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It WAS immediate. I posted at 4:35 am, and the notification was rec’d at 4:35 am – immediately in my spam folder. Of course. So, I was right on to warn you about this. If you think you should be receiving notifications, check your spam and mark these notifications as “not spam”, and you should get them in the right place after that. And seriously. If you don’t get these notifications when you think you should be getting them, please don’t get angry at ME. A few people have stumbled into my inbox who were under the impression that I, alone, control the internet. Or maybe they were just under the influence.

Oh, and you can click the photo in the email notifications (if a link is associated with it), and it will take you right where it’s supposed to. I’m pleased as punch right now.

BTW, people were asking about my cat Fred on Thursday (who I mentioned taking to the vet before the sale in my Superstars notification.) Well, we had to have his fang pulled yesterday, which had become very swollen and infected, and fairly quickly, it seems. He’s taking a while to recover from the anesthesia, and I’m worried, but he seems to be getting better now that we’ve been able to get him to eat. He didn’t want to eat his usual dry food, perhaps couldn’t, so we went after wet food at 1am. It was a big hit, btw, even mixed with a generous amount of water for extra hydration. And  Mo will surely die of envy if she doesn’t get at least a tiny dab of Fred’s Fancy Food too.

With all of this mucking about with vet stuff and wet food, Mr. Sarah and I were taken back to about this time of year in 2008, when our cat Sugar got really sick after anesthesia, and ultimately had to be put to rest. Turns out we took her to an apparently BAD vet for a teeth cleaning, and things went from bad to worse to just gawd-awful. I’ll spare you the sordid details. Fred is pushing 11 years old, and had previously undergone anesthesia/surgery for a different tooth extraction 3 years ago (with a different vet than Sugar’s, but the same vet we took him to today), which was completely successful. So, please, think a positive thought for our Very Best Boy, and let’s hope he’s trying to get into that box of biodegradable packing peanuts before today’s end… and that I can catch him in the act and shout profanities at him and send him gallumping playfully, triumphantly away with a bio-peanut stuck to his nose.

Do your cats find biodegradable packing peanuts irresistible too? They’ve eaten a few before I could stop them, but at least they’re non-toxic. Both of those damn cats could be curled up, upside down and in REM state at the other end of the house, then awake and with a bellyful of bio-peanut within seconds of hearing them hit the floor. Those big pointy ears come in handy for such decadent snacking opportunities, you know.



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HAY! New Widget!

This is what I’ve been pining for, people. Look over in the right sidebar, where it says “Email Subscription”. This could very well be the perfect option for those of you who stalk my Etsy shop for new listings. Since I post here every time I add stuff to my Etsy shop, and since there are plenty of folks on the same boat as me who just can’t grasp the RSS thing, and are more likely to check their email every 15 minutes rather than every single blog or even RSS feed on their list every day… um, yeah. This email subscription thing makes a butt-load of sense.

If you’re interested – click it! Once you’re signed up, which I’m guessing only requires giving wordpress your email address, it will then say “You are subscribed to this blog (manage)”. When you click on “manage”, it will take you to another page and allow you to choose the frequency of delivery – immediately, daily or weekly. You should also get a confirmation email from “the z-beads blog <no-reply at wordpress.com>” confirming your subscription. In the confirmation of subscription email, there is a refererence to a “subscription dashboard” – wordpress members have a “dashboard” for managing our blogs, so really, I’d like to be extra sure this subscription dashboard thing works well for everyone, not just wordpress bloggers.  And if you get tired of receiving notifications, it’s very easy to unsubscribe, as well. It appears that you have privacy here  – subscribers’ names or email addresses are not revealed to me or anyone else, as far as I can tell. And if it IS possible to find this information, I’m too dumb to figure it out. So worry not.

SO! I’m testing this out with this post to see just how immediately it’s delivered, since I opted for Immediately (which is the default). I’ll post again to let you know how it went. However, I must warn you – even though I don’t post several times a day, or even every day, there is a small chance that these new post notifications could end up in your spam folder. I like to receive my comments through email, but I don’t always get them. As long as I mark them as “not spam” in my spam folder when they happen to land there, I seem to get them more reliably for a while.

Another test – testing photos and links and how they look in emails.

click me - nothing special, just a test

If you feel like sharing how this looks on your end and if it works well for you, I’d love to hear from you.)

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