday as well). All in that exact order. Because planning my time wisely is wise of me.

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Click HERE to visit my shop or the thumbnails below for each item.

Candy Town Barrels, No. 1


Rainy Saturday Opal Glimmer Strips:


Candy Town Barrels, No. 2:


Mint Green Goddess sterling/glass/serpentine necklace:


So, that’s that. Good luck deciding between Candy Town 1 and 2. I don’t envy you that decision at all.

Let’s hope something magically appears for dinner. I can’t be trusted with a frying pan tonight. Thanks for checking in!

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Long time no blah-blah

I have a cold and my email is broken. Waah. But I’ve got good news too: I’m getting some beads ready for Etsy.

Check it:

z-beads week of oct 7th 2013

z-beads week of oct 7th 2013

So that thing I said about my email being broken – I can receive email, I just can’t send any through Outlook. I dislike browser email so I’d rather wait until it is fixed. Poor Outlook has been trying to send the same message for the last several days only to fail every time. The email will get fixed when Mr. Sarah is good and convinced that it isn’t just a glitch on AT&T’s end. I don’t blame him for wanting to wait, because if it really is just a glitch and he does the fancy footwork to get it all functioning normally again, it will be hard to un-do the fanciness. I think it’s just sour grapes since we ditched AT&T for Cox a couple of months back. Sure, you can keep your email address when you switch, but that doesn’t mean your ex-ISP is going to make sure it works. Boo, hiss.

I shall return with the new Etsy listings in a bit…

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