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we'll be at the superstars sale tomorrow. click us to get there!

we’ll be at the superstars sale tomorrow. click us to get there!

We could also call it the I’m Mad At Etsy sale. Etsy could have warned me that they were going to steal my banner, hide my shipping prices, make my favorites public for who knows how many days and just generically cheeze me off dang near permanently. Actually, I did have some warning about the cheezing me off thing before I signed up, that militantly warm and fuzzy schtick should have been the big tip-off. They send me an email for everything else that doesn’t matter one bit, so why couldn’t they have told me about their silly tests? Whatever, it took me a while, but I finally figured out that Etsy’s moustache-on-a-stick mascot is a charming metaphor for the figurative dirty sanchez they surprise sellers with every so often “because they love us.”

OMG, I did NOT just say that! But I did!!! Did you miss me?

The Superstars sale begins at 8PM Central Time tomorrow, Thursday, June 26th on the Superstars page on my website. The sale preview begins at 7:30PM Central Time, and that’s when you can look and decide what you want before you send your request in at 8PM. I hope to see you there!



In other news, my hunny took me on a quick lightning bug hunt and instead of lightning bugs we found a pile of tree stumps. He said “look! tree stumps!” He knew I’ve been wanting one. It was dark and the stump was heavy and we didn’t notice it had a patch of rot on it until we got it home. You might be wondering what I’d want with a tree stump. These are great for the kind of metalsmithing that requires a lot of banging, like forging and disk cutting. This one appears to be the perfect height. I think it might have bugs. We’re going to set it out in the sun for a while and treat it with something before we bring it inside.

Speaking of crap on our front porch, we figured out what’s been eating Nelson. Or maybe what Nelson hasn’t been eating that’s driven him to eat a spatula and plastic flowers and paper towels. We let him out onto the porch to eat a june bug one evening because he was going to come unglued if we didn’t. Small pleasures for small creatures. He enjoyed it so much we let him go again the next night. We thought it was cute (gross, but cute) and june bugs aren’t good for anything but being eaten anyhow. We saw a remarkable improvement in his mood and attitude during the short-lived june bug season. Of course now that it’s June and the junebugs are gone, Nelson is back to hunting down paper plates with pizza grease stains on them and “killing” them on the rag rug in front of the kitchen sink. Look how cute he is, though. And he gets sweeter every month. It’s hard to stay mad at something that looks like this and holds so still for the camera and kissus on his face and nose.



If you want your bubble wrap and customs forms, you must get by me first. I dare you not to get distracted by my whisker dots.


Oh, and I found this guy (Griffin) at the thrift store a little while back. I told myself I was getting it just for the frame, but who was I kidding? Mr. Sarah concurred that Griffin was one of the best thrift store scores we’ve had in a while. I didn’t buy him and then the more I thought about him I decided that I had to go back to that store and get him.



Anyway, those are just a couple of highlights, the rest has just been made to orders, metalsmithing and gravy. At my house, we all know Sarah’s been busy at the silver bench if there’s glitter in the toilet and we hear cursing through clenched teeth in the bead cave.

See you guys at the sale! Or whenever!


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