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this week’s beads

And here they are!

When submitting your request via email – z-beads@sbcglobal.net – please provide this info:
1. your paypal address, if paying with paypal
2. your preferred payment method if sending a money order (US buyers only) or check (established US buyers only)
3. your location (US or abroad, so I can request the correct shipping amount)
Shipping within the US is $7.50 for USPS Priority Mail
International shipping is $10 for USPS First Class International

I will mark each selection as SOLD as they are claimed. And please see the post from the last sale HERE. The Wildflower Bubblicious Bebeaded Necklace and Xmas in July are still available!

These lampwork beads are made by me, Sarah Moran, with soda-lime glass (also known as soft glass), and are kiln annealed for strength and long life. I do my best to provide an accurate representation in the photos. If you are interested in buying but have questions, please contact me.


Frosted Whatevers in Ocher – 7 beads – $130
(click on any one of the photos to scroll through at full size)


Believe it, people. Ocher, yellow ocher, mustard yellow, whatever you want to call it – is IN! It’s everywhere! It’s in your sunglasses, your dresses… now it’s in your beads!!! Only a little bit, though. Just enough to satisfy that craving without taking over your entire wardrobe. These, of course, would look fabulous with black or white, and maybe even just the right shade of grey. I’ve always thought ocher (and other shades of yellow, as well) looks good with a cooler grey. But always in small doses. Particularly with my complexion. But it may work very well with yours… Here, we have a variety of shapes. Each one has a white base encased with clear, with ocher polka dots floating on the frosty surface, sometimes even casting slight shadows on the opaque surface beneath, framed with white, black and more ocher dots. Everything is etched to velvety perfection, and anxiously awaits your geniusly ideas.

glass: soda lime
size: (approx): 16x18mm – 19x31mm
hole size: 3/32″
about 5.5 inches of beads

Dotty Isles in Turquoise and Purple – 7 beads – $140
(click on any one of the photos to scroll through at full size)

I haven’t made Dotty Isles in a while, and always believed they would look good in these colors if I ever got around to it. What could go wrong with intricately dotted and striped rounds in various shades of turquoise and purple with bases of white encased with shades of – you guessed it – transparent turquoise and purple? But the dots and lines steal the show, and since they’re etched, there is no reflection to steal any of their bedotted glory. These are chunkeriffic, people. Each one is different than the next. They might be a bit large and bulky for a bracelet, but you may not agree! You could use them one or a few at a time for different projects, or the usual: throw it on a chain or a cord and get on with things. (see the decadent hollows necklace this week for this paticular design idea.)

glass: soda lime
size: (approx): 17x20mm – 19x21mm
hole size: 3/32″
nearly 5 inches of beads

Blazing Spice Toggles & Tabs – 9 beads – $125
(click on any one of the photos to scroll through at full size)

Blazing indeed. All we need is more heat in the summertime. But if it’s spicy heat, that’s cool with me. Red curry with peppers and eggplant, flaming hot cheetos, spicy pad thai, chile rellenos, mmm – stuffed with beef, cheese, battered and fried to a golden crisp, smothered with ranchero sauce and a spritz of lime… oh dear, I think I need one of those chile rellenos. Wait here while I go get one. Okay, I’m back. And I have doughnuts, too. Hooray! Onto the beads… we have (7) Toggles and (2) Happy Tabs in my Blazing Spice accord, which consists of opaque deep maroon, curry yellow and harvest gold, with transparent accents of orange, lavender, purple, amber and olive. Each Toggle ends with a little bubble. Two Happy Tabs end it all with just a little bit of happy.

glass: soda lime
size: (approx):
toggles: 13x32mm – 10x28mm
tabs: 11×15
hole size: 3/32″
just over 4 inches of beads

Lemon’s Lib Decadent Hollows Necklace – $160
(click on any one of the photos to scroll through at full size)

I don’t know if you guys knew this, but I buy most of my clothes second-hand. In fact, I get just about everything second-hand – shoes, furniture, dishes, even a good bit of my perfume is already used. (With one exception – I buy my bras and undies new. That would be extreme thrifting, especially undies.) I have terriffic luck, I consistently find expensive clothes in incredibly good condition at very low prices. I guess I have a good eye for beauty and quality, and since I don’t subscribe to “hyper-relevant” fashion and strictly do my own thing, I’m free as a fluffy little bunny rabbit. However, there is one rule that CANNOT be broken: wash before wearing. No exceptions. One day a lady came up to me at the Goodwill and said “Girl, you dress like that shopping at the Goodwill? You’re smart!” Yep, my momma taught me well. I scoff when I see a $46 t-shirt or a $250 pair of jeans. They’ll be at the superthrift sooner or later, likely having been worn only once or twice, and they will be mine. Anyway. I found a woven wool skirt that would be best described as spicy mustard, and that’s what inspired me to make this necklace. I went through my gallery and found Lemon’s Lib, which is a combination of all the colors woven into that skirt. So, hey – while I’d much rather sell this necklace, it wouldn’t be such a bad thing if I had to keep it. As you can see in one of the photos, I modeled it with an intense kelly green, rendering myself an irish caricature… but I think this sort of thing works just as well with black, as all things generally do. I also modeled it layered with my beloved olive green pearls and green garnet spike necklace, Iris Apfel style. “More is More and Less is a Bore.” My hair and I both look frightened in that one. Lol.

These beads are made of different shades of opaque yellows and greens, and combined with a variety of transparent greens and ambers they make for a smashing combination to wear with all sorts of… well… yellows, greens and ambers. The beads themselves are quite interesting. They are hollow beads with a (green or amber) foiled and polka-dotted core, with more dots and lines on the surface, just enough to lend even more texture and interest. There is a Lava Lite Trio on each end, and the knots are adorned with foiled/dotted/framed barrels. No two beads are alike here. These are much more interesting in person, as usual. This is my “throw it on a leather cord and go” design. Each bead has a knot in between, and the length is very adjustable with double fisherman’s knots, and with a bead on each fisherman’s knot for easy grabbing.

hollow beads measure approx. 18x20mm – 20x22mm
lava lite trios measure approx. 12x22mm
barrels measure about 11x15mm
adjustable from 11″ to 20″

My, that sure was efficient of me. For once. I sure hope you guys find something you like! I’m gonna eat a sandwich and watch the Breaking Bad series for the third time. As if times weren’t dark enough… But I’ll be right here to answer questions and send invoices! Hope you guys have a fabulous Saturday evening!

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everything for the week beginning june 26th

You guys, I’m kind of loving this. I can have as many photos as I want, they can be any size I want, and you can scroll through them very easily. I hope. This is all very tentative still and I’m trying not to get attached. If you have any problems or would like to make suggestions, please do.

When you email me with your request – and yes, z-beads@sbcglobal.net seems to be fully functional again, but feel free to CC to evolutionnow@sbcglobal.net – you may ask by name (eg Rambunctious Rambutans), or by number (eg, Selection #1). Of course, you are allowed to request more than one item! Be sure to include your paypal email address, and let me know if you’re in the US or abroad so that I can send you an invoice with the correct shipping total. For my US buyers I also accept money orders, and checks from established buyers. If you will be mailing your payment, let me know so that I can reply with my mailing address. I would like to receive payments by mail within 10 business days. I will mark each selection as SOLD as quickly as I can, but I will reply to let you know whether your request is still available or not.

Shipping to the US: $7.50 for USPS Priority Mail
International shipping (First Class): $10

I feel like I might be missing something, so if you notice any glaring lack of info give me a jangle. Now that that’s out of the way…

These lampwork beads are made by me, Sarah Moran, with soda-lime glass (also known as soft glass), and are kiln annealed for strength and long life. I do my best to provide an accurate representation in the photos. If you are interested in buying but have questions, please contact me at z-beads@sbcglobal.net.



Rambunctious Rambutans: $125 (SOLD)
click on any one of the photos to scroll through at full size

Have you guys ever seen these? I see them fairly often at the fancy grocer, like Whole Wallet or Sprouts. But somehow, I can’t imagine eating one. Maybe their appeal is similar to that of gourds – you display them in a bowl, your guests are all like “ooohhh, how interesting, is that supposed to be edible, no thanks” and then they eat the real food and go home, hopefully in time to catch the late show. Unless you’re the weirdo (me) who is at least curious enough to cut it open and look inside, smell it, and decide from there whether or not I should put it in my mouth. Mom taught me good.

I took a bit of artistic liberty with these, as I often do, and added some green and pink and orange to what might have turned out to be a red and not much else kind of color scheme. These are a bit smaller than the standard staggered dots, so they might be good for a bracelet or a heavy pair of earrings, should you have lobes of steel. They’d also be good for a leather cord, or a ribbon or a chain or anything that makes you happy, really.

glass: soda lime
size: (approx): 16x19mm – 17x20mm
hole size: 3/32″
about 4.5 inches of beads

Wildflower Bubblicious Bebeaded Necklace: $425 (still available as of July 15th)
click on any one of the photos to scroll through at full size

Before we get way too into it, I should tell you that there won’t be another one just like this. I may feel like making something similar at some point in the future, but it will likely be far off, and it won’t be in the same colors. These beaded beads are a lot of work. Each one takes many hours, and this process includes custom-mixing the acrylic paint colors for the wooden bead bases. These particular beaded beads were made with size 15/0 seed beads (very, very tiny) that were stitched onto a 20mm wooden bead, one at a time, using the peyote stitch method. The smaller the seed beads, the longer it takes to cover a sizeable bead with them. I developed this particular method myself, mostly from years of understanding the stitch and figuring out the math, how many, when to decrease, the best approach, etc. I made some coordinating lampwork hollow disks (with colorful foiled cores) to fill out the length, and strung them onto leather cord with a knot between each one. As for the closure, I made (doubtfully, but still quite possibly the first of its kind) a hollow button. The shank isn’t hollow, but the dome is, and to me, it’s quite exciting, and something I will be experimenting with in the future. The loop end is adorned with a “Z” signature lampwork dangling bead. And the colors in this! Oh, my. I love Japanese seed beads. Again, the colors! Cotton candy pink, very pale purple with a brilliant fuschia core, darker purple with a slightly rainbow finish, glowing gold lined wisteria, perfect green, super sparkly foil lined bright orange and sage… such heaven these are. The sphere is such a beautiful, classic feminine shape for a piece of jewelry, and this piece has it front and center. The glitzy hollow disks add some interest in the back without making it too chunky and spherical all the way around. It’s comfortable, being rather lightweight. If you like this in the photo, you will love it even better in person. The seed beads have a lovely texture, and they and the foils in the lampwork sparkle beautifully when they catch the light.

bebeadeds measure approx 23mm
lampwork hollow disks measure approximately 10x18mm – 15x23mm
lampwork button clasp is about 16mm wide, and is easy to manage
Inside circumference measures 14 inches

Rhodochrosite Mega Star Woozball Bracelet: $135 (SOLD)
click on any one of the photos to scroll through at full size

I’m feeling a bit like a woozball these days… you know, those little ballz of wooz that stick to your clothez and annoy you nearly half to death when you figure out you’re covered with them and you’re already late and mostly out the door and there’s no lint picker-upper thingee in sight and all of a sudden you have to pee really bad. I made these beads because I like mega woozballs, not because I feel like a woozball. The realization of personal woozballery came after. But hey. These have silver stars in them. Life ain’t so bad… This is my world-famous (snort) rhodochrosite colorway: subtler and brighter greens, ambers and pinks with a layer of frosted clear glass trapping little silver stars inside. Then I made them into a bracelet. I strung them onto super strong acculon (nylon coated steel) with little frosted size 6/0 Czech pink lined seed beads with a stacked lucite button clasp, and crimped in 4 spots for extra security, cause lordy knows any kind of security is hard to come by these days.

lampwork measures approximately 14x18mm
lucite button is 20mm across
will comfortably fit a wrist between 6″ and 7″


Xmas in July: $125 (still available as of July 15th)
click on any one of the photos to scroll through at full size

This colorway was inspired by an ad for some type of beauty product, probably in a fashion magazine at the salon where I get my hair did. Seems like it was just the white/purple/green, but then and there I decided red needed to be added. I think the dye and the bleach do something funny, and my stylist’s assistant Bianca is such a ravishing beauty (and a highly evolved Scorpio to boot) and is so good at the scalp massage and getting ALL the dye out of my monstrous greasemop and giving me the eucalyptus towel followed by the cold water rinse straight after that I leave the place in a cocoon of highly styled excellence. That said, I insist upon getting home and getting mousse and leave-in into said greasemop straight away. And honestly, these look a bit more like Christmas than I had intended, but that’s okay. Right? Christmas in July is a thing I’ve heard about, but I don’t know what we’re supposed to do and I’m happy to let it be a mystery for now. One Christmas a year is plenty. So, what have we here? Toggles, foil polka dots, a cone thing, a foiled hollow with bumpy dots inside and out in pleasant colors of blue-violet, sage green, red (in both transparent and opaque) and clear encased white. I found that white encased in clear isn’t quite so stark as it would be without the encasement, so there it is. This would make a fun chunky bracelet in your own design, or a junk chain type necklace strung however you wish. Meowy Christmas! In July!

glass: soda lime
size: (approx): 9x28mm – 18x31mm
hole size: 3/32″
about 5 inches of beads

Well, that’s that! I hope you find something you like here and maybe find some fireworks wherever you are. I love those things. From a distance. And not at noon. Neighbors.

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