Here they are! Click HERE to get to my shop, or on the thumbnails below for each item.

Dayglo Part 2 Shimmer Spikes:


Fancy Glimmer Pills:

Experimental Ornaments in Lapis:

Spring Bloom Happy Tabs:

Sublime Southwest Super Stripey Triple Toggles:


So there’s that. I hope you like! I must get on with my other duties; some cats need to be bothered. Thanks for checking in!

I’m on it!

It has taken me longer than planned, as things often do these days, but the good news is my butt has been glued to the seat for more hours than I care to count, and later today, most likely in the afternoon/early evening, the beads will land on Etsy! Wow that was one long sentence. As is this many hours of photo editing. No complaints. Not really. My legs are just numb.

Meanwhile, here’s something from a long time ago to look at, just for fun.


See you later today!

the order of things

… is out of order. Please try again later.

Or, a better idea… you could keep trying. Kick it. Bang on it. Feed it candy. Let it outside. Whatever you think will help.

BFF’s Tammy N Sarah Gonna Sniff The World in 2017. Completed Tour Dates: Jovan Woman, Coriandre, Mauboussin, Ambre Sultan, Jai Ose, Silences, Habit Rouge, Vetiver Extreme, Kenzo Jungle Elephant, vintage Angel. Coming up: Yatagan, L’Instant de Guerlain Extreme, Rochas Femme, Mitsouko EDP, Aramis JHL

February? I’ve had the windows open for days to let the warm breeze blow in. I’ve been sweating during my Jazzercise. I think it’s 90 today. This is so weird. I feel like I should be outraged at the whole global warming thing, but I can’t help but love not freezing my cookies off in the bead cave. I’m actually getting some work done. And I’m thinking about painting my toenails red and wearing open toed shoes. In February!

stuff I like this week: David Lee Roth (all weeks), Yatagan, Mitsouko, Grandma Moran's snake necklace, my black pearls and safety pin necklaces, Acharya incense and giant 8lb shoes.

stuff I like this week: David Lee Roth (all weeks), Yatagan, Mitsouko, Grandma Moran’s snake necklace, my black pearls and safety pin necklaces, Acharya incense and giant 8lb shoes.

Cat Update: they’re still kickin, lickin and scratchin. Here’s the skinny on Mo and Nelson!. (yes, Nelson!’s name is, in fact, spelled with an exclamation point at the end. If he was your cat, you’d totally get it and you’d spell it that way too.)

The Poopie Perpetrator

The Poopie Perpetrator… I should hope that when I’m as old as she is I’ll still be alive to perpetrate my poopies on everyone who still loves me. Guess I’d oughtta start making some friends.


nelson's "oh crap something's happening in the kitchen and even though my eye is still watering from the sriracha jalapeno stuff I licked off the floor I wanna do it AGAIN" face

nelson!’s “oh crap something’s happening in the kitchen and even though my eye is watering from the sriracha jalapeno stuff I licked off the floor I wanna do it AGAIN” face

I’ve been kickin, too. I’ll be putting some stuff on Etsy soon enough, and here’s a peek at a few of the things I’ll have for you:


February 2017

color block bracelet

color block bracelet (or necklace, whichever you like)

These seed-bead color block things… I’ve been seeing them around quite a bit the last few years. I’ve been thinking about them and finally made a couple. I’m not sure if there’s any meaning to them, but the ones I have seen seem to be strung up rather willy-nilly. I can do willy-nilly sometimes, but not so much in jewelry. There must be some order. I must count. The numbers must match. The colors must balance. And when it comes to MY bracelets, the Lucite buttons must stack. This was strung on high quality tigertail and it was a whole lotta fun to make on a stormy night while watching Forensic Files. Morbid? Yes. Informative? Yes. Helpful? Unlikely.

I’ll be seeing you again real soon… I’ll probably take a few more days to get some more beads made. I’ll give you a holler when I’m getting them ready and they’re good to go. Thanks for reading!




Does everyone still hate Mondays? Is that still a thing? I wouldn’t know. I have no idea what day it is half of the time anyhow.


I did it! I did all the pictures and describing and Etsy stuff, and now the beads are ready for you to look at. I’m kind of liking going back to the semi-once-a-week Etsy listings. That is, until I get my Etsy bill. Then I don’t like it as much. But I’ll stick with it for a while – at least until I can figure out how to do everything I want to do all in one day and still have time to read important works of fiction and clean the toilet somewhat regular-like. Fat chance, right?

I’m also planning on focusing on lampwork for a while – no silver stuff for a little bit longer. I have new glass ideas and the desire to risk the disappointment if they turn out crappy – so I should stay on task. Now that I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’m (intrinsically) too self-indulgent to stick to a routine, self-imposed or otherwise, I must, at the very least, limit my number of irons in the fire. But certainly not my number of mandrels, yuk-yuk. So this is good news – if you’ve been hesitating on placing a made-to-order, hesitate no longer. The glass is my oyster for a while and there are no other random projects standing in the way of timely completion. But what if it’s cold? I guess I’ll just put on my boots and fleece dress and legwarmers and tights and apron and crocheted hat and spin you up some of whatever you’ve ordered up.

By the by, if you look closely, you might notice I re-worked a couple of the sets shown in my last post. The True Turquoise Fizz Tabs needed two green bases, and I remade the too-streaky ones in the Umbrella Rondells. A little bit of streaky is fine, but those were just too streaky for my liking. I like them much better now. So here they are:

Click HERE to get to my Etsy shop, or the thumbnails below for each item.

Blue Valentine Chunky Bracelet:

Cherry Citron Smooches:

May Shower Glitter Squares:

Umbrella Rondells:

Dayglo Shimmer Spikes:

True Turquoise Glitter Fizz Tabs:

Thanks for looking! I’ll see you again soon.

perfect for the dandy in your orbit... Madonna wears this one.

Madonna wears Habit Rouge. Often referred to as Shalimar for men, it’s citrusy, powdery, and a bit smoky. It’s quiet and delicate. It’s one of the most perfectly gender neutral fragrances I’ve come across.


Here’s the deal. I’ve been having a hard time mustering up the wherewithal to conduct a big Superstars sale… all the emails, the photoshopping, the writing, the… everything. Little bits at a time are working better for me these days. So today and tomorrow will be spent doing all that, plus putting on the finishing touches for about 5 listings worth of beads (possibly more). They will go live on Etsy either tomorrow evening or Monday. Here’s a quick peek at what’s coming:

this week's stuff

this week’s stuff

See you again tomorrow or Monday!


I’ve made it so!

Click HERE to visit my shop, or the thumbnails below for each item.

Lipstick Flames Hana:

Tourmaline Glitter Stones:

The Good Dishes Sampler:

Tequila Mockingbird:

Pink Flames Sampler:

The inspiration for Tourmaline Glitter Stones:

photo lifted from joopygems.wordpress.com

photo lifted from joopygems.wordpress.com

Lovely, no?

I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend. I plan to cram mine full of sandwiches and work. As usual, if you miss out on anything I listed today, gimme a jangle and I can do one made-to-order. I kept good notes on colors and order this time. Or anything else in the gallery, for that matter.

Thanks once again for checking in!


Nuh-nuh-no, not the wood shavings at the bottom of your hamster’s cage. But ever upward! And victory to boot! Even though I’m only semi-famous, I still made it out of 2016 alive. Perhaps I shouldn’t assume that 2017 isn’t going to be the bad year for the semi-famous, or the people with delusions of being semi-famous. Not sure which applies here. But I won’t worry myself with that, I have beads to make and perfume to hunt for. Come what may.

guerlain vetiver and vetiver extreme

guerlain vetiver and vetiver extreme – two of my new loves

Oh, how I love Guerlain’s Vetiver! I’ve always been an “oriental” lover, often preferring the heavier things of the 80’s and 90’s, the ones dripping with spices, carnation, ambers and honey. Chanel’s Coco, YSL’s Opium, Krizia’s Teatro Alla Scala. You know. But Estee Lauder’s Azuree has broadened my horizons. Technically Guerlain’s Vetiver is intended for men, but the lady at the Guerlain counter told me that plenty of women buy it for themselves. I can see why. It’s very pretty. It’s dry and spicy, but without all those manly edges, such as what juniper and lavender would add to a composition. It has a softer fuzziness, an ever-so-slightly floral woodiness that I think some women might find very appealing. But I think you might need to like vetiver to start out with, so your mileage may vary. Vetiver is easy to find, Vetiver Extreme less so – but I can tell you for sure, if you love one, you’re bound to love the other one.


this week's inspiration, l-r: Animale, Le Baiser du Dragon, Agent Provocateur L'Agent and Jean Couturier's Coriandre

this week’s bead/foof inspiration, l-r: Animale, Le Baiser du Dragon, Agent Provocateur L’Agent and Jean Couturier’s Coriandre

I took a rather long nap after gorging myself with salad this afternoon, so I’m a smidgen behind. I will be working on Etsy listings though the night and will wait until I get up tomorrow to officially list them, probably noonish or a bit later. I’ll post here again when they’re ready. I dislike posting things in the middle of the night as much as you dislike waiting for me to post things in the middle of the night.

we'll be on etsy tomorrow!

we’ll be on etsy tomorrow!

I’d best get my fanny to work… thanks for reading!


YAY! I got it done before midnight. My time. Maybe not yours. I tried.

Click HERE to get to my shop and see everything, or click on the thumbnails below for each item.

Boro Buttons:


Neon Sunset Bubble Disks:

Polaroid Cupcake:

Polka-Dotted Hearts:


I suppose I’d better get down to the xmas business… this consists of washing my hair in hopes of being presentable at the upcoming celebrations, and also making some peanut butter fudge, also a function of being presentable at the upcoming celebrations. People don’t like it when you go to parties and eat their food and bring nothing. My Christmas wish this year is that everyone will be allergic to peanuts and I will get to bring all my peanut butter fudge back home with me.

I hope you like the beads! If I don’t see you before then, Merry Merry and Happy New Year! Thanks so much for checking in.

However and whatever you celebrate, I hope you’re enjoying it.

this week's foof muses

this week’s foof muses – Insolence, Alien, Alien Essence Absolue and Alien Eau Extraordinaire

I had an odd memory the other day. It must be the new leg exercises squeezing out long-buried grey-matter with the shrinkage of surprisingly few fat cells. Anyhoo. The memory was from when I was about 5 or 6. On Christmas Eve, my maternal grandmother told me that Santa’s elves were currently making my toys and Santa was going to bring them after I fell asleep that night. I remember thinking to myself “Crap, I don’t want toys that elves made – I want the exact toys I saw at the store.” Being raised by artists and craftspeople, I knew, even at such young age, there was a distinct difference between home-made and store-bought. I also worried that if the elves had to make them, the toys wouldn’t be ready when it was time for Santa to leave. Another result of being raised by artists and craftspeople, who tend to have a rather odd sense of time and urgency when it comes to pretty much everything… But I kind of felt that if Grandma herself trusted these elves to make the toys I asked for, I probably shouldn’t complain because Grandma knew what was up. She took me to K-Mart and always had Jello and let me blow bubbles in the house. And I’m happy to report that everything turned out all right.

this week's Etsy stuff

this week’s Etsy stuff

Well, this here elf has made some home-made stuff that, if we’re being perfectly honest, is far better than some of the beads you’ll see at the store. I know it’s like 3 days before Christmas and you’re probably ready to tear your hair out. If the tales of woe in the parking lots and shopping malls are enough to make you want to stay home and nail the windows shut, perhaps you’ll see fit to do a little online shopping while you’re in.

I’ll be getting these listings ready over the next several hours, and I’ll check back in when everything is good to go. See you real soon!


Here they are, folks! Click HERE to get to my shop to see everything all at once, or click on the thumbnails below for each item.

Turning Leaf Sampler:

Rich Hippie:

Pink Flames Shimmer Spikes:

MISC No. 16:


Allrighty, then… I won’t be keeping you any longer. If someone gets to the beads before you do, I’m down for a made to order. Hope you guys enjoy your weekend, I know I will.
Thanks for looking!