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A word of advice

Nelco 999F (AKA White 999)

In one of my various replies in the comments section, I alluded to the fact that my step-mom gave me her old Nelco sewing machine. I’d rather be playing with it right now, but I need to prepare for my Superstars sale this Thursday. Woe is me.

I had been keeping an eye on Craigslist and thought I had an older Singer nailed down, but after two failed attempts at contacting the lady who listed it, I gave up. I called my step-mom and asked what brand her machine was – I knew it was a good one, because like Mom, she wouldn’t buy anything but a high quality machine  – and she offered it to me! She said she hasn’t used this one in years, her Singer relic does just fine for most of her projects, and it’s set into a table. The Nelco was just taking up space, so…

After a crash course in threading, settings and basic sewing, I brought it home and tried to find a manual for it online. I searched for a Nelco 999F and unearthed at least two websites selling manuals for various older machines at $10 – $20, but no luck finding anything about a Nelco 999F, anywhere. Not even on the site with manuals for sale. After about 30 minutes of rewording and dead ends, I found this blog – a lady had the same experience I did when trying to locate a manual – and after reading the comments and seeing references to a WHITE brand 999, I just searched for sewing machine 999 and arrived at the Singer website, just as she had. I was like, great, another dead end, but just in case I went ahead and downloaded the manual (free of charge). Lo and behold, there was a silhouette of my machine on the first page of the manual. The model number printed on the manual is 1010, but there’s no question that this manual is for my machine. The moral of this story is, if you find an older machine without a manual, search the internet for the model number only and you’ll likely have better luck than you would if you use the name brand. If you dig deep, you might be able to find one for free.

I love old sewing machines. They don’t have computers in them, they’re made of metal and they have an oily metallic odor. I grew up with that smell and the sound of a sewing machine buzzing and ticking and whirring, and now, just having this machine here I have a sense of comfort I haven’t had since I moved out of Mom’s house. Silly. Mom made her own clothes for a long time, and made dresses and shorts for me when I was younger. I’ve used mom’s a few times so I have a vague idea about what I’m doing, but my machine does more fancy stuff. I’m going to keep it simple for now.

I made this jewelry roll thingee when I still lived at home (although, I’m sure I had some help from mom):

jewelry roll – closed

jewelry roll open


Today, though, my giant mill file is begging for a protective cover! And later, maybe a messenger bag or two… we’ll see about that, though.

Okay, okay. I must put the finishing touches on the Superstar beads…


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